Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sal - Part 2


Story by Larry

Part 2 of 2

He got back on his knees and put a little lube on his finger and as he swiped it over my hole he took my cock in his mouth and swallowed me right to my balls.  As he did he slid his finger into my hole.  I felt him slid in and out of me but the sensations of him sucking my cock were overwhelming.  I soon forgot all about his fingers and was begging him to suck me more, to take more of my cock.  He sucked me for some time before letting my cock drop out of his mouth.
He looked up at me and said “I am going to fuck you.”  I slowly nodded my head and then realized something.  His hand was in my ass.  He had been sucking me so good I didn't realize that he had worked all 5 fingers into my ass and his hand all the way to his wrist.  He was fisting me for the first time in my life.  I couldn't believe my ass opened that much and that I didn't know it was.
He lid his hand in and out for a minute or 2 staring at me before slowly pulling out of my ass and greasing up his cock.  He was on his knees and lifted my legs so my ass was readily available and then just moved closer, his cock pointing straight out and aimed at my hole.  I felt his cock head and then pressure as he pushed inside me.  I could feel as his cock head stretched my ass and the ridge of his cock popped inside. 
He continued to push and I felt the ridge and every vein as he push into me.  He didn't stop till his pubes were tickling my ass.  He put my knees on his shoulders and pushed forward gripping onto the back of the couch and almost standing with his cock still inside me.  I was now laying on only my shoulders on the couch.  My back and ass were in the air and he was lowering and raising himself inside me.  I had never been fucked like this ever and it was totally weird to me but felt wonderful at the same time.
We didn't last long in this position before he let my legs down and rolled me over so I was half laying across the couch and half on the floor.  He spread my legs open and reentered me and slowly fucked me while he kissed and sucked on my neck shoulders and even managed to get my ear lobes a few times.
We were working up a good sweat.  There was a smell of hot sex in the air.  It was intoxicating.  I thought and didn't want him to ever cum.  He varied his speed and intensity of movement inside me.  Finally he lay on top of my back pressing his chest against me and whispered “I’m going to give you my load soon.  Are you ready?”  I nodded and tried to talk but was at a loss for words on what to say except to fuck me. 
“You want me to give you my load?” he asked.  I panted “yes” to him and then he asked "deep" and I said “yes” and then he said "hard?"  When I said yes to that I thought he was going to pound me through the couch to the floor.  He began ramming me so hard I figured I would be black and blue when he was done.  Each stroke I swore he was trying to come out my mouth.  Suddenly he slammed deep into me and held himself there.  I began to feel his cock swell in my ass and then a warm feeling inside me.
I heard him groan low and long and then slowly pull out of me.  He settled back on his knees on the floor behind me and massaged my legs and worked his way up to my ass.  When he finally reached it I felt his fingers slid inside and they out and he started to lick the cum he took out of my ass off his fingers.  Then he spread open my cheeks and leaned in and sucked on my hole and sucked his load out of me.  It was the strangest feeling. 
When he was done he rolled me over and asked if I was ok.  I hadn't uttered a word since he started fucking me except grunts, groans and panting encouragement.  While he talked he reached for my cock and started to stroke me.  Man he knew how to jerk someone off too.  I could feel my balls tightening and when I shot it was so forceful that it hit me in my chest, neck, face and hair.  I actually lifted myself up off the couch it was so forceful. 
Finally he said ”Let shower together.”  I was weak on my legs so he helped me into the bathroom and into the shower.  We soaped each other up and rinsed each other off and in the process gave each other a massage as well.  Once we were done and dried off Sal got dressed and sat in the living room.  I went to my bedroom and pulled on a pair of satin shorts I relaxed around the house in and his money.  I went out and bent over him sitting in the chair and kissed him hard and then when I was done I whispered in his ear “thank you” and like I was trying to hide it from someone I slipped him his money including a very large tip. 
He stood and put it in his pocket and then kissed me and hugged me before walking to the door.  He thanked me for a very enjoyable evening and said maybe we could do it again sometime.  I told him we would definitely do it again sometime.  We kissed a short kiss again as he opened the door and once out I closed and locked it.  I went in the bedroom and flopped on the bed.  I started going over finances in my head to figure out how I could work it out to get Sal back as soon as possible.  I wanted to be fucked again over and over he was that good.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Sal - Part 1


