Saturday, April 30, 2016

Stick it Up

Stick it Up

Story by Jay

I had a few of my friends over for a party.  We had fun until this guy barged in and pulled a gun on us.  We were scared.

I thought it was only one guy when another guy came in.  Now we were really scared.

He looked at us and said to put our hands up behind our heads, which we did.  He looked at us and stared at our pubes that was showing.  He walked over to me and put the gun down my pants and looked at my cock.  He said "You will do."

He told the other three to get in the closet and keep still.  He locked the door and told me to take off my pants.  He demanded that I bend over.  He aimed his gun at my ass hole.

The coldness of the gun aimed at my ass felt exciting.  I was no longer scared.  I was horny and wanted him to do to me whatever he wanted.   He told me to undress.  

He started to lick my ass hole.  He kept at it until my cock was responding and got big and erect.  I was enjoying his tongue in my ass hole.  I never had that done to me and I was loving it.

He demanded I lay on my stomach which I did.  Next I felt his cock rubbing my ass crack.  It was feeling great until he shoved his cock into my ass.  It hurt.  He started to fuck me.  The pain was intense but I started to enjoy it.

He pumped until I felt him pull his cock out.  The pain stopped.  Soon hot cum was hitting my ass cheeks.  I laid still.

The room grew quiet.  I looked around and saw that they were gone.  I got up and pulled up my underwear and pants.  I unlocked the closet and told them that they were gone.  They asked me what happened.  I told them they just wanted to scare us.

My ass hurt from the fucking.  I did not want to tell them what happened.  My cock got hard thinking about being fucked.  I wished they would visit again.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Park Visitor - Part 2

Park Visitor

Story by Jay

Part 2 of 2

The park near where I live is a place where the sexiest guys are found.  They will show off their cock to get your attention.  They never disappoint me.

Today was no exception.  It was a beautiful day.  Ar first the park seemed empty.  There seem to be no activity.  Then I spotted him.  He was on a park bench.  He was fully clothed.

Then I notice that he had a tear on his jeans.  He had a massive cock sticking out of the tear.  He was uncut but really big.  I turned around and went into the wood for privacy.  He looked around and then followed me.  By the time that he appeared next to me, I was on my knees.

He  dropped his jeans and I held his cock upwards and started to pay attention to his balls.  I licked his nut sack and he loved it.  I took both balls in my mouth and juggled them with my tongue.   He started to undress me.  I let him do whatever he wanted.  Finally I laid there all naked.

He grabbed my cock and started to play with it.  I heard him say "Good."  I laid flat on the ground as he masturbated above me. I watch his massive cock as I stroked my cock.  He came and cum rained down on me.  I came at the same time.  He flicked the last drops of cum off of his cock and they fell down to my chest.  He grabbed his clothes and left.  I laid there naked with cum all over my chest.  I rested for a few minutes then I grabbed my clothes to leave.

Another great day at the park.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Park Visitor - Part 1

Park Visitor

Story by Jay

Part 1 of 2

The park near where I live is a place where the sexiest guys are found.  They will show off their cock to get your attention.  They never disappoint me.

Today was no exception.  It was a beautiful day.  Ar first the park seemed empty.  There seem to be no activity.  Then I spotted him.  He had on sun glasses.  He was rather cute with curly hair.  He wore shorts and a shirt.

He sat on a stone wall.  I walked over to him.  I waved and he waved back.  He faced the tree line.  I walked over to be between the tree line and him.  I turned to look around the park to make sure we were alone.

When I turned towards him, he had pulled out his erect cock and it stood straight up.  Once he saw that I was looking at his cock, he then started to stroke it.  I loved looking at it and wanted to
He pulled back his shirt and pulled down his shorts.  His body was flawless with nice chest, great ABS, and beautiful cock and balls.  I could not resist.  I took a quick look around and then dived for his cock and balls.  I learned how to be quick when needed and I gave him a through licking from the tip of his cock to the bottom of his balls.

While I was giving his balls a decent sucking and licking, he started to cum.  I looked up to watch his cum fly out of his cock and land on his chest.  It was a big load. I was jacking my cock and shortly after he came, I let loose with my load.

We parted our ways.  Another great day at the park.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Morning Wood

Morning Wood 

Story by Jay

I woke up and felt my cock pushing at the covers.  I took off the covers and saw that I was hard as a steel rod.  I needed relief.  I looked at the clock and saw it was almost 10.

