Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Fraternity Initiation - Part 1

Fraternity Initiation

Story by Jay

Part 1 of 2

I was in a hurry for my class and took a shortcut through the old student union hall.  As I ran, I heard a voice.  He said “Who’s there?”  I stopped and searched for the source of the voice.  He kept saying “Anyone there?”  I opened the door to a side room and there he was. 

He was tied to a chair and had a cover over his eyes.  I recognized his as the star quarterback.  He was naked and had the most erect cock I ever say.  I asked “Why are you tied up?”  He replied “I am in an initiation for a fraternity.”  I asked “Why is your cock so hard?”  He answered “They gave me some blue pills.  Can you untie me?” 

It was a typical initiation using Viagra.  I decided to untie him but first I wanted to suck that luscious hard cock of his.  I started to suck his tip of his cock.  “Please untie me…” he said as he moaned.  I was taking his cock all the way as he moaned louder. 

This guy was out of my league so it was more important to suck his cock.  It was magnificent. I took his cock deep into my mouth and he came in a flood of cum.  As I finished sucking, I sat back and took a deep breath. 

“Now untie me.  Please?”  He pleaded.   I thought about it and said “Only if you fuck me while you have this fantastic hard cock.”  He agreed.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Preview - FraternityInitiation

Preview - Fraternity Initiation

Story by Jay

What do you do when you encounter a fraternity initiation and the guy is rock hard naked, tied up and blindfolded?  So tempting.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Games We Play - Part 2

Games We Play

Story by Jay

Part 2 of 2

I undressed and saw that my cock was rock hard.  Sucking Mike’s cock was a real turn on.  I brushed my teeth and walked over to my bed.  My cock was sticking straight up.  I climbed into bed and was ready to jack off when I heard Mike in the other room get up from the sofa. 

I laid on my bed holding my breath.  My heart was pounding and my cock throbbed.  I heard the floor in my bedroom creak as Mike walked over to my bed.  He quietly climbed between my legs and I felt his breath on my cock.  Then he lips were enclosed around my cock as he started to suck my cock

I placed my hands on the top of his head as he continued to suck.  After a while he whispered “Fuck me.”  He laid on his stomach and I moved around. I spread his ass cheeks and stuck my tongue in and around his ass.  

Then it was time to stick my cock in his ass.  I started slow but increased my thrust, faster and faster.  I was so hot and horny.  I came also immediately.  Getting my rocks off was a wonderful feeling but I wanted to last longer.  I laid next to Mike and said “Sorry I came so fast.”  He answered “Don’t worry.  You can try in the morning.”

The next morning we fucked and it lasted longer. 

Now when we play video games on Friday, Mike stays over and we added fucking to list of things that we do.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Games We Play - Part 1

Games We Play

Story by Jay

Part 1 of 2

It was our usually Friday night get together where we drank beer and played video games.  Bill, Mike and I would do this since we graduated from High School and I got my own place.  We were playing and Mike said he was tired and went to my corner of the room to nap.

Bill and I finished playing.  It took an hour but I finally beat him and won the game.  Bill asked where Mike was.  We found him out cold sleeping on the sofa in the corner.  He was buck naked.  Bill and I joked about Mike being naked.  Bill decided to head home. 

I said “Thanks for leaving me with naked Mike.”  Bill laughed and left.  I went back over to Mike and sat on the sofa.  I called out his name but he did not wake up.  I shook his shoulder and nothing.
I sat there and looked at his cock.  He had a nice long soft cock.  I bet it was big when erect.  I admired his body.  He had a nice chest, and nice ABS.  I was back staring at his cock.  I shook him one more time.  Nothing happened.

I reached down and held his cock in my hand.  It felt soft at first.  I squeezed it and felt it getting hard.  I kept squeezing and it was now hard.   It was erect.  I looked at his cockhead which was big.  I got down on my knees and moved up to his cock.  I started licking his cock.  He was still asleep. 

I went from licking to sucking his cock.  His breathing became deeper.  I took his cock deep into my mouth.  I continued sucking.  I held his balls until they tighten then I knew he was ready to cum.  I sucked and felt his cock shoot its load.  I swallowed every drop. 

When he was done cumming, I released his cock from my mouth.  I sat next to him and admired his body.  I finally decided to go to bed.  I grabbed a blanket and covered Mike with it.   I headed for bed.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Preview - Games We Play

Preview - Games We Play

By Jay

It is Friday night, and it is time to play video games with my friends.

When Mikey falls asleep, what is a guy going to do?

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Funny Photo - Friendly Guy

Funny Photo - Friendly Guy

By Jay

I love meeting cute guys on the train.  This guy gets extra points since he pulled out his cock.  I am so turned on.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Going Naked

Going Naked

Story by Jay

I wanted so much to run naked through the fields.  My dream was to be able to lay out in the sun and get an all-around tan.  Secretly I wanted to lay there and have my cock get erect and jack off with the sun beating down on me.

I would go to the park and see who was out working on their tans.  I found a guy who was just naked on a blanket.  I looked around and we were alone so I walked up to him.  He had a nice uncut cock.  It was the first time I saw one up close in the daylight. 

We talked and he convinced me to get undress and join him.  We laid side to side and our cocks got rock hard.  He kept watch as we jack off.  It was a great feeling.  After I came, I watched his cock as he jerked it off.  His cum shot was awesome to watch. 

This was all I needed.  I was hooked and wanted to do it more often.  It was great being naked and watching the guys flock over to see me naked.  I would lay there and they would form a circle around me.  Eventually they would get naked or just pull out their cocks.

