Thursday, June 30, 2011

Poll Results - What do you like to Wear?

Poll Results

The winner is: Briefs

 This poll surprised me.

Commando came in a close second, followed by boxer-briefs.

Nice to know there are guys out there with nothing on, reading this post.

Thanks for everyone who participated.

Car Mechanic - Part 1

Car Mechanic

Part 1 of 3

I hate being late for evening meetings at work. Now the car would not start. I threw my briefcase onto the passenger seat. I hate when I have car trouble. I usually raise the hood of the car and stare at the engine.

I slammed the hood back down in disgust. I sat behind the wheel and tried it again. The car sputter but I was able to get it to start, and place it in gear, and drive to the repair shop.

There was only one guy in the shop. He looked to be a kid. I thought, "Jail bait." He was built, with a nice muscular upper torso, and he was cute. He wore his jeans tight and hung low. I did not see any trace of underwear.

He told me to pop the hood. I got out of the car and grabbed my briefcase. As he stared at the engine, I thought, "I will have to pay this guy to stare. And I can do it for free."

I asked him when the owner would be in the shop. He said he was the owner. My mouth dropped open and I said, "You’re kidding? How old are you?" He said 22. I was impressed. I placed my briefcase on the floor of the repair shop.

I looked at him in a way different light. Now my mind started to think of all the sexual things we could do in the repair shop. He could strip me naked and put me on the lift and hoist me up in the air for easy access. I saw tubes of lube on his shelves. I wondered if they would work.

I notice the chains for lifting engines. I imagined the mechanic tying me to the chains and having his way with me. I could be his slave dude.

"Sir…Sir" He was shaking me out of my dream. I shook my head "Yes".

He wiped his hands on a rag and said "Nothing major. I should have it fixed in about an hour. You can wait in my office. There is a fridge in there. Just help yourself to any of the drinks."

I said "Thanks." Staring at him face to face got my heart to racing. I wished he were gay, and available.

OK, I would settle for just available.

Hell, I would settle for just being a horny dude. But this kind of stuff does not happen in real life. You don’t meet the guy of your dreams, who picks you up, and carries you off into the sunset. Just does not happen.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The New Neighbor - Part 2

The New Neighbor

Part 2 of 2

I woke up around noon. I had slept all morning. I was alone in my neighbor’s bedroom. He came in carrying a tray with some lunch. I was famished. The food was delicious. I found out his name was Stan. He just moved in. He was single, and he worked at a bank.

He asked if I was feeling better, which I was. I told him "I need to get back to my apartment, so that you can finish doing whatever you were doing." As I talked he laid down next to me and reached under the covers and started playing with my cock. My breathing increased, as my cock got harder in his hand.

I looked down and his cock was hard again. I watch drops of precum appear on the tip of his cock. I asked "You sure I am not keeping you from doing something?" As he ran his hand down to my balls, he ran his fingers around my balls. His tongue licked around my ear and he started to nibble on my earlobe. I mumbled "Just tell me if I need to leave." His hand slipped down between my legs and fingered my ass hole. He started kissing me on my neck. I surrendered. "Oh hell, I don’t have to leave."

I just laid back as he spent the next few minutes playing with my body. I wanted to do this forever. He gently rolled over on top of me. His face was inches from mine. His lips were in a slight smile. He kissed em ever so gently. I felt his hard cock on my body. He lifted his body and let his cock drop and stick between my legs.

He kissed me harder. I wanted him inside of me. I wrapped my legs around his torso. His cock laid along my ass crack. I let him enter me. He slid in slowly and moved his cock back and forth. I felt no discomfort. He was such a gentle lover.
When he came close to cumming, he tightened his grip on me. He held me close. I heard his breathing in my ear as he tensed his body. He slowly relaxed as he finished cumming.

We laid still. He leaned up and rolled off of me. He laid next to me. He said, "I guess I do need to get back to unpacking." I pressed my lips to his. "Your headache is gone, so I can finishing hanging the pictures." I reached down and held his balls in my hands. He started to talk, "I need to…" I grabbed his limp cock and rolled it in my hand. He responded to my attention and his cock grew hard in my hand.

He smiled at me and I said, "Welcome to the neighborhood."

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Read All About It for June 28

Read All About It

Thought you might want to see where your country is in pageviews.

Top 10 Countries are:

Last Week           This Week

United States         United States

Australia                Germany

Germany                United Kingdom

France                    France

United Kingdom    Canada

Netherlands           Australia

Italy                       Spain

Spain                     Philippines

Canada                  Netherlands

Singapore              Italy

Right now there is someone from Bahrain, Poland, Russia, and Indonesia.

Thanks for visiting.


New Neighbor - Part 1

The New Neighbor

Part 1 of 2

It was one of those days. I met him and fell in love in one day. I just looked at him and knew he was it. It all started when I woke up this morning. I had a migraine headache, so I called in sick. I laid in bed trying to get better when I heard pounding from the next door apartment. I put a robe on, and headed out my apartment door to go next door. I knocked on the door and yelled, "Can you keep it down?"

He answered the door. His first words were "I’m sorry." He looked angelic, but with facial hair. His eyes and lips were framed by his beard. I just wanted to jump into his arms. I explained that I had a migraine headache. He grabbed my hand and pulled me into his apartment. "You need one of my massages. Come inside."

Before I knew it I was laying on his bed on my stomach. He loosened my robe and lowered it enough to get at my shoulders. His hands kneaded my shoulders. Magically, my head felt better. It was amazing.

He whispered in my ear, "Just relax. Rest." The next thing I knew, I was waking up an hour later. Refreshed, and feeling like a million bucks. His was laying next to me, sleeping. I looked at his face and studied everything about his face. He was beautiful. I brushed his hair away from his eyes.

His jeans were unbuttoned. I unzipped his fly and lifted the jeans to see what he looked like down below. His cock sprang out and startled me that I jumped. He woke and sat up and said, "What? You ok?"

He then noticed that his cock was standing straight up. He sat on the bed smiling. I leaned over and kissed him. He returned the kiss and tried to remove my robe. I finished taking it off. Then I pulled his jeans off. He wore no underwear. He laid in bed naked with his hands behind his head. His hard cock and round balls laid there for me to devour.

He had the sweetest smile and look on his face. He held his hand out and motioned for me to come back to bed. I grabbed his hand and he pulled me towards him and then wrapped his arms around me. His lips kissed me as his hands continued to massage me. He wrapped his hand around my cock and stoked it. All my pains and cares vanished as his hands stroked them away.

I could feel it stirring deep inside of me. It was that feeling that grew and grew until before I knew it, I felt myself cum. His hands milked every drop of cum out of me. He reached around and produced a towel and wiped me dry. He held on to me.

We spent the next hour exploring our bodies. My migraine was gone. My worries were gone. I was so relaxed.
His hands started to massage me once again. I ended up falling asleep in his arms.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Too Late - Part 2

Too Late

Part 2 of 2

I gave him a blanket and he crashed on the sofa. I undressed and climbed into bed. I was aroused from the thought of the guy in the next room and that thick bush of black pubes. I kicked back the covers and I grabbed my cock and started to jack off.