I grabbed my cock and waved it in the air.  I needed relief and it would arrive shortly.  I checked the clock again.  It was almost time.

I knew I could jack off but I wanted more.  I looked at the clock again.  Only a few minutes has ticked by.  Precum was oozing out of the tip of my cock.  I looked at the clock and wondered "Where is he?"

I heard the door open and felt relief.  He was finally home from work.  He came into my bedroom and saw me laying there naked.  He undressed and immediately started to service my cock taking it deep into his mouth and sucking my cock.  I looked over at the clock and thought "Right on time."

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Grocery Store Clerk

Grocery Store Clerk

Story by Jay

I spotted him in the dairy isle at my local grocery store.  He worked for the grocery story and was a stock boy.  He would look at me and follow my every move.  I tried to be friendly and say hello.  But he just stared at me.

One day, I decided to strike up a conversation.


I told him that the store sure was deserted.  He looked around to verify what I was saying then he unzipped his pants and showed me his cock surrounded with black curly pubes.  I was now speechless.  I took a step closer and he did not move.  I asked "Is there some place more private?"  He motioned for me to follow him.  He went through a set of double doors to the back of the store.  I looked around and the store seemed too emptied.  I took a deep breath and followed after him.

He took me to a men's room stationed in the back of the store.  It was for employees only.  He took off his shirt.  He was slender with some muscles probably from lifting stock.  He had a trial of hair running down to his public area.  He motioned for me to take off my shirt and I did that.  He smiled.

He then dropped his pants to the floor.  I got a better view of his cock and very bush public area.  He climbed out of his pants and told me to do the same.  I felt safe behind the locked door to this area so I went ahead and took my pants and briefs off.  My cock was super hard, more so than his.

He started to playing with his cock and his muscles tensed as he stroked his cock.  I did the same as he did.  My cock was hard and he stared at it.  He turned around and bent over to reveal his ass hole.

I stuck my cock between his ass crack and found his ass hole.  I pushed and he was real tight.  I pushed harder and I was now in his ass.  I started to fuck him.  He alternated between grunting and moaning.  I started to fuck him faster.  He leaned against the sink and I pumped until I came.  I removed my cock and wiped my cock on some toilet tissue.  He was holding his cock and it was dripping with cum.  I handed him some tissue and he wiped it clean.  I got dressed as he continued to clean himself.

We left the men's room together and he went out the double doors first and then I followed.  I told him thanks and see him next time.He smiled.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Sleep Over

Sleep Over

Story by Jay

My sister's boyfriend, Bill, was over again like he seems to be whenever I am home.  I got the feelings that he was always looking at me and watching my ever move.  He was not a bad looking guy.  He had a nice personality.  So I did not find it strange when he slept over and was going to sleep in my brother's bunk bed above me.  My brother was away to college.

We were playing video games and my sister went on to bed.  We finished playing the video game and then headed to bed.  I climbed into bed and was ready to doze off.

Bill came into my room and undressed in front of me.  He took all his clothes off and stood there naked.  I found myself staring at him.  He took that as an invite and climb into my bed and planted a kiss right on the lips.  I did not resist.  We did some tongue action and then I pulled away and said "What are you doing?"  He answered "I always wanted to kiss you."

I was surprised and said "What about my sister?"  He replied "I want you, not her."  He planted another kiss and this time it was way hotter than the first one.  He stopped and whispered "I want to make love to you."  I felt his hard cock moving between my ass cheeks.

He continued kissing me as his cock rubbed against my ass hole.  I reached around to my nightstand and pulled out some lube.  I said "Here use this."  I figured if he was going to fuck me, then I wanted it to be a good experience.  My ass was not virgin territory.  I had my share of cock shoved up my ass. His cock was not the first or last to entered my ass.

 He was inside of me now and it felt good.  It felt very good.  He pumped away.

He reached around and grabbed my cock and held it tight in his hand.  He manipulated my shaft of my cock and made me feel like I never wanted to leave his hold on me.  He stroked my cock and I started to feel waves of euphoria.  I was so close to cumming.  

Bill moved his hand over to my leg and held it upward.  I felt so relaxed in his hands.  I felt Bill cum first and then I came.  After a few minutes we went to the bathroom to clean up.  Bill kissed me again.  We went back to bed and he climbed back into my bed.  He said "OK?"  I answered "OK."