Story by Larry

Part 1 of 2

Ok.  It’s been too long.  I’ve been single for almost 2 years now and tired of my hand.  I got on line to a local sex site and picked myself out what I thought was one I could have a lot of fun with.  I e-mailed him half expecting not to hear for a few days. I just about sent the e-mail and got an answer.
He was a little more than I wanted to spend but from the pictures he sent I was willing to go the extra cash.  I asked when he was available and got the answer whenever.  I figured lets push it and I said half hour.  His answer was “Give me your address and I’ll be right there.”  Come to find out the guy lived on the other side of the same apartment complex I lived in.  He said he'd be over in 15 minutes that he would walk.
I quickly jumped up and ran for the shower.  I washed up quick, trimmed my pubes and was just drying off when there was a knock on the door.  I figured I was going to be getting naked anyhow so just wrapped a towel around me and opened the door.  The pictures I had seen did not do the man standing in front of me justice. 
He stepped inside and closed the door.  “Hi, I’m Salvatore, Sal for short” he said.  “Where would you like to get started and what would you like to start with?” he said.  He was straight forward and up front.  “You’re paying for a service and that's what you’re going to get.”  I suggested sitting on the couch and getting to know each other and maybe make out a little. 
He led me to the couch and sat down.  As I was turning to sit he pulled the towel off me.  “mmmmm nice” he said.  “Nice tight looking ass and a hot cock and balls to go along with.  This is going to be fun.”  He asked me my name and I told him I was Nick.  “Well Nick what are you into?”  I told him it had been so long I didn't know anymore.  While we talked he moved closer to me and put his one arm around my shoulders and with his other he reached down and was caressing my cock and balls. 
It had been so long since a man other than myself had touched me I was on fire.  He was sending shock waves of pleasure through me just with his touch.  He leaned in and kissed me gently on the lips.  When he pulled away he looked at me and knew how staved I was for affection.  When he pulled away and looked at me my head was still tilted back, eyes closed, lips pursed for a kiss and my chest rising and falling from me breathing heavily. 
He kissed me again and this time moved to my ears and nuzzled on my ear lobe before moving down my neck to my nipples and playing with them with his tongue making them stand straight up and pointed.  From there he worked his way down licking and sucking on my abs and sticking his tongue in my belly button.  All the time playing with my cock and balls and spreading my pre cum all over the head of my cock making it slick and sending even more shock waves through my crotch.
He finally pulled his arm from around my shoulders and moved down to my crotch and licked my cock and balls and my crotch all around.  He moved off the couch to between my legs and lifted and pulled them till my ass was on the edge of the cushions before he bent over and started licking and sucking my balls and then working his way around and laying on his back tilting his head back and licking my ass and forcing his tongue into my crack and hole.
I was in total bliss and he knew it.  I was gurgling and moaning and groaning and telling him how good it felt.  I meant every word I said too and I was not faking it.  He finally turned around on his knees and lifted my legs so my ass was high in the air and he went for the gold and really rimmed me long and hard.  I was able to pant the words that if he kept it up I was going to cum and he backed down a bit.
When he got to my place he was carrying a little back bag like a shaving kit or something.  He put my legs down and stood up and did a slow strip tease for me.  I went to stroke my cock and he pushed my hand away.  “That is for me to do” he said as he slid his pants down.  He had this really hot looking see through mesh jock on.  It couldn't have been much bigger than a 3 X 3 square and he had his cock rolled into it so it was a very full very prominent pouch.
When he took the jock off you could hear me inhale deeply at the sight of his cock.  He was I figured about 10 X 6.  He wasn't totally hard yet and he made me nervous.  I knew he was going to fuck me because we had discussed that on line but I didn't know if he was going to fit now.  Once he was naked and done a little dance for me he reached for his little black bag and pulled out a bottle of lube.

Friday, April 26, 2013

School Men's Room

School Men’s Room
Stort by Jay

I checked the internet and found that a great spot to see guys’ cock was at the university book store men’s room.  So I headed there. I found the first stall next to the urinals had a hole for viewing.  So I sat and waited.  It was a slow night.  Finally the door opened and I heard a guy walking toward the urinals.  He was a college freshman, cute, and I watched as he undid his fly and reached in to get his cock.  I was so excited.


He pulled out a perfectly formed uncircumcised cock.  I watch as he pulled back his foreskin and released his penis and let it pee with no hands holding it.  He had opened his pants enough that his bush of pubes was exposed and I wanted to run my fingers through his bush.

I wanted this cock.  It was so close but so far away.  I watch as I grew harder.  I kept my eyes on his cock as I stroked my cock.  He finished peeing and flicked his cock a few times.  I noticed that his cock was now semi hard.  He seemed to be taking his time and he stroked his cock, making it now rock hard.  He turned so that I could get a better view.  I stroked faster.   

He walked away from the urinals and I figured it was all over.  Next thing I knew he entered the stall next to me and locked the door.  My heart was beating.  I heard sounds like he was undressing.  Next I knew his cock was looking at me from under the stall.  He had crawled under the bottom of the partition and his cock was inches from me. 

I quickly got on my knees and started to stroke his cock.  This was too good to pass up.  I gave his cock a deep throat suck job.  I heard his say “I’m cumming.”  I started to quickly stroke his cock and he shot his load onto my face.  I milked his cock and made sure I got every drop of cum.

He crawled back under the stall.  I wiped my mouth of the remaining drops of his sweet cum.  Next I saw his hand reach under the stall.  He held a piece of paper.  I took it and as he left the stall I read it.  It said “Next Tuesday at 8 PM.”  I smiled and thought “Yes.”  