I wondered how it would feel to run my fingers through his pubes. I felt a hand on my balls. I jumped up and he was sitting on the side of my bed, holding my balls.

I let loose of my cock. He picked it up and said, "I specialized in handjobs. It is safer." I laid back down on my bed and he went to work on my cock. He was naked. His cock was erect, sticking out from his thick bush of pubic hair. My hand instinctively reached for his cock.

He straddled me and played with my cock and balls. My horniness took over. I played with his cock. I loved pulling his foreskin back to see his cockhead. I was fascinated and turned on. I reached and ran my fingers through his bush of black pubes. I dug my fingers into his pubes and found the base of his cock. I wrapped my hand around the base of his shaft. I loved the feel of cock and hair.

I felt his finger playing with my ass. He found my ass hole and gently fingered my hole. He was increasing his stroke on my cock. I felt his finger being inserted into my ass. My body shook as I came. All my pent up sexual energy was released. I shot one of biggest loads onto my chest. I heard him say, "Wow."

His finger was still in my ass. It felt so good. I stroked his cock and he leaned forward and started to air hump me. His body bucked as I stroked faster. He finally let out a moan and shot his load.

He stayed straddling me as the last drops of cum dropped out of his cock. I looked down on my chest, and saw a pool of cum, both his and mine.

"Let me get you a towel." He walked off to the bathroom and brought back a towel. Once I was cleaned off, he placed the covers back over me and said, "It is late, you need to get some sleep." He turned to go back to the sofa. I called out, "Wait, you can sleep on the bed. That sofa is not the best for sleeping on."

He hesitated. I motioned for him to come to bed, "It is ok."

He climbed next to me and we both dropped off to sleep.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Too Late - Part 1

Too Late

Part 1 of 2

I had worked late. Too late to be safe. Now I had to walk to where I parked my car. During the day, it is pretty safe. At the wee hours of the morning, it can be dangerous.

I always tried to leave at a decent hour to avoid any problems. The streets were deserted. I passed a guy standing against a building. He had his shirt off and had his hands in his jeans pockets. He had pulled down his jeans and his pubes were showing.

I looked at him as I continued walking. He smiled and watched me enter the parking lot. My car was the only one in the lot. I quickly unlocked the car and climbed in. Through the rearview mirror, I spotted police cars with their red lights a flashing.

A tapping on my driver side window startled me. It was the guy that I just passed. His pubes were still showing. I lowered the window and he pleaded, "Can I get a ride from you? Please!"

I said, "No. Sorry." He started to beg. "I just need to get out of this area. Please!" As he leaned over to talk with me, I noticed his bush of pubic hairs sticking over the top of his jeans.

I was nervous about doing this. But I was a sucker for a pretty face, so I agreed. He climbed in the car and we took off. He kept looking back at the police cars. I asked, "Where do you need to go?"

He saw the time on the clock in the car and shook his head, "Too late for the shelter. I guess I will sleep on a park bench."
I was stunned. "You are kidding. Right?"

He slouched in the seat. "No. I usually sleep at the shelter but I stayed out too late. It was a slow night. Hell, it has been a slow week." He turned and smiled, "You have a sofa I can crash on?"

I thought, "Why did I let him in the car." I looked at him and said, " I can’t do that. I’m sorry."

He slouched lower in the seat. "OK. Let me off on 2nd Avenue. Hopefully there is a park bench left for me." As he sat there, his bush of pubic hairs were so inviting. I wanted to touch it, but I did not.

We drove in silence to 2nd Avenue. I pulled over and he climbed out. He gave me a half smile and said "Thanks." He turned and walked down the street to the park.

I told myself to just drive away. But I could not do it. I rolled down the passenger side window and yelled, "Hey, Come back here." He walked back and asked, "What?"

"Get in. You can sleep on the sofa." As he hopped back into the car, he said with a smile, "Thanks. I will be so quite, you won’t know I am here."

We drove to my place. I wondered if I made a big mistake. But it was too late, now.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

First Coupling - Part 4

First coupling

a story by M…

Part 4At times I remembered seeing stars in my eyes as he entered me, it was pretty intense. Jim would stop for a few seconds before continuing on. He was pretty excited too. But he went pretty slow. I told him a few times to stop and slow down and he did. I don’t remember him getting it all in me and I don’t remember feeling his balls against my ass. But, he did control me when he was in my ass.

He started thrusting back and forth, real slow, a few times he seemed to arch up into some spot in me that just got me all tense. It was painful, but as I said earlier it was desirable as well. The odd sensation was the pushing and especially the pulling of his erection in my guts. It seemed he was tugging and rearranging my insides. It was a very bizarre sensation, and after a few minutes not unpleasant.

It seemed I was getting more into it, and getting very horny. Jim like me didn’t need long to blow his sperm. He was more mature and I remember him shuddering and thrusting a few times real hard as he ejaculated into my rectum. Those couple of deep thrusts were awesome and I knew he had ejaculated his sperm deep in my hot ass. He stayed in me for a few minutes, resting and sometimes moving his erection around in me. After the rush I told him to get it out of me. He pulled out and like me was covered in vaseline, sperm and other weird fluids (later I learned it was mucous from the anal and rectum linings).

The sensation from my ass after the sex was different. I felt like it was streched and loose, sometimes a twitch or flutter from inside my ass occured to. As I walked I felt the squishyness between my cheeks of my deflowered ass of the vaseline and some of Jim’s sperm leaking from my streched anus.

We sat inside the boat naked, cleaning our butts and talking. We fucked each other!!!! Were we different?

There was pain involved and again I felt some guilt for doing it. But I also liked it.

We also talked about what we were now, after fucking each other. I guess we both came to the conclusion that we were queer (this was before the term gay was used). Neither one of us had a girlfriend. Other boys probably were not fucking each other. Our conlusion also included the fact we were probably the only guys fucking each other in our high school.

We talked about girls but also about boys and we were very much into satisfying each other sexually.
We called it just either fucking or sex, not love. We also said hey who needs a girlfriend if you had a buddy to fuck. His ass has got to be just like a cunt and you get another dick to play with too. It would take a while for me to know the benefits of making love to a woman, but not then.

We fucked one other time on that trip. The same postion and this time Jim fucked me first. My cock was swollen as he fucked me and the second time was better than the first. This time I was jerking off as Jim fucked me. I blew an amazing load while he was deep in my ass.

We continued our relationship until middle of 12th grade. Our sex included a variety of sexual encounters and coupling.

We became expert in knowing each other’s sensitive parts with our mouths. I didn’t keep a scorecard but we had anal sex probably 20-30 more times together. Almost all of those times we did it in the woods. We would bike to the woods with paper towels and Vaseline, find our secret spot and fuck. Being nude in the woods felt very free. And having an erection deep in your ass took a lot of concentration for a 16 year old! The more times we did it the easier and better it became. With the exception of the initial penetration pain the sensation became better and better, almost addicting. The intensity of an erection pumping in my ass was like no other. Our sessions were loud too, with groaning and moaning and sometimes dirty talk as we fucked each other. In addition, we were able to stay in each other longer before ejaculating, giving a longer period of time for both to enjoy the experience. And, unlike the porn movies, we always ejaculated in each other’s ass. The idea of pulling out before climaxing never crossed our minds. Indeed, just before ejaculating we both would slam the erection as deep as we could into each other.