I fell asleep in his arms not knowing that this would be the start of something special.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

True Story - Spanking His Ass

True Story - Spanking His Ass

Story by Jay

I am all ready to write you a true story.  I am lying here with my pant and briefs off.  I usually get excited when I write my horny fiction, so I want to be free to get hard and enjoy the story too.

This is a true story.  This really happened to me.

I saw an ad on CraigList looking for someone to spank him.  I contacted him and he wanted me to role play.  He wanted me to be his school principal who caught him creating on a test. So I went over to his place.  I wore dress pants, shirt and tie.  When he answered the door, he stood there with just a shirt and tie on.

I started the role play and grabbed his be the tie and started yelling that he was a cheater and that I found test answers in his room.  He started to cry saying "I am sorry.  Don't punish me."

I sat on a chair and pulled him over my lap.  I pulled up his shirt and his ass was bare.  I started spanking his ass.  He had a bubble butt.  His ass cheeks started turning red as I took my hand and slapped them again and again.

Un between slaps, I reached between his legs and grabbed his cock and balls.  He was uncut.  I took turns slapping and then grabbing his cock and yanking it,  He started to yell that he won't do it again and please stop hitting him, but I continued my assault to his ass.

He was sobbing now.  His ass cheeks were bright red.  He cried "No more.  Please no more."  I stopped and spread his cheeks and saw his ass hole opening.  I shoved my finger into his ass and pushed deeper and deeper. He moaned as I finger fucked him.

I had his stand and lean over and grabbed his ankles.  His balls and cock were within my reach.  i started to jack his off.  He started to moan in between sobs.  His cock was rock hard now.  I wanted to suck it. I demanded that he stand up.

His red ass glowed as he stood up straight. I turned his around and his cock was ready for me to take.

I took it deep into my mouth and started to suck as I grabbed his balls and pulled.

I sucked until he shot his load.  When he was done, I sat back and rested.  He wiped the tears from his eyes.  He smiled and said "Thanks.  I got another test next week.  I thinking of cheating again."

I got up and said "I will check up on you next week."  I headed for my car and thought "That was fun.  Can't wait till next week."

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Women Panties - Part 2

Women Panties

Story by Jay

Part 2 of 2

I love to model underwear for guys.  A friend of mine got me started on wearing women's panties for my modeling shows.  I love the sheer ones.  They show off my cock and balls.  Guys love it.

I wear all kinds of women panties.  Some of them can not contain my cock and it just grows upwards.

My cock will ooze out my load.  This gets the best reaction from the guys when they see my cum drip out.

It is a beautiful sight seeing my cock unload on my stomach and then my cock sits in the pool of cum.

Women panties can be real skimpy.  They are not made to hold my seven inch cock.  But they are a real turn on and my cock drips with cum.

Of course, there is always a jack off session at the end of the modeling show.  My cock will shoot a big load for the grand conclusion of the show.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Women Panties - Part 1

Women Panties

Story By Jay

Part 1 of 2

I love to model underwear for guys.  A friend of mine got me started on wearing women's panties for my modeling shows.  I love the sheer ones.  They show off my cock and balls.  Guys love it.  

I can't help it but get real excited when I am wearing sheer panties.  My cock gets really hard and with a few jerks of my cock, I will shoot a load of cum.  I am glad I am circumscribed.  My cut cock loves the feel of sheer lace panties.  Does not take long for me to cum.

Guy love to see my cum while wearing women sheer panties.  It is so excited to see my cum ooze through the material.

My favorite is the sheer lace pair that I am wearing right now.  I love the way it looks on my hips and how you can see my cock through the material.

Does not take long to get hard and now you can see my hard cock growing off to the side.  Guys love to feel my cock as it grows.

Now I am too big for the panties to hold.  It is time to free my cock and balls and let the guys see my rock hard cock.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Stairway Sex

Stairway Sex

Story by Jay

Bobby called and said he was going to be visiting me today.  I had not seen him since we were in school.  I told him where the key to the front door was located and to let himself in.  I had a few things at work to finish and then I would be there.

I rushed home after work and spotted Bobby's car parked in the driveway.  I was excited to see him.  My cock was semi hard just thinking about him.  I entered the house and there he was.  Bobby was naked and sitting on the stairway.  I smiled because I knew that Bobby remembered the last time we were together.  We had sex on the stairs.  We were now super hard.