Thursday, April 25, 2013

The New Teach - Part 3

The New Teach

Story by Larry

Part 3 of 3

He lay on my back and his hands started to massage up and down on my sides.  My senses were going nuts.  Seconds later he started to move inside me only at a slower pace.  He kept it up for some time before he pulled out and roughly rolled me over and turned me to the side of the bed.  He pulled me so my ass was hanging over the side of the bed.  He lifted my legs and pushed me back so my ass rose up into the air.  He stood on the side of the bed and aimed his cock at my hole and plunged it inside.  I yelled and he told me “Use the poppers.” 
Again I took a hit as he plunged into me.  It sent my head spinning even more as he kept plunging into me.  I could not believe how much stamina he had.  My ass was going to be in serious trouble if he did not cum soon.  I wasn't able to talk to wellbeing out of breath from such a fucking but I managed to tell him he needed to cum.  “Not yet” he said and kept fucking me.  I started to beg and he laughed.  “Now that's more like it.”
With that he pulled out yet again and turned me over again but this time onto all 4's.  He plunged back in and started to fuck me again and told me “Use the poppers.  Use them now.”  I did and as I did he reached around and under and started to jerk me off.  Once I put the bottle down he let go of my cock and grabbed my hips and used them for leverage to slam into me hard.  “Jerk yourself off he panted.”  It only took a few strokes for me to be shooting all over his sheets.  Once I did he stopped long enough to unsnap the cock ring he had on before fucking me like a freight train.  Seconds later his load was shooting inside me.
Once he finished shooting he pulled out and fell to the side of me on the bed.  “Man you've got a tight ass” he said.  “I almost wasn't able to fuck you the way I wanted to.”  I was still on all 4's.  I just looked at him and then crawled to a flat position on the bed next to him. “Man you sure know how to fuck” I told him.  He nodded.  He finally stood up and said “Time for a shower.”  He went to the bathroom and I followed laughing.  “Now it's my turn to watch you shower” I said.  He laughed.
He got in the shower and left the curtain open and told me to have a seat and pointed to the toilet.  I sat down and he turned on the water and let it run over his body before soaping up.  God he was a beautiful sight to see.  He soaped his entire body paying special attention to his cock and ass.  When he rinsed off he stepped out and handed me a towel.  “Dry me off bitch” he said and laughed.  I got on my knees and dried his legs and sucked on his cock at the same time.  He didn't argue.
Once he was dry he said “Look man it's late and there's no one at the dorms.  Stay here for the night.  I’d love to sleep inside you.”  I raised an eyebrow.  “Yeah” he said.  “You suck me hard and then I slid in and we go to sleep.”  That sounded good to me so I just lay down on the bed.  He stood over me and I sucked his cock till he was good and hard.  Then he lay his chest to my back alongside me and slid into me.  Oh did he feel good.  All of a sudden he jumped up from the bed. “Wait a minute.”  He came back with the tie from his robe.  We lay back down and he put it around his back, slid into me and then tied it in front of me and securing the loose ends to my cock and balls.  That will keep us together all night.  He kissed the back of my neck, wrapped his arms around my chest and soon was sound asleep.  I can't wait for morning for him to wake up and fuck me again.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The New Teach - Part 2