We didnt explore a variety of positions. Every time we coupled we did it doggy style. Sometimes on all fours, or on our shoulders and knees and sometimes standing bent over. Biking back after fucking was strange too. Even after cleaning up with dry paper towels my ass felt greasy, streched and sometimes leaked a little onto my underwear. But, again privacy was the issue. It was a lot easier just dropping jeans and jerking off or oral sex. For anal we liked being totally nude and it was difficult finding a safe area to do that.

But, as happens, some relationships change and we went our separate ways. However, it was our coming of age together and our relationship together I treasure very much. We were lucky to have found each other, two gay best friends in an otherwise hostile environment are lucky if they find each other.

Anyway, I wanted to pass this on. There are times when I look back and wonder where Jim is today. Especially considering all the time and tragedy of AIDs. I hope he is happy and well. God bless Jim.

First Coupling - Part 3

First Coupling

a story by M…

Part 3

As the weekend went on the weather got rainy. The boat had a full canvas top and we stayed inside most of Sunday. We were nude enjoying a wine buzz looking at Playboys and using toilet paper roles on our erections. Let me explain. Earlier in the trip Jim found a small bottle of Vaseline. My dad used Vaseline to coat electrical terminals to prevent corrosion.

Jim took the cardboard tube out of the toilet paper roll and put a bunch of Vaseline in its place. Than he forced the roll over his penis and started to jerk it up and down. I followed his example. The feeling was like no other. Using your hands and oil was good. But this seemed to excite every nerve in my penis. In fact I couldn’t do it for long. I felt I was going to rupture something so I finished masturbating using my hand.

Later Jim was again masturbating but this time he greased his penis. I was watching him when he asked. Would I let him fuck me in my ass? We had talked about guys fucking and we both had thought about it. But to really fuck?

I lay there. I was very nervous. Sure, we had been messing around for a year. But his erection in me was kinda scary. His erection was a solid 7 inches, and he was a very strong guy. My ass was very small and I wasn’t sure I could take his boner. We talked and slowly masturbated our erections. I proposed a solution. Since he was bigger in body and penis size, I should do it to him first. If I couldn’t do it or it hurt him to much than no way could he fuck me. Jim agreed on the spot.

I remember him "draping" himself over one of the folding deck chairs in the boat. His ass very smooth and tight looking.

I put Vaseline on my erection and parted his cheeks. Looking at his anus I was totally thrilled. Even though I was a small guy my erection seemed much to massive to fit in his small asshole.

We didn’t know anything about foreplay or preparing an ass for fucking. I aimed my erection at his asshole and slowly pressed it into him. At one point my penis bent rather than enter him. Thats how tight Jim was. I got the Vaseline and put some around his anus than I tried enterng him again. I remember seeing some of the hair in his crack being forced into his hole as my penis entered him. He seemed to stiffen up and inhaled a loud breath as I slowly forced my boner way into his ass. It was a very intense sensation watching my penis slowly enter his ass.

I got about halfway in, his anal ring very tight around my erection. The hot feeling of his rectum along my penis was incredible. I slowly started to pump him. In and out. The vaseline quickly warmed up and helped my entry and pumping motions. While fucking him I saw pink tissue as I pulled out of him gripping my penis. With every stroke I went further into him. Jim was breathing very loud and at times would give a little grunt. I stopped, asking him if I was hurting him. He was in a very submissive state. Enjoying it as I slowly continued to make love to him.

I pressed my pubic bone tight against his asshole several times and just stayed deep in him for a few seconds on several deep thrusts. I didn’t get the chance to stay in him long. My nuts were very tight and churning with sperm. I ejaculated into Jim in a very short time. The sensation was again, something I had never experienced. I was out of control, my legs were weak and my deep thrusting uncoordinated into my lover as I spasmed and filled him with my immature seed. At the same time my sperm made the fucking easier as it lubricated my cock even more. I remember just slamming as much as I could into Jim while I was ejaculating. It was an incredible experience.

I withdrew from Jim almost immediately. As I did I saw Vaseline, sperm and some of his shit clinging to my penis. I went and used a towel to clean my erection off. At the same time I saw Jim turning around. He was flushed and very erect. I watched him; his cock really swollen. And he said it’s my turn.

I was very nervous but I promised him. I got over the same chair Jim was draped over. I remember feeling him grip my smooth tiny cheeks and spread them. He had greased his penis earlier and put the head against my hole. I felt him press it against my anus and breathed in at the pain. He stopped but that seemed as painful as if he would just continue.

I wasn’t sure but I told him to go slow. He kept pressing against me and I felt my anal ring continue to stretch. I gripped the chair with my hands my knuckles white and continued to feel him enter my ass. He pushed his cock against my unyielding virgin anus. I could feel pressure build as Jim pushed harder. I winced and squirmed from the pain and he stopped. He backed off and put more vaseline on his cock. Then he remounted me and started a second time to enter me. I tensed again, Jim waited a few seconds, after I settled down Jim started pushing again. As he pushed I felt him start to enter and streching my anus as well. After a few long

minutes I felt his glans pass my anal ring and he continued to enter into my rectum. All this time I was tense, my breathing very hard as he entered my virgin 16 year old ass. I was grunting and moaning, as I look back it was a combination of pain and pleasure, desire and intense passion.

Friday, June 24, 2011

First Coupling - Part 2

First Coupling

a story by M…

Part 2
Our sophomore (10th grade) year saw winter coming and very little opportunity to get together. Sometimes during lunch-period, about 40 minutes, we would go to my folk’s house on Fridays when mom was at the beauty pallor and jerk-off together in my bedroom or the basement.

We didn’t think of ourselves as homosexuals but, we were very comfortable being together. We didn’t have much interest in girls and prefered to be by ourselves and masturbate together. A common discussion topic was other boys and sex.

We discussed how men and women had sex as well as sex between boys and guys. I had oral sex two years earlier with Curtis but I didn’t tell Jim about it. I desired having oral sex with Jim but we contented ourselves with being nude together and masturbating. I remember periods of maybe shame and guilt after masturbating together, but we always got back together for sex. All winter long we thought about spring time and boating. In fact we had planned a special camping trip that winter!

What we were waiting for was memorial day weekend. I had my driver’s license and permission to go camping with Jim using my dad’s 17 foot boat. This was a special time, I didn’t know it than but looking back over the last 23 years it touches me very deeply what we experienced together. We had our folks drive us to the boat-yard. Jim and I with our dingys went to the boat while waving good-bye to our parents. It was to be a party time. I had the boat keys a gas credit card and Jim had a few special things too. He was older looking for his age and managed to acquire some " Boones Farm" apple wine. We were in party heaven together. The idea of being alone, away from family and intrusive people was thrilling. Both our birthdays were in spring, we just both turned 16 and on our own for a few days. It didn’t take long.

We got to the boat loaded our camping gear, tied the dingys to her andmotored out of the small harbor where she was moored. We went to "Whitebeach", you could only get there by boat. It was always kind ofdeserted. As we drove we stripped to our underwear. I remember driving theboat, passing other boaters and waving as both of us were in underwear briefs. There were several coves along White beach, where you could anchor, than motor with your dingy to the beach. All in absolute privacy. As we got away from other boaters we pulled our shorts off. It was another new thrill, boating at speed, nude with 16 year old erections straight up and feeling the hot sun on our slim bodies. We anchored the boat and started looking at the Playboys and rubbing our erections.