I undressed in a hurry while Bobby watched.  I went up to him and gave him a hug.  Our cocks touched each other.  It was as if our cocks were kissing.  our lips met and our tongues explored each other tongue.

I reach down and grabbed both our cocks and started to stroke them.  It felt so good with both cocks together as one.  Bobby and I were meant for each other.  Unfortunately our jobs kept us apart in different cities.  Bobby made it a habit to visit as often as he could.  When we were together, it was magical.

Bobby and I got into a 69 position and I could feel my cock sliding in and out of his mouth.  His tongue caressed my cock head.  He had the best mouth and I sure missed him.  I took his cock deep into my mouth.  I swallowed his shaft all the way to his pubes.  He moaned in delight.

I knew what he wanted next and that was my cock deep into his ass.  I laid back as he inserted my cock in his ass hole.  He rode it and I laid back and enjoyed it.  After a while he begged for me to fuck him doggy style.  As we got into position he said "Round One."

I started to pump my cock in his ass.  His moans were music to my ears.  I made my pumping turn into pounding.  He moan louder.  

We ended up at the stairs and he begged me to pound harder, which I did.  He laid on the stairs and I continued my assault on his ass.

He sat on my cock again and rode it again.  I was so close to cumming.  He controlled the dept of the insertion of my cock.  I told him I was ready to cum.  I braced for my climax.  He continued as I shot my load into his ass.  He continued to ride me and mild me of every last drop of cum.

We were done for now.  We rested on the stairs.  Bobby nudged me and said "Look."  I stared at his rock hard cock.  It was ready for more action.  I said "Let's do it."  And round two started.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Funny Photo - Long Cock

Funny Photo - Long Cock

By Jay

I am sure this is a Photo Shopped picture but just think if it is for real.  

How the hell does he get it erect and hard?  

How could anyone take his cock in his mouth or ass?  

Anyone willing to try?

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

True Story - Shorts Shorts

True Story - Shorts Shorts

By Jay

I am all ready to write you a true story.  I am lying here with my pant and briefs off.  I usually get excited when I write my horny fiction, so I want to be free to get hard and enjoy the story too.

This is a true story.  This really happened to me.

I had a pair of shorts shorts that I loved to wear to the park.  Guys at the park would stare at me and follow me around the trails.

I loved the look and feel of these shorts shorts and wore them a lot.  I knew guys loved to see me in them and I made sure they got an eyeful of what they wanted to see which was my cock and balls.

I would get excited as I roamed the trails in the park.  This made my cock grow and stick out the bottom of the shorts shorts.  I did not try to hide my cock.  In fact I made sure it showed.  Guys would drool looking at me.

The guys who wanted it the most, would kneel down and beg for me to let them see more.  I would unzip the shorts shorts and let my seven inch cock extend to its full size.  I would tell the guy to kiss my cock, and then to lick it.  Then when I was ready I would let them suck it.  I always wanted to cum on their face and they would let me do it.

I still have those shorts shorts.  It is almost Spring and time to wear them once again.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Visit the Woods - Part 2

Visit the Woods

Story by Jay

Part 2 of 2

After examining each other, we sat back.  I wanted him as much as he wanted me.  We had explored each other bodies and we felt it was time for more.  His eyes were glued to my body as my eyes were glued to his body.  He had planned for meeting someone.    

We looked around and we were the only ones around.  But to play safe he whispered "Can I see your ass?"  I was surprised to hear him say that.  But I quickly turned around.

I turned around and let his eyes explore my ass.  His hands grabbed my ass cheeks and spread them apart to reveal my ass hole.  I felt his finger goes closer to my ass hole.  He ran his finger around it and then pressed inward as his finger entered my ass.  He whispered "Follow me."

He took me to the edge of the lake where he had a blanket laying on the ground.  He embraced me and slowly laid me down on the blanket.  My legs went up as his cock found my ass hole and he started to enter me.  His cock head pokes a few times and he felt resistance to his cock.  He pressed and he entered me.  I felt the stretch of my ass hole as he started to pump my ass.

It was a beautiful setting and I enjoyed the moment.  I came first and he followed shortly afterwards.  We used the water from the lake to clean up.  We dressed and as I turned to leave he stopped me.

He gave me a card with his phone number on it.  "Call me." he said.

I did.