The New Teach

Story by Larry

Part 2 of 3

Practice was usually every other day so I didn't see Teach until 2 days later.  He went about business as usual and made no indication that he would want to fuck or anything.  We practiced for almost 2 hours and then went to the locker room to shower and change.  It was a Friday and a long week end so I wasn't in any hurry.  Everyone was going home but me. They ran in and ran out.  I was in the shower alone when Teach came to the opening to the shower and told me to move my ass he wanted to lock up.
I was puzzled but dried off quick and got dressed and left.  It wasn't till I was back in the dorm room that i reached in my pocket and found a paper with an address, and time.  “Be here at 10” was all it said and the address.  I had nothing to do and the bars were going to be dead since everyone went home so fuck it I looked up the address, got directions and headed out in enough time to get there by 10.
When I got there I found a note on the door.  “Come in. Hang your clothes on the hooks inside the door and sit naked in the living room.”  Now this was getting interesting.  I stripped quick and went in the living room to find it dimly lit by candles and a fire in the fire place.  I sat down and just naturally like anyone else my age leaned back and spread my legs wide open.
Teach came in a few minutes later and smacked me on the back of the head.  “Sit up straight.”  When he came around the chair I was sitting in, he was naked except for a jock and later on I would find out a cock ring. “Glad you decided to come” he said.  “Now, we have all weekend but I want to get started right away.”  He sat on a chair opposite me and said “Get on your knees and make my jock wet.  Suck my cock through my jock.”
I did as told and could feel my cock hanging between my legs getting hard.  I started to stoke myself and Teach sat back and moaned. “Yes that's nice, very nice.”  When his jock was dripping wet with cum and my saliva he pulled it to the side and told me “Now suck my cock.”  I took the head of his cock in my mouth and slowly slid his cock down into my throat and used my throat muscles to massage it.  He pushed and held my mouth all the way down on his cock.
“You’re going to love it tonight.  After you've finished sucking my cock I’m going to fuck your brains out.”  I shook my head and he said “I don't care what you want; I want that hot ass of yours.”  With that he let go of my head and I let go of his cock.  “You’re not going to get a fight from me on that.  I want to feel you inside me as well.
“Good” he said.  “Then follow me.”  We went into the bedroom and he had me lay on the bed.  He took out some lube and a bottle of poppers (I had never used them before) and a large dildo.  “Open your legs” he said.  I did as told and he started to massage me between my legs under my balls and up into my ass crack and across my ass hole.  He reached with his other hand and squeezed and pulled at one of my nipples.
“Your ass feels tight” he said.  “We’re going to have to open it up a bit before I fuck you.”  I just looked up at him and shook my head ‘yes’.  I had started to stroke his cock and it seemed even bigger in my hand than it did in my mouth.  He slid a finger in my hole and used it to fuck me slowly.  Then he slid another finger, and then 3 taking his time with each, all the time playing with one then the other nipple.  They were becoming very sensitive to the touch.
He bent down and took my cock in his mouth and sucked me down a few times before using his fingers to play with my prostrate and causing me to cum so hard I thought my cock was going to explode right off my body.  Once my orgasm subsided he pulled his fingers out of my ass and told me “Now that you’re primed, it's time.”  He rolled me over onto a pillow he had positioned next to me so my ass was somewhat in the air.  He got down between my legs and spread my ass cheeks apart.
The next thing I felt was his tongue flicking at my hole, tickling the hairs in my crack and around my hole.  He came up for air and told me the next time I want this hole shaved” he said “but we'll deal with it for now.”  He went back to chowing down on my ass and getting me wet and worked up, making me wiggle in anticipation of his cock in my ass.
I felt pressure as he lay on top of me, his hairy chest felt so good against my smooth skin.  He lay with his cock in my ass crack and moved up and down just sliding it over my hole.  I hope you’re ready because I plan on fucking you good” he said.  I nodded and he said “good.”  With that I felt him rise up a little and then pressure from his cock head on my hole.  You might want to inhale those poppers a few times he said and waited for me to take 2 hits in each nostril. 
My head started to spin and let me tell you it's a good thing because even though he was greased it felt like I was being pierced by the Empire State Building.  He was thick and long and just kept pushing.  It didn't take him long but he certainly filled my ass when he was all the way in.  “Take a few more hits” he said. 
I did as he told me and then handed him the bottle.  Once he put it down he pulled all but the head of his cock out and then slammed into me with a force I never felt before in my life.  Now I’ve been fucked a few times and once or two were rough but nothing like this.  I felt like I was bouncing up off the mattress like I was on a trampoline.  “Take my cock baby and take it all.”  He kept it up and I was starting to get concerned that he was never going to cum when he stopped in mid stroke.  “I have to stop for a minute I don't want to cum just yet.”

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The New Teach - Part 1

The New Teach

Story by Larry

Part 1 of 3

I purposely went to college far from home.  It’s my first year. I’m tired of hiding who and what I am.  I’m a hot, well developed, well hung, tight rounded ass hunk that likes to suck cock and take it up the ass.  In other words I’m hot and gay.  Back home people suspected but I was buried in my books and carried a 4.0 average so most thought I was just making sure I’d keep up my grades instead of chasing pussy like all the other guys.
I got a scholarship for sports and for my grade point average so I had my pick of schools and it wasn't going to cost me much of anything.  Now at school I really didn't advertise but I didn't hide the fact I was gay, especially in the showers when in gym class.  I picked a school that required me to take gym to keep my scholarship.  It also helped me keep my body in shape.
Well today we went through cross country running since no one showed up as coach/teacher so the assistant told us just run the cross country run and call it a day.  It was long and grueling and when I was done my legs hurt like hell and I was sweaty and stunk like I don't know what.  I got to the locker room, stripped and headed right for the showers.  I never wrapped a towel around me to or from the showers because it made the guys jealous.  My cock was long and thick and made some of these pencil dicked idiots drool in envy.

I just stood under the steaming hot water and let it run over my body.  I looked fantastic in there wet.  It was a communal shower so everyone saw everyone no matter what.  Now like I said my cock is long and thick.  So much so that when I stand up straight my cock sticks out and points down from the weight.  I love to lift it up when their watching to wash between my legs and my balls.  I always manage to hold it straight up.   It touches my stomach above my belly button.
We were all in the shower when Teach as he likes to be called now showed in the archway to the shower and introduced himself to a shower full of naked guys.  He pointed at me and said in my office.  I told him I’d be right there and he said “no NOW.”  I didn't even stop to rinse off and grabbed my towel.  I thought to myself “What the fuck did I do now.”