As I was looking at Jim I felt a desire to touch his erection and maybe masturbate him. I asked and he let me touch him, as I was fondling him he fondled me. Together we felt and gripped each other’s erections. It was again another first and felt so fine. His hardness and the heat generated from his cock felt different from my own erection and was the first time I held Jim’s erect penis. He was very hard and warm, I slowly bent my head over his penis and licked him.

He stopped fondling me and lay flat on his back. I continued to lick and put my lips around his penis. I didn’t know what I expected, he tasted clean with just a trace of a musky smell. His hardness filled my mouth and he shuddered several times. I can’t remember for sure, but Jim ejaculated very quickly. It was the first time I tasted sperm. I was not ready for it but did my best. He had quite a bit of sperm, and most of it leaked from my mouth. He lay their for several minutes. I swallowed some of his seed the thick warm fluid felt heavy with a bittersweet taste in my mouth, the rest I spit out. I continued to masturbate, really wanting him to do me.

He slowly came over and lowered his head on my penis. I was lying on the deck, feeling the warm sun on my nude body and the intense feelings of pleasure coursing through me as Jim sucked and worked my erection. I can tell you for sure it didn’t take long. My smooth testicles got real tight and I felt my groin churning with my desire to shoot my teenboy-seed.

I instintivly grabbed his head and forced more of me into his mouth. I ejaculated my still immature sperm almost immediately. Jim kept sucking and swallowing my skim-milk looking sperm. I arched and groaned so loud I thought someone would hear. It was, up until that time the most intense joyous pleasant feeling I ever experienced.
We set a record that day. We were nude for most of the day and performed oral sex on each other, ejaculating six-times together. To this day I have not had as much oral sex in one day.

One time we were nude on the beach. I was standing with an erection. Jim got on his knees and sucked me off. Right in the middle of the day on the deserted beach. Someone could have walked by and I would never have noticed so intense was the sex we were having.

After sex we put our cut off jean shorts back on. We decided to explore the beach and the nearby woods. In the woods we found an abadoned pump house. Inside there were some girls underpants and condom wrappers and some empty beers.

We laughed and guessed what happened in there once.

We also sucked each other off in the pump house. I sat on some old engine and Jim was between my legs sucking my boner. While we were sucking in the pump house Jim mentioned fucking. And did I think I would like to try it. At the same time I felt his finger massaging my anus, my hips lifted and he pushed more of his finger in me. While he was doing this I think I said words to the effect "I need to think about it, but right now jerk me off."

Most of the time Jim swallowed my sperm. It seemed I preferred to spit his out, but he didn’t seem to care.

At that age it seemed we had sex all day. After cumming we would rest and a half hour later we were ready to jerk off or suck each other off again.

First Coupling - Part 1

First Coupling

(Reader Submitted Story)

a story by M… 

Part 1

Some background Jim and I (only first names, mine is Mike) were very good teenage friends from 7th to the middle of 12th grade in High School. We had the same two first initials in our last names, so we were in the same home-rooms all during junior and senior high school. We lived about 3 blocks apart and shared many of the same interests. Both of us were into motorbikes, bicycles, pellet-guns and boating.

I was very fortunate to have a father who was very generous with the keys to his outboard 17 foot boat. Both Jim and I had little 8 foot "dingys" with small 6 horse power outboards on them. In the spring of 1971 my dad and his friends took the big boat a 30 foot and the 17 foot boat on a weekend trip. Mainly, to drink beer and get away from wives. I invited Jim and another boy to come along too. All three of us slept in my dad’s 17 foot boat while the fathers partied in the 30 foot boat.

While the other boy slept (I can’t remember his name) Jim and I talked. We started talking about sex and the subject of masturbation came up (no pun intended). In our sleeping bags both of us took our underwear off and held it up to the other to prove we were nude. It was very exciting laying there naked, talking with Jim, listening to the other boy sleep and our dads drinking and playing cards in the other boat. That was May of 71, both Jim and I were 15. Nothing else happened during that trip but, it was a change in our relationship to each other.

Several days after the trip, Jim and I were in my basement and started talking sex again. We both also dropped our jeans and looked at each other very closely.Jim was about 6′ tall 140-150 lb. black hair and brown eyes. He was of Hungarian descent and had very thick black pubic hair. His penis was 7 inches erect and circumcised and for his size he had a relatively small scrotum. You could call us "Mutt and Jeff". I was 5′ 7″ tall about 110 lb. very slim, with knobby knees, brown hair, hazel eyes and Irish looks. My erection was just about 6 inches with a small brown patch of pubic hair, low hanging testicles and circumcised as well. I remember we both started to masturbate as we just looked at each other. It was very intense and even more exciting. I remember my legs shaking and worried about getting caught.

It didn’t take long for both of us to ejaculate together spewing our sperm on the basement floor. Jim’s sperm was different from mine. His was thick and mine was clearish and had the consistency of skim milk. Jim was further along in puberty and he had mature sperm. I was behind in the maturation process but I still shot my immature cum right along with Jim. From that day on we were entrenched in masturbating with each other and just being together.

Privacy was a big issue. We never could get privacy at home with our parents, brothers and sisters. So many times, we biked to the "woods", stripped, talked and masturbated together. I remember one day biking to the mall. We hid in the woods near the mall and got totally naked. Both of us were on our knees jerking off as we watched people in the mall parking lot. It seemed thrilling being nude, erect and stroking our cocks while people just a few yards away went about their business.

After a few minutes of jerking off, Jim turned and faced me. With his left arm he reached for my shoulder and gripped me. I became even more excited at his touch. Within a few seconds Jim’s head flew up his mouth open as he ejaculated onto my hand, cock and thighs. When his hot sperm hit me, my hand flew along my cock shaft and I blew my teen load of sperm also. That was the first time I felt another guy’s "cum" on me. We both sat on our haunches as the sensations swept through us. His cum was leaking down my thighs and off my cock onto the ground. I felt messy, but didn’t mind the fact that Jim spurted all over me. We ended up using my tee-shirt to clean up. Than we dressed and went shopping.

Most of the summer of 1971 we did just that. "Jerking-off" and talking sex stories. One of my favorites was hearing how Jim discovered masturbationand talking about the other boys from school. We told stories about what it would be like to jerk off with so and so. One of the guys we fantasized about was Henry G. He was without a doubt one of the sexiest guys in school. Of all the guys I saw in gym locker room Henry G had the thickess cock of all. And, he was hung with a really nice black bush! I had wild sex dreams with him, and him putting his hard cock in my very private places, but that’s another story. We wondered if other boys jerked off. And, if they did, did they jerk off together like us?

We didn’t go much beyond mutual masturbation and looking at playboy magazines together. We didn’t know anything about gay magazines so Jim purchased Playboy magazines.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Armpit - Part 3

The Armpit

Part 3 of 3

I heard steps on the staircase. The door opened and the hall light was on. I could tell it was Stephen. He undressed, taking everything off. He climbed into bed. He laid on his side looking at me. I thought my heart would explode, it was beating so hard. Then I felt his hand on my chest.

My heart stopped. He ran his hand all over my chest. My cock grew and stuck its mushroom head over the top of the covers. His hand traveled down to my stomach, hesitated, then moved to the tip of my cock.

Precum dripped out of my cock. He placed a finger on the tip of my cock and swirled the precum all over my cockhead. I moaned softly.

He moved and rolled over on top of me. He grabbed both of my hands and pinned then over my head. His mouth kissed my armpits. He started to sucked on the hair and wrapped the hair around his tongue.

He alternated between the two armpits. His cock pushed against my cock. He gyrated his hips and his cock made love to my cock. They moved as one. Then he stopped.

I hoped that it was not over. I wanted more. Then he lifted my legs. His cock rubbed against my ass crack. I reached down to help guide his cock. He inserted his cock in me and bent forward and kissed me on the lips. It was a quick kiss with just lips to lips.

As he started to plunge his cock into me, his tongue probed into my mouth. Once his cock was all the way in me, he stopped kiss me and lifted his head. He slowly started to fuck me. My one arm was still up over my head. As he increased his thrusts, his mouth ended back at my armpit. The sensation was so intense, I could not hold back anymore, and my cock erupted and shot cum.

As he got closer to cumming, he raised his head. He tensed his body, then he came. I felt the spasms as he shot wad after wad of cum. When he was dine cumming, he finished up with a tender kiss. Where he was quiet last night after we had sex, today he spoke. He said, "I am going to hate to leave tomorrow." He held onto to me and we drifted off to sleep.

The next day my cousin and Stephen returned to college. He went up to me to say goodbye. His eyes twinkled as he said, "See you on July 4th." He squeezed me as he gave me a hug. I had wondered if my path would cross with Stephen. Now, I knew.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Armpit - Part 2

Armpit – Part 2

Part 2 of 3

It was great fun seeing and being with everyone for the holiday. I watched Stephen and wondered if he was gay or just a good friend of my cousin. I knew they went to the same college. It was late and I needed some rest. I did not see Stephen, so I was not sure where he went. When I got to the room he was already in bed. I undressed and climbed into bed. In a matter of minutes I was asleep.

The next morning, I heard voices downstairs and knew it was time to get up. I felt an arm across my chest. As I wiped the sleep from my eyes, I saw that Stephen was laying with his arm across my chest. His hand was in my armpit. He held on to my pit hair. I found this to be a turnon. My cock was hard. I did not want Stephen seeing me with a hard cock. I wanted to get into the bathroom and jack off. I removed his hand from my pit hairs and moved his arm away. His hand landed on top of my cock. My cock got harder from being so close to Stephen.

Stephen started to squeeze my cock. He turned towards me and I felt his tongue licking my armpit. Shivers ran up and down my body. I did not want it to stop. So I relaxed and let me do whatever he wanted to do to me. His hand slipped under my briefs’ waistband and started to fondle my cock. His tongue probed deep into my armpit. The tongue action made my head swim. It also made my cock hard. He continued to lick and stroke my cock. I felt closer to cumming. Stephen pulled my briefs down below my balls. He went back to stroking my cock. His face was buried in my armpit.

He increased the speed of strokes. It only took a few minutes and I felt myself getting close to cumming. Between his tongue action in my pit and his hand job on my cock, I exploded. My cum landed high on my chest. Wad after wad of cum landed all over my chest. He continued stroking my cock as the last drops of cum seeped out of my cock.

We laid still. His face was still in my pit. His hand laid on top of my cock. After a few minutes,
Stephen pulled my briefs back up and covered my cock. He reached under the waistband and gave me my cock a final squeeze. He slipped his hand out of my brief and turned around. I waited a few minutes and then got out of bed. I headed to the bathroom to wiped myself clean.

Stephen never said anything.

I spent the entire day thinking of what happened this morning. Stephen left with my cousin and was gone all day. That evening I headed to bed and found the bed empty. I got naked and climbed into bed. My cock was hard from the anticipation of what might happen. I feel asleep with a hard cock in my hand.

Around 2 am, I heard my cousin and Stephen downstairs. My heart started pounding. My cock was still hard. I laid in bed on my back. I arm was positioned over my head so that my armpit was exposed. The clock ticked the seconds slowly. I pulled the covers up to cover my cock and balls. I made some pubes were showing. I waited.

Where was he?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Armpit - Part 1

Armpit – Part 1

Part 1 of 3

It was the holiday weekend. I was visiting from out of town. The house was full of relatives. I got to bed down with Stephen. He was a friend of my cousin from college. From what I could tell, he was a nice looking pleasant guy. It was a small bedroom but the bed was the main item in the room. I was exhausted from my trip and hit the sack first. I stripped down to just my briefs. I was almost asleep when Stephen came in.

He slowly took off his clothes. I enjoyed watching the strip tease. He had a nice body. He stretched and I got a good view of his armpits. I wanted to dig my face into his pit but laid still. He had on a nice pair of tight briefs. I watched as he slowly removed them. His backside was all I could see. I fell asleep dreaming of Stephen being naked next to me.

The next morning, I heard voices downstairs, so I knew everyone was getting up and congregating in the kitchen. I opened my eyes and saw hair. It was Stephen’s armpit. I was a mere inch away. I inhaled deeply and I could smell his manly aroma.

My cock sprang to life. I could hear him snoring. I moved my finger over to feel the hair in his armpit. It was so soft. He shifted his weight and moved. The blanket dropped down and I saw he was naked. The black pubes were a beautiful sight as they peeked over the blanket.

I wanted to see more. I touched his armpit hair once again. He shifted his weight. This time his cock laid for me to look at. It was laying to his side. He was uncut. I wanted to start at his armpit and lick it and then move down to his cock. My cock switched as I thought of nibbling on his foreskin.

He shifted once again and I saw his balls dangling between his legs. He reached down to scratch his balls. His cock moved and grew in size. I could not stop taking my eyes off of it. His cockhead peeked out from his foreskin. I saw a drop of precum.

Not knowing much about Stephen, I figured I better leave before I did something I would regret. I climbed out of bed and moved the covers up to Stephen’s chest. My cock was still hard and erect.

I got dressed and headed to the bathroom to take care of business. My cock was begging for attention. I slipped it out of my underwear and started to stroke it. I tried to remember the scent of his armpit. After a few stokes I shot my load into the shower stall. I quickly got cleaned up and then I headed downstairs.

Monday, June 20, 2011

The Drunk - The Revenge

The Drunk – The Revenge

He took a few swigs and finally finished the bottle. I wanted to get my rocks off, so I climbed over and straddled him. He did not respond. Then I noticed that he fell fast asleep.

I shook him and he just snored away. I rolled off of him and grabbed his limp cock. It was dead to the world.

I was mad. I said out loud, "Fuck you."

I stopped and thought, "Wait a minute." In a calm voice, I thought, "Fuck you."

My cock grew hard with the thought. "Yeah, fuck you."

I reached in the nightstand and pulled out the lube and a condom.

I rolled the condom on my erect hard cock. A smile appeared on my face.