I walked in and Teach closed and locked the door.  He walked over to the couch along the wall and sat down.  “We need to talk” he said.  He had on sweats and I could see the bulge growing in his crotch.  He started to rub it.  I stood there with my towel wrapped around my neck.  “I watched you on the end of your run and in the shower.”  With that he pulled the waist band of his sweats down and hooked them under his balls to expose a hardening 9 inch cock. 
“Get over here on your knees and suck my cock” he said.  I was shocked but did exactly as told.  He hadn't showered yet for the day and the aroma of his crotch and sweaty balls was all I needed to make me hard as a rock.  I took just the head of his cock in my mouth and he pushed me all the way down saying “No playing around this time suck me off.”
He grabbed me by the hair and forced my head up and down on his hard cock.  His head was laying back on the couch and his eyes were closed.  “Yeah make daddy feel good” he said.  He picked up the pace.  “You suck cock well.  Daddy’s gonna reward you real soon” and with that he said “Ah here comes your reward.”  Then he said “Here it is.”  With that he forced me down till my nose was in the very thick hairy pubes of his crotch and he shot his load in my throat.  I didn't get to taste it he shot so deep and fast.
Once done he pulled me off his cock and then pulled his sweats up to his waist again.  “Like I said”  he started “you suck cock pretty good.  Next time we'll see how you can take it up the ass.  Now go put on your running shorts and run the track again.”  I looked at him “but teach?”  He yelled “I said go run the track again.  It will throw off any suspicions that we may have done anything in here except me criticize you for something.”
With that he opened the door and told me “now do as I say and don't do it again.  Run the track 3 times.”  I slipped on a pair of shorts, no jock, no shirt,  and headed for the door.  Everyone was staring.  I ran the track with ease and came back only to strip and go re-shower.  By then everyone was gone and teach stood in the archway and watched the entire time.  I gave him a good show and intended on giving him a nice tight ass the next time.  I can't wait to get his cock.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Baby Sitting, Kevin - Part 2

Baby Sitting, Kevin

Story by Jay

Part 2 of 2

Kevin slept a good hour.  All the while I was watching his body.  He had a nicely formed chest.  His cock remained hard.  I played with my cock and stroked it as I wondered how it would be to fuck him.


I ran my hand over his chest and listened to his breathing.  He was still asleep.  I moved my hand down to his cock and balls taking my time to caress and fondle his sack and his rock hard cock.  I moved my hand down between his legs.  He woke up and raised his ass so that I had access to his hole.

The more I played with his ass, the higher his legs went up in the air.  I moved between his legs and spit on my cock and lubricated my cock and took air at his ass and slowly rested my cockhead on his opening. 

He placed his hands on each cheek and I slowly entered his ass.  His hole was easy to enter.  Before I knew it, I had my cock fully in his ass.  I started pumping.  He opened his eyes and smiled at me.   

I picked up speed and he grabbed his cock.  After a few strokes of his hand, he shot a load of cum.  I got close to cumming and pounded his ass until I came.  I pulled out and milked my cock and then laid on the bed next to him.

I was catching my breath, when I felt his arm reach across my chest.  He started to hold me and Kevin placed his face within inches of my face.  He kissed me on the cheek.  I turned towards him and our lips met.  It was tender and sweet, but Kevin was not finished.  We kissed and took turns entering each other mouths with our tongues.

After a while he said he needed to get back before his cousin came home from work.  He asked me “Can I see you again?”  I answered “As long as you are visiting, you are welcome to come over anytime.”

He got up and put on his shorts.  He leaned down and kissed me once again and said, “See you soon.”

 Baby Sitting, Kevin was going to be a lot of fun.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Baby Sitting, Kenvin - Part 1

Baby Sitting, Kevin

Story by Jay

Part 1 of 2

I neighbor was flagging me down as I came home from work. She had her cousin visiting from out of town.  Work had called her to come in and she wanted me to check on her cousin.  “He is down in the basement.  Just check up on him and make sure everything is ok.  His name is Kevin.  Thanks.”

She drove off.  I parked the park in my garage and walked over to her place next door.  I was not in the mood to baby sit.  I decided to make a quick look in the basement to make sure he was ok and head back home.

I entered her house and went to the basement.  I called out to Kevin and I heard a grunt.  I went down the stairs and saw Kevin.  He was my age.  Built like a brick shithouse and laying on the bed naked.  He was sporting a nice hard cock.  Now this was a BABY I could baby sit.  His balls were tight and I figured he was jacking off when I interrupted him.  I stopped and stared. 

“What the matter, you never saw a naked guy before?”  Kevin sounded irritated.  “I am so sorry.  Did not mean to interrupt what you were doing.”  I was blushing.  “I live next door if you need anything come over and get me. 

I headed back home and found myself all hot and sporting an erection.  I stripped down and jumped into my bed and started to jack off.  Gosh, Kevin was awesome.  I closed my eyes and imagined him and I in bed together.

“Well, seems I am not the only one that is horny.”  I sat up and saw Kevin leaning against my door.  He had on tight fitting shorts and I could see he was hard.    “You mine if I join you?”

I smiled and said “Yeah that will be fine with me.”  He slipped out of his shorts and went straight for my cock.  He crawled between my legs and started to suck my cock.  I asked “Can I get in on the action?”


Without missing a beat, he moved his body around so that I could get his cock.  It tasted as good as it looked.  His balls were still tight and he was close to cumming.  It took only a few deep thrusts of his cock and he unloaded a big load of cum.  As I finished milking the last drops of cum, he went to town on my cock.  I wanted it to last but I shot my load into his mouth. 

“That was fun.” He said.  He stretched out on my bed and I watch his muscles ripple.  “Yup, that was fun.”  Next thing I knew, he was snoring and he was sound asleep.    