I knelt between this legs. I lifted his legs up in the air and felt around with my finger and found his asshole. I applied the lube to his ass. I positioned my cock at his asshole and shoved my cock into his tight hole.

With a smile on my face, I started to hump his ass.

He snored away. I pushed deep into his ass, held it, then pounded away. I was so turned on. His limp cock shook with each thrust of my cock. I wanted this to last, so I shoved deep into his ass and held it, then I resumed fucking him.

I knew I was close to cumming. I contined to pounded away until I came.  I shot the biggest load that I ever had. I pulled out and saw the tip of the condom filled with my hot semen. I lowered his legs. I removed the condom and grabbed a towel to clean his ass.

He slept for a couple more hours. When he woke up he was ready to be taken home. As I pulled up to his place, he got out of the car. He put his hand over his ass. "Must have fell and landed on my ass. Boy, it is sore."

I drove off with a nice smile on my face.

The Drunk - Part 2

The Drunk

Part 2 of 2

I woke up. Someone was hugging me. I smelt whiskey, then I remembered picking up this guy at the bar last night. I turned towards him and he said, "Sorry, I did not mean to wake you."

I felt a naked body next to me. His cock was hard and pressing against my butt. I remember holding it last night while he urinated in my bathroom.

He said, "Sorry, go back to sleep."

I answered, "You already got me up." I dug my ass into his cock. He pressed back. He started to gyrate his hips and his cock rubbed against my ass crack. His hands started to rub my chest. I started to breathe deeply.

His right hand moved down to my cock and started stroking it. His lips kissed my neck. I moved my head to give him more access and his tongue started to lick.

His cock found my ass hole and he tried inserting it but his cock was too thick. I told him wait a minute. I reached over to my nightstand and pulled out a condom. I applied some lube to my asshole. I turned around and rolled the condom onto his cock. I was amazed at his cock’s size. It seemed to even grow as I applied the condom. I looked at the rest of his body.

He was nicely built. His face was handsome and cute.

I wanted to admire him, so I straddled his cock and slowly sat on it. I took his cock an inch at a time. Once he was in me, he started to push and pull his hips. I watch his muscles on his chest. He was so good looking.

He reached up to my face and pulled me towards his lips. We kissed. I could still smell whiskey but it was more enticing. His tongue probed into my mouth. He was a good kisser.

He reached down to my cock and gave it a few more strokes. The pressure of his big cock in my ass, cause me to cum quickly. My cum splattered onto his chest. He kept stoking my cock as he got closer to cumming. I felt his fist tighten around my cock as his muscles tightened. He let out a grunt and came. We stayed in that position until he was done.

He withdrew his cock. It was still large. I laid next to him for a few minutes and then went to the bathroom to get a towel.
We laid back together. He said, "Do you mind, I could use a drink."

I shook my head and rolled my eyes. I admire his face as we laid next to each other. I thought to myself "Gosh he is a nice looking guy. Too bad he drinks so much."

Sunday, June 19, 2011

What do you like to wear?

What do you like to wear?

1 - Briefs

2 - Boxers-Briefs

3 - Bikini Briefs

4 -Trunks

5 - Boxers

6 - Commando

7 - Jockstrap

8- Speedo

Since some of you like to wear different things depending on how you feel, (naughty or nice)
multiple choices are allowed.


The Drunk - Part 1

The Drunk

Part 1 of 2

He offered me a drink but I was driving and I do not ‘Drink and Drive’. I did not realize how much he had drank at the bar.
He was a stud and I liked the way he looked. I was attracted to him from the moment I laid eyes on him. He wore tight pants that showed off his cock. It looked to be over seven inches long, and I wanted to see it for real at my place.

It sounded like a good idea at the time, but on the way to my place, he kept drinking and now he was drunk. He kept offering me a drink. He lit up a cigarette. I was almost ready to ask him to leave, when he placed his hand on my leg.

His touch drove me wild. He moved his hand closer to my throbbing cock. He fumbled with my zipper and finally unzipped my pants. He reached in and squeezed my cock. He tried to pull my cock out, but my underwear got in his way. He gave up trying and took another drink from the bottle.

When we got to my place, I had to help him into my apartment. He was not feeling good. I was pissed.

I dropped him on the sofa. I decided he better not puke on himself or my furniture. There is nothing worse than a drunk with vomit on himself. I felt sorry for him. He asked if he could use my bathroom.

He had trouble standing, so I helped him to the bathroom. He had to pee. I lifted the lid on the toilet and held him up, as he unzipped and pulled out his cock. Even soft, it was big. It was cut with an enormous head. I guess it was almost seven inches long. And he was soft. A strong steady stream of urine flowed out of the tip of his penis. He let loose of his cock and used his hand to steady himself. He started to pee on the floor.

I reached down and grabbed his cock and aimed for the center of the bowl. I loved holding it. The last drops of urine dripped out of his cock. I flicked it a couple of time, then I put it back in his pants. We headed for the bed.

He collapsed onto the bed. I sat next to him. I brushed my fingers through his hair on his head. He said he was sorry. I looked at him laying on my bed. He was still a handsome guy. Too bad he drank too much. I thought, "There goes the evening".

I asked him if he wanted anything. He did not answer, then he started snoring.

I covered him with a blanket. I got undressed down to my briefs and climbed into bed. This was not what I had in mind when we met at the bar.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Nakid-Boots – Part 2

Nakid-Boots – Buy them at a store near you.

Lee dropped to his knees and licked the top of my cock.

I started to feel tingly once again. Lee swallowed my cock all they way to my pubes. He was a madman. I was being brought to the edge of cumming and they he would stop. Then he would start all over again.

I pulled Lee up from the floor. I wanted to get at his cock. I jumped into bed with him. We kept the Nakid-Boots on. As we rolled around on the bed, I thought, "These boots were made for sex."

Lee was more aggressive than me and climbed on top of me. He moved around on all fours like a tiger getting ready to devour his prey. Once his cock was right over my face, I pulled him down to my face. I rubbed his cock and balls all over my mouth. He had started to swallow my cock again, so I did the same with his.

I found my hands holding his ass. I inched my fingers to his crack and then felt around for his asshole. Finding it, I inserted my finger. Lee hands started to do the same.

After a while I positioned myself so my tongue could get to his asshole. I licked around and then plunged deep into his hole. Like clockwork, Lee positioned himself and rammed his tongue into me. The sensation was so intense that I had to stop what I was doing. I sat up to give Lee a better position and started to jack off. My head was swimming as the first drop of cum shot out of me.

I unload myself onto Lee chest. I was exhausted. Lee’s hand was furiously stroking his cock. He came shortly after I. I flopped next to lee, who immediately took off his boots and mine.

Out of breath, I said, "How do these work?" Lee smiled and said, "They are designed with Chinese acupressure in mind. They apply pressure that increases the blood flow to the penis. The boots ware out quickly and eventually they don’t work as well and you need a new pair."

I said, "Then I was right. These boots were made for sex." Lee smiled, "Use them wisely."

I got dressed and boxed up the Nakid-Boots and headed home. I started to plan my usage.

Nakid-Boots – Buy them at a store near you.

Nakid-Boots - Buy Then at a Store Near You

Nakid-Boots – Buy them at a store near you.

Lee called me and asked if I could do him a favor. He needed me to pick up a pair of boots at the shoe store. He called them Nakid-Boots. He said they were a great pair of boots. He recommended that I buy a pair for myself. He said I would be pleased with them.

I drove over to the shoe store. The clerk met me at the door and flashed a big smile. His blue eyes sparkled. He asked if he could help me. I thought ‘YES’. I smile back and asked for the Nakid-Boots that Lee has ordered. He found them under the front counter. They were all packaged and ready for me to take. The clerk asked if I wanted to buy a pair for myself. I said, "Why not."

He smiled and said, "They are great boots, but you need to try them on before you buy to make sure they work." I was confused but I went along with the clerk. He led me to a dressing room and said you need to try them on naked. I said, ‘OK’.

I undressed and stood in front of the mirror. My body looked good. I stood sideways and admired my muscle definition. I flexed my muscles. My cock was soft and flaccid.

I slipped on the Nakid-Boots. I stood up and took a few steps. I glanced at the mirror and stopped. My cock was hard. It was not just hard, but erect and thick.

The clerk stepped in and said, "I see that they are working for you." He stepped over and felt my cock. "Nice fit and they worked perfectly."

Without saying a word, he stripped down and put on a pair of Nakid-Boots. I stood as he knelt down and sucked the tip of my cock. I saw that he was just as hard as I was. His cock was rather large for his size. He pulled me down to the floor and we got into a 69 position. I took his cock as deep as it would go in my mouth without gagging.

He was sucking away on my cock and I stopped to enjoy the ride. My cock felt so tingly. Nothing I ever felt before. It seems to get larger as I felt myself getting ready to cum. I felt him hold tightly onto my butts with both hands, as I shot my wad. He handled the load expertly, not losing a drop.

My cock stayed hard as the last drops dripped out of my cock. The sales clerk removed his Nakid-Boots and I watch his cock deflate. He quickly got dressed.

I was surprised that my cock was still hard after cumming so violently. The clerk removed my Nakid-Boots and put them in a brown paper bag. I stood up and looked into the mirror and my cock was soft once again.

He smiled, "You can finish getting dressed and meet me at the register."

I paid for the boots and drove over to Lee’s place. As soon as he opened his door, I told him he was right. Nakid-Boots were a great pair of boots.

He said, "Let try them on." We both got undressed and put on the Nakid-Boots. Lee dropped to his knees and licked the top of my cock.

I started to feel tingly once again. I pulled Lee up from the floor and jumped into bed with him. We kept the Nakid-Boots on. As we rolled around on the bed, I thought, "These boots were made for sex."

Nakid-Boots – Buy them at a store near you.

Friday, June 17, 2011

The Winner

The Winner

I walked up the steps to my apartment. I had a good workout at the gym and I peeled off my shirt as I climbed the steps. I just walked in the apartment when my phone rang. It was Jay from Horny Fiction. In his poll "What kind of guy do you like?" he said the category of ‘smooth’ won and my picture got the most votes.

We were both ecstatic. He told me we would celebrate this weekend. I thanked him for posting my picture. We hung up the phone and I smiled as I undressed. I was sweaty from my workout and I needed a shower.

I stood in from of the mirror and admired myself. I knew I did not get this body by sitting on the couch and watching TV. I put in a lot of time at the gym doing reps with heavy weights.

I chest muscles were sleek with great ABS. I ran my hand over my chest. It felt tight and smooth. I check for any hair and pulled out my razor to stay smooth.

I lifted my armpits and made sure my hair was short chopped. I like just a hint of hair in the pits area.

Being clean-shaven was important to the smooth look. My face did not have any stubble.

The most important area was the crouch. All eyes were stare at my cock and balls when anyone noticed that my pubes were cut off. I pulled out the clippers and inspected my crouch area and removed any hair. I used the electric shaved to shave my shaft and calls.

I get a quick hardon whenever I run my shaver around my cock. I looked in the mirror and every area pass inspection. My cock stood erect and hard. I stepped into the shower.

The hot water felt good against my body. I lathered up. As I applied the slippery subs on my cock, I got more excited. I started to stroke my cock. The soap made a good lube. I leaned back against the shower stall and increased my stroke.

I had my back to the water and I turned to let the water cascade down my body as I prepared to cum. My muscles tensed as I shot my load. The water from the shower quickly washed away my cum. I turned to rest against the shower walls.

It felt good to be a winner.

Office Party - Back Upstairs

Office Party – Back Upstairs

Being in the mailroom with Carl sure beat staying upstairs at the office party. Then being with John in the hallway sure beat staying upstairs at the office party. Again, I was wrong.

As I went up to my office area, I was greeted with four butts. It was a beautiful sight. They all had tan lines from wearing Speedo. They turned and saw me. I was sprouting a hardon. They ran up to me and started to undress me. I offered no resistance. They waste not time removing all articles of clothing. Stripped naked, I was taken to the lounge area.

I was placed on top of one of the ottomans. It felt soft and comfortable. Hands were running up and down my body. One of the guys, Nick, gave me a kiss on the lips. I reached over to his cock and grabbed it. This started a feeding frenzy. I felt mouths on my cock, balls, toes, all over. One tongue was actually in my ass.

I closed my eyes and took in all the great sensations.

Nick continued to stick his tongue deep into my mouth. When he came up for air, another guy flopped his fat cock down on my mouth. I licked the underside of his shaft. He ran it back and forth and finally moved the tip of his cock to the opening of my mouth, and let me suck on the tip of his cock. I opened my mouth wide, and he inserted his fat cock.

I could not keep up with all the action. I glanced around and the interns of the department were getting their asses fucked by the supervisors of the departments.

The guy who was sucking my cock, removed it and started to jack me off. It was the signal to the others to get ready. At first I just laid there felling myself get closer to cumming. Then once I started to cum, it began.

One by one, the guys had jacked off and showered me with their hot creamy cum. I heard Nick say, "Awesome." Everyone gave out a cheer.

All I can say is "When is the next office party?"

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Office Party - My Turn

Office Party – My Turn

Being in the mailroom with Carl sure beat staying upstairs at the office party. Or so I thought.
Boy was I all wrong.

As I left the mailroom, John was sitting in the hallway. He had watched Carl and I have sex. He said only one thing, "My turn." John sat on the bench in the hallway with his cock sticking out of his pants. He stared at me and waited to see what I would do next.

I took a step closer to him. He pulled his pants down to his thighs. His ballsack dropped and his two round balls hung low. He gave me a smile. He was teasing me, but I loved it. I took another step closer.

He pulled his pants down to his knees. He started to roll up his sleeves. He was getting ready for business. I removed my pants and took off my underwear. My cock stuck out between the fabric of my dress shirt.

He was ready for me. His pants were now at his ankles. His cock hard and ready for me. He wanted me to sit on it.

I straddled him and guided his cock to my asshole. I took a deep breath and let his cock entered me. He held my ass as I rode his cock. I put my arms around his shoulders.

He leaned back and started breathing quickly. I tighten my ass muscles. He started moaning. He let out a loud sound and started cumming.

I lowered my head and our forehead touched. He finished cumming and we stayed in the same position. I felt his cock going soft and I removed myself from his cock.