Friday, April 19, 2013

Spring is in the Air - Part 2



It was another April.

A whole year had passed. I had met several men and connected to have sex. The extent of my friendship with Toby, had dissolved into just phone calls and occasional get together's for dinner dates.

I really liked Toby, but he seemed to be pressing too hard. The very first phone message he left me stated that he "loved me!". I didn't dismiss him out of hand, but just thought he was coming on a little too strong. 
The prospect of our connecting again on a physical level seemed to have dissolved as our friendship deepened. (I had never had sex with anyone other than a "trick" for a one-night stand. For me, it was all about the sex, and not about an emotional involvement with another man.)

Toby was a totally different gay animal! He was looking for 'love' in all the wrong places. I, patiently, listened for a full year, as he told me about every one of his failed romances.

The more time we spent together and got to know each other, the more I realized that I really liked him very much.

It was almost to the very day that we first met, that I decided I couldn't take any more of his commiserating about his lack of a romantic status.

"Toby, you are a hot little dude, but you need to lighten up. You meet a man and immediately expect him to be your 'Knight in Shinning Armour' who will give you a Forever Happily Ever-After. Dude, that ain't going to happen with the way you operate! I don't know why you fall for every man who is willing to go to bed with you."

"You come on too strong immediately with each guy you meet. It scares people off! It did for me. When we met, I really like you, A LOT! When we had sex that first time, it was one of the most intense sexual experiences of my life! Then you fucked it up by pressing me too hard."

"I had never even considered the possibility of getting into a committed relationship. I thought about the prospect of being with you, until you came on too strong with me. How can you say that you 'love' someone after just a great one-time sexual romp in the bed?"

Toby was silent for several minutes and finally said, "I did fall in love with you that night. You probably don't know this but, I've never stopped feeling that way. Now that we have had time to get to know each other, I wouldn't mind having that "encore". What would you say to the two of us starting over and trying it again?"

(That was last Spring. We are now living together as Lovers! After 'Cabin Fever" all Winter where we warmed the bed sheets together, I am looking forward to the change of season, as our relationship continues to blossom.)

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Spring is in the Air - Part 1



"It's Spring, when a young man's fancy turns to a fancy young man!" Anon


Toby and I were so very opposite. We came out at the same time. I was only interested in the physical pleasure of having sex with another man. Toby was looking for romance!

I remember it well. It was the first week of April. Trees and flowers were starting to blossom. The weather had started to warm up.

The day we met, I thought he was just as cute as could be! Our eyes met and we made an immediate connection. Oddly enough, it was at the Food Court in the mall. We were seated at separate tables. I was shoving a taco in my mouth and looked up to see this 'hottie' looking in my direction.

We flirted with our eyes and smiles for several minutes. We were both so shy that neither of us was willing to make the first move. Finally, he got up to leave and winked at me as he passed my table.

I left half of my lunch on the tray to follow him at a distance. We ended up together at the "GAP". A rack of jeans brought us together. I don't remember who spoke first or what we even said. An awkward conversation ensued and, eventually, we left the Mall together.

Toby followed me home in his car. There wasn't a whole lot of conversation as we ripped each other's clothes off in my bedroom.

The best I can describe it: It was totally intense! The foreplay was a lot of tongue-in-mouth sucking face! Touching, feeling and rubbing up against each other. (I almost 'came' twice!) We tumbled onto my bed and the oral sex began. Licking, kissing and sucking up and down our bodies until we both ended up with a hard cock in our mouths!!!

Simultaneously, we both spermed! At that point, we were both exhausted and just held each other, not wanting this encounter to end.

Eventually, he dressed to leave. We exchanged phone numbers and both swore that we wanted an encore. At least, I did. I wanted to shove my dick up his cute little bubble butt, and to feel him inside of me.

It didn't happen. Well, at least, not for a long time....

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Spring Break - Part 1



Searching the computer for hot porn, Donny was bored. It was his own fault! When he went off to school, his parents gave him a credit card. He was only supposed to use it for extreme emergencies .

Being "young and dumb", Donny used the card to pay for his first Spring Break. Needless to say, his father went ballistic over the forty-two hundred dollars in charges. The card got canceled and Donny was in the "dog-house"! "ABSOLUTELY, NO MORE SPRING BREAKS FOR YOU!!!"

While his classmates went off to frolic in Cancun and Panama Beach this year, poor old Donny was stuck in his bedroom under the watchful-eye of his parents. At least one of his closest High School buddies was also home for the "break".

Will and Donny had been best buds and teammates! (Donny had a secret crush on Will during their Senior year of school.) Their relationship was more of a "bromance" than any kind of "romance". There had been a flirtation between them, but not much more.


Donny was GAY, but he was never quite sure of what was going on with his friend. Will didn't date girls very much, and he sent conflicting signals about his sexuality. A couple of times, they watched porn and jerked off togeter. (It was straight porn, but at least the guys had big dicks for Donny to look at.)

The parents were out of the house doing their thing when Donny got a text message and picture from Will: "Wanna hang-out? We need to talk. Come over!"

Donny was totally shocked! Why was Will sending him a nude picture? He was more than anxious to accept the invitation. He raced out of the house.

No car? No problem! He would walk across town to meet up with his friend. He started out but forgot how far he would have to walk. Halfway to Will's house, he had to pee really bad! Thank God, there was a city park a few blocks away.

He raced to the men's room. At first glance, it seemed to be empty. Then he noticed that someone who was very naked was exposing himself in one of the bathroom stalls. Always up for a new adventure, Donny occupied the next stall.


Someone had gorged out a hole in the partition between the two bathroom stalls. The minute Donny had walked in, a big hard cock was pushed into the hole. As Donny sat on the porcelain toilet to pee, he went down on that dick!

It was an un-expected but delightful surprise to his toilet visit. The man must have been really horny because in just a few minutes he exploded a big load of cum in Donny's mouth. Not sure if the man would return the favor, Donny shoved his cock through the hole to the other side.


This bathroom stranger had a very talented mouth! Over the next several minutes, Donny got one of the best blow-jobs of his life. Anxious, not to linger much longer, Donny zipped up and headed out the door. He had only walked about 100 yards to the park entrance when he looked over his shoulder.

Coming out of the "Men's Room" was a handsome man who appeared to be in his early forty's. Donny continued walking at a brisk rate to get to Will's house. Sexually satisfied, Donny's only agenda was to re-unite with his High School buddy.

He had no idea what would await him at that house....

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Here We Go Again - Part 2

Here We Go Again

Story by Larry

Part 2 of 2

He pulled me out of bed and dragged me to the shower.  For the second time today we lathered each other up and played with each other in the shower.  This was turning out to be a great storm, especially when he surprised me with a hard on when he turned around and forced me to the shower floor to suck him off.  I devoured his cock right to the root licking his balls with each time I swallowed him.  He didn't let me suck him too long before he pulled me up, spun me around and bent me over.  I knew what was coming next.  He put one hand on my shoulder and the other guided his soaped up cock to my hole.  As he shoved his cock in he told me we have to make sure the inside is as clean as the outside.
He was fucking me nice and slow which I usually enjoy, actually I enjoy no matter how Chris fucks me.  I love the feel of his uncut cock inside me and how his foreskin slides back and forth on his shaft as he thrust in and out but for some reason I wanted to really feel him fuck me like I had just fucked him.  I looked over my shoulder and told him “Baby I want a good old fashioned ramming.  Fuck me like I just fucked you.”
“You sure about that” he asked.  I said “Yeah I am.”  Then I got the surprise of my life.  He bent over so his back was pressing against my back, then he reached to grab me behind my knees and straightened up.  He actually picked me up by my knees balancing me on his cock.
He walked back to the bed and set me down so my knees were on the edge of the bed with my body sideways across the bed.  He forced my head down to the mattress and then like he was a some drill master or something he ordered me to keep my head down and hold my ass open wide for him to fuck me and fuck me deep.  He reached between my arms and my sides to grab my waist and started to slam and I mean slam into my ass.  I yelled and said “Hey I didn't mean for you to split me in half.”   Chris yelled "SHUT THE FUCK UP AND TAKE MY COCK" and with that really slammed into me.  I let go of my ass and was clawing at the sheets and biting the pillow that I had grabbed onto.  Chris just continued to slam into me like a demon in heat.
All of a sudden I could feel his cock start to swell and he started a low growl and just continued to get louder till he was almost yelling.  He began to shake and then suddenly I felt his cock swell even more than it had already and my ass being filled with his load.  He pulled my ass hard up against his groin and buried his cock deeper than he has ever been before.  When he finished shooting his load, he fell on my back breathing heavy unable to talk.  His cock was still in my ass but I could feel it slowly going soft.  When it finally popped out of my ass he was able to move and rolled off me.  “Is that that way you wanted to be fucked or shall we try again?”  I stood up feeling my hole and his load dripping out of it and said "I don't think so.  I think we got it right the first time.”
He laughed and carried me to the shower and gently placed me standing under the water.  Then he got in on his hands and knees and sucked the remains of his load out of me.  Then he stood up and lathered me up real good paying special attention to massaging my ass and then rinsed me off.  He shut off the water and took a towel and dried my body gingerly and lovingly.  I didn't know exactly what to make of all this treatment but I loved it.  Once he was done he headed back to the living room his cock swinging between his legs.  I yelled after him "Where you going?” and he answered me to lay on the couch till you decide we're going to fuck again.  “Why bother getting dressed we can't go out and I know you’re a horny devil so I might as well be prepared.”  He was sitting on the couch by this time and I just walked in and bent down and kissed him hard.  When I finally came up for air I just said "You know how much I love you right?" 
“Yeah” he said “just as much as I love you.”  I lay on the couch with my head on his lap and went to sleep.  He let me sleep cause he knew when I woke up I was going to want to fuck again and he was already in the mood.  His cock had started to get hard with my head in his lap. 
It's going to be a great storm.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Here We Go Again - Part 1