I stood up and turned to find Carl standing there at the doorway to the mailroom. He was holding some paper towels. We cleaned up and got dressed.

This sure beat staying upstairs at the office party.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Read All About It for June 15

Read All About It

Great news.

Horny Fiction blog has been averaging 1400 page views a day.

Top 10 Countries are:

United States
United Kingdom

Right now there is someone from Denmark, Brazil, Philippines, and Luxembourg viewing the blog.

To everyone,

Thanks for visiting.



The Office Party

The Office Party

I needed to get away from the crowd. I headed downstairs to the mailroom. No one ever came down here. As I entered the room, I noticed Carl, the other mail clerk, was sitting down here alone. He was looking at porn on the Internet.

I laughed and said, "Don’t you know that stuff will ruin your eyesight." Carl smiled and said, "Naw, it only give you hairy palms." He was looking at some guys on a muscular website. "You like the muscular dudes?" as I flexed my muscles.

"Like you can compete with these guys. Show me your stuff."

I took off my shirt and started doing different poses to show off my muscles. I was not competition for the guys on the website. I took off my pants and stripped down to my tightie whities. Carl applauded and egged me on with "More. More."

I was getting turned on and felt my cock growing. I reached down my briefs and rearranged my cock . I started to do a little striptease. I put my thumbs in my waistband and pulled down my briefs to show some of my pubes.

Carl was getting hot and pulled out his cock and was stoking it. He had a nice uncut cock. It was a lot bigger than I imagined.

I got carried away and pulled down too far on my briefs and my cock sprang free. Carl reached for my cock and pulled me towards him. My mushroom head was large from the excitement. He stroked me a few times and dropped to his knees. He swallowed my cock. He started to suck. It felt so good. Carl pulled down my briefs.

I wanted his cock in my mouth. I pushed him to the floor and turned around so Carl could get back to my cock while I paid attention to his cock. I loved uncut cocks. I pulled the foreskin up over his cockhead. I gently nibbled on the foreskin. Carl stopped what he was doing and let out a moan. I wanted Carl to get back to my cock, so I held off doing anything until he started sucking me again then I started to suck his cock.

The faster I sucked, the faster Carl sucked. We both were getting close to cumming. I increased my speed and Carl let loose with his man juice. I swallowed quickly to keep up with the load of cum. I pulled his cock out of my mouth and watch the cum oozed out of the end of his cock. I started to lick it when I shoot my load. Carl could not keep up with load and it started to stream down the side of his mouth. He came up for air and removed my cock just as the last drops of cum spurted out of my cock. It landed on his cheek.

I grabbed some paper towels from the sorting table and gave some to Carl to clean himself up. I wiped myself clean and got dressed.

This sure beat staying upstairs at the office party.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Down by the Tracks - Part 2

Down by the Tracks

Part 2 of 2

I was excited to get at the boxcar by nine. I ran most of the way. There were a lot more guys hanging around. I stood by the boxcar and paced back and forth. I wondered where was he.

Someone came out of the darkness and wrapped his arms around me. I felt his hot breath on my neck. I turned around and saw it was him. I was relieved. Although I had sex out here at night before, I wanted him. I let him hold me as he smiled and then kissed me. He grabbed my hand and started to lead me to a secluded spot behind the boxcar.

He started to kiss me passionately. His hands were all over me. My cock was hard and pushing my briefs and pants out. He undid my pants and pulled them down. He did the same with my briefs. He dropped down and took my cock in his mouth.

He reached under me and let his mouth lick my balls. His tongue was constantly moving. He grabbed me with his arms and quickly spun me around and, before I knew it, his tongue was deep in my ass. He darted his tongue in and out of my ass.

He had dropped his pants and underwear and placed his rock hard cock in my ass crack. I moaned as he found my ass opening and shoved his cock quickly into my ass. For the moment, I lost by breath. I gasped. He started to fuck me quickly and furiously. My cock was rock hard and the pressure of his cock inside of me made me want to cum. I grabbed my cock and stoked it a few times and shot a load of cum.

He continued to fuck me. I hoped for a quick climax. He pounded away. I was ready to yell ‘Stop’, when he pulled out and I felt hot cum land on my ass cheeks.

I dropped to the ground, breathing heavily. I rolled over and laid on the ground. My cock had gone soft. I looked up and he was gone. I stood up and pulled up my briefs and felt the cum that was still on my ass. I figured he just melted in the darkness like all the other guys.

Out of the darkness he appeared with a lit cigarette. He handed it to me and I inhaled, held it, and then slowly exhaled. I passed it back to him. He put his arms around my shoulders. He said, "Come, let’s go."

We walked together as one.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Down By the Tracks - Part 1

Down By the Tracks

Part 1 of 2

I was bored. It was my off day from work. I hated the job I had. I only enjoy one thing, sex.

I took a walk down by the railroad tracts. The trains stopped running a few years back. It was a ghost town of old dilapidated boxcars. I liked it for the solitude during the day. And I enjoyed it for the sex at night.

The faces of the men would hide behind the darkness. They were here for one thing, having sex, and then when they were done, melt into the darkness.

I sat on the rails. I liked the shapes and designs they made. They were my mode of escape, but they led back to reality and my boring life, and boring job.

I first spotted him walking towards me in the distance. I stood and faced him. He came closer. I studied his face and then his body. I wanted to see him naked. I wanted to have sex with him. He walked towards me with a swaggard that said he was sure of himself. His eyes looked at me. They were the deepest shade of blue. He gave me a slight smile and nodded his head.

Even though it was the middle of the day, we both wanted sex. He unbuttoned his shirt and took it off. He was slender. He had a few chest hairs but for the most part, smooth and hairless. He dropped his shirt to the ground. He was the first to drop his shorts. He looked great in his white briefs. The sun made his skin glisten.

I took off my shirt. He ran his fingers through my curly hair on my head. He put his thumbs under the waistband of his briefs and dropped them to his ankles. I dropped my pants and briefs to my ankles. We stood there naked. In the daylight I wanted his cock more than anything. I reached over and grabbed his cock. I stroked it as he placed a hand on my shoulder. He closed his eyes as I manipulated his cock. He was hard now.

Without saying a word, he leaned over and took my cock in his mouth. It felt good, as he took it deep into his mouth. His wet tongue licked along the shaft as he proceeded to draw it in and back out. I was going to cum too soon, and I wanted to enjoy his cock more. I pulled him back up on his feet and then knelt down and started sucking his cock.

Once I started, I did not let up. He moaned with delight. I wanted his cum. I sucked away until I felt the first drops of cum land in my mouth. It was thick and pungent tasting. I swallowed it all and not lose a drop.

He pulled me back up and started to jack me off. He put his face right in front of my cock and jerked it until I came. It landed on his face. I shook with a spasm and cum flew and landed on his hair. It seemed to be an endless supply of cum, coming out of my cock. When I was done, he stood and told me "Lick it off."

I removed it all, drop by drop. My cum tasted sweeter and wasn’t as thick. When we were done, we pulled up our underwear and pants and turned and went our different ways.

I heard him yell, "Hey." I turned and he pointed to the boxcar. "Saturday at nine."

I nodded in agreement. The only thing I could think of was ‘Yes.’