Here We Go Again

Story by Larry

Part 1 of 2

Another major storm but bring it on sucka we're ready this time.  Chris and I were really fucked and not the way we like after the last major storm so we went to town making ourselves ready for another.  That was about a year ago and now another storm is threatening to hit.  Last time we lost electric, heat, had broken pipes, you name it.  This time we're ready. 
Over the past year we had propane powered generator installed on the side of the house with the largest tank allowed.  We can run all but our electric stove on it.  Of course they recommend you only use it sparingly but I can do that.  We also had a beautiful wood burning stove installed in our living room.  The entire front of it is glass but it will heat the entire house if we need.  Matter of fact we do use it to supplement our heat a lot. 
We also have an array of candles and camping lanterns and kerosene lanterns to light the house so we're covered on all ends.  I even made sure there were plenty of alcohol, beer, nonperishable food and lube in the house.  God forbid we run out of lube especially if we're stuck in the house any amount of time.  How would we ever be able to fuck, especially Chris.  He's as tight as a nat's ass, not that I’m complaining but you’re not getting in him with just spit and pre cum.  You need lube and plenty of it but I love him and I love to fuck his ass every chance I get.
We watched the weather report most of the night and saw nothing of what they were predicting so around 2 AM we went to bed.  I woke up first at 7 AM to get ready for work and found a foot of snow outside and it was coming down so hard we couldn't see the street.  I went back to bed and snuggled up to Chris.  When he felt me get back in bed he looked over his shoulder and said "I’m afraid to ask". 

“Don't” I said.  “We'll deal with it later.” 
With that he rolled over to face me and said “Good then we can deal with this now.”  He took my hand and guided it to his hard and throbbing cock under the sheets.  I smiled and said to him "With pleasure" as I slid down under the sheets.  I massaged his chest as I took his cock in my mouth and he rolled so he was now laying on his back.  I shifted under the sheets so I was between his legs and started to suck his cock for all it was worth.  I loved the feel of his uncut 10 inches in my throat and never could get enough.
I had him moaning and begging to let him cum in no time but I kept edging him along till there was just no stopping him and his cock exploded in my mouth.  His cum taste's great and when he was done I moved up to his mouth and kissed him giving him what was left of his cum from my mouth at the same time.  We always ate each other’s as well as our own cum. 
After Chris came I jumped out of bed and told him better get a shower in before we lose electric forgetting about the generator but still don't want to take a good thing for granted.  We always shower together every morning and today was no exception.  In Chris came and started to scrub my back and my crack.  By the time we were done showering he was hard again and had me leaning against the wall half bent over and was entering me while holding onto my hips and telling me you ready baby.
I answered in actions instead of words and just backed my ass all the way down his cock till his pubes were tickling my ass.  He started to pump inside me as the water cascaded over us and within minutes he pulled out and shot a load all over my back watching it get washed down the drain.  I playfully yelled at him.  “Why did you waste it? My ass was hungry for that load.  Now you’re just going to have to do it all over again after breakfast.”  Chris laughed and got out of the shower and pulled on a pair of sweats.  His cock swung back and forth as he walked.  Why he put them on is beyond me.
We ate breakfast and then settled in to relax and just hang out.  Chris was reading a book and I was just sitting watching the snow from the front window.  The entire time I sat there my cock kept twitching.  I was fucking horny and wanted to get me some of Chris's ass.  I made a few jokes about fucking in front of the fire and he just laughed them off and went back to his book.  I'll get him.  I turned the heat up a little bit and stoked the fire.  About a half hour later I turned the heat up a little more.  The house was getting hot as hell.  I know Chris had to be sweating his ass off.  The sweat was running down my sides from my arm pits and the sweat from my balls was running down my legs.  I watched as he kept shifting in the chair and readjusting his balls. 
Finally he got up and headed for the bedroom.  I followed.  When he dropped his sweats saying he was taking a shower to rinse off the sweat I pushed him down on the bed telling him not before I fuck that hot ass of yours and pinned his arms to the bed.  He laughed and said “Now how can I resist such a tempting offer.”  With that he lifted his legs up so far that his knees were almost alongside his head.  I dove in and started to rim his ass.  I knew he liked that and it made him hotter than hell.  He always loved when I rimmed him before fucking him.  I buried my face in his ass crack and licked and tongue fucked his hole till he screamed “ALRIGHT ALREADY FUCK ME.” 
I had been able to reach the lube while rimming him so my cock was good and greased up.  I aimed it at his ass and pushed hard.  He loved it when I fucked him like a wild animal.  He grunted and said "Oh yeah baby you know how I like it.  Fuck me hard.  I want it so hard I can't walk.  Give it to me."  I was ramming his ass so hard it hurt my groin and my balls were slapping his ass so hard I was in pain but I kept on going.  He was thrashing his head from side to side and had reached up and grabbed me to hug me but ended up clawing my back and screaming as he shot a load without even touching himself.  I came soon after that shooting a very large load of cum so deep in him I figured he was digesting it in his stomach.  He laughed when we finally calmed down from our little fuck and said to me "You wanted to make sure I felt that didn't you."  I told him “Well you said to and I was just doing what my man said.”  He laughed and said “I’ll be burping your load for a week.  I think it's in my throat not my ass.”

Sunday, April 14, 2013

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