Sometimes we would talk about things, but other times we kept quiet and just looked at each other cock.  Eventually we would be rock hard and we needed release so we would jack off and have each guy cum on me.  I would be covered with cum

We eventually found a nudist resort and we went there where we could go around naked and cum whenever we wanted to.  What a life.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Preview - Going Naked

Preview - Going Naked

By Jay

How do you start going naked?

It is easy to do.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Fucking My Neighbor

Fucking My Neighbor

Story by Jay
My neighbor is one hot dude.  I wanted to have sex with him from the first moment I saw him.
He saw me in my back yard and waved.  I waved back.  I had on bikini briefs and it was a hot day.

The briefs were soaked with sweat.  You could see the outline of my cock against the material.

He went inside and came back out naked.  I stared at him and got hard just looking at his slender body. 

He had a cut cock and it was partially covered by his hand.  He finally sat down and spread his legs open for me to see.  His cock stood out from his bush of pubes.  Really made me horny seeing this.  I took off my briefs and laid there for him to see.

He laid back on his patio steps and exposed his rock hard cock for me to see.  I stood up and walked over to him.  I immediately kissed him and let my hand grab his cock.  He loved it.

While we were kissing I moved my hand down to his butt.  I found out he liked to have his ass hole fingered.  Found that out while kissing him and let my fingers play with his ass.

During our sex play, I listened for moans and kept at it if he was loud with moans.  I noticed that he was loudest when my finger slipped into his hole.  But he has a real tight hole, so I figured he would not like to be fucked.  But he started to beg for my cock inside of him. 

We fucked outside on his patio.  The sun beat down on our bodies.  He wanted it and kept begging.  I kept at it. 

He stopped me and had me pull out my cock.  He turned around and laid on his back.  He raised his legs and I reentered his ass and started fucking him again.   He kept telling me to cum on his chest.

He wanted to see me cum.  I pumped a few more times then pulled out and jerked my cock until I came.  It was a big load that shot out of my cock.

His eyes were glued to my cock as he jerked off his cock and shot his load.  His chest was covered with cum.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Gym Showers

Gym Showers

Story by Jay

The gym I go to has a shower area which is very active.  Guys love to show off their bodies and you see all kinds of body shapes. 

Last week there was one guy  who gave me a good show.  He has hefty but I love a guy in briefs and he stood there in the shower area with a pair that showed that he was packing a nice piece of meat.

I watch as he stared at me and posed showing his armpits which I love to look at.  He turned sideways and pulled his briefs down to show a nice ass.  My mouth watered looking at him.  But I really wanted to see his cock.

He finally turned around and pulled his briefs down below his cock.  Damn, he had a great piece of meat.  I wanted to see it close up and feel it in my hand.  I motion for him to come over to my side.  He looked around and then came over.

I immediately grabbed his cock and it grew in size.  He was over seven inch.  He whispered “Suck it.”  I looked around one more time then got to my knees and took his cock into my mouth and started to suck.

He held my head as he faced fucked me.  He pounded away until I felt his hand tighten pulling my hair.  Then he shot his load.  I was jacking off as he came and kept his cock in my mouth as I finally came.  He took a look around and went to the other shower and cleaned up. 

I caught my breath as I stood under the hot water coming out of the shower.  When I got done, he was gone. 

Friday, June 19, 2015



By Jay

I love underwear.  Everyone who been coming to my blog knows that by now.

It just turns me on to see a guy wearing a tight pair of briefs.

I even like wearing a pair of ladies panties.  Here is a pair that I love to wear.  It is so sexy.

But one downside to ladies briefs is that when you get an erection, it does not hold your cock.

I also like the strange in underwear.  How do you like this pair?

Let me know at storyman3119@gmail.com

Thursday, June 18, 2015



Story by Jay

I loved looking for sex out in the woods.  It is really easy to spot a guy that is looking for sex.  He will stand around and survey the area.  If he notices me standing and doing the same then he will keep his eyes on me and walk into the wooded area.  He will stay visible until he knows you are coming after him, and then he will go deeper into the woods for privacy.

He will get all ready for you.  This may involve him stripping down to his underwear.  He will constantly look around to make sure there are no other guys out there.  When I finally get near to him, he will pose for me and wait for me to make the first move. 

As I step closer, he will keep looking as I grab his cock and balls and tug at his briefs.  He will imitate whatever I will do, so he unzip my pants and pull them down then he will grabs my cock and balls and tug at my briefs.

Quickness is important.  So he will pull down my briefs and I will do the same with him.  He will look at your cock and keep looking around.  Now is the time to jack off each other and cum in the woods.

Quickness is important since your goal is to get your rocks off.  So we will jerk off until one of us cums.  The other will do the same shortly afterwards.  After cumming, you get dressed and part, going in different directions.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Funny Photo - Shopping

Funny Photo - Shopping

By Jay

Now this is my kind of place.  Shopping in the nude.  Wonder where he carries his wallet?

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Visit to a Friend

Visit to a Friend

Story by Shakes

I met a friend on the internet and we’ve been chatting for a few months now. His name was Declan.

 He just moved to a nudist resort in Florida and I decided to visit him. I asked if I could come over to visit him.  He said yes so I took a plane. I arrived at the airport in Florida and there he was to pick me up. We talked about the nudist resort when we were in the car. I had never been to a nudist resort before, so he told me all the rules of the resort. We arrived at the gates and when they opened I saw a lot of naked people. I never saw that much naked body in one place. The gates closed when we drove in and he started to undress in the car. I didn’t know what to do and he didn’t want to push me. I took all my clothes off except for my underwear.

We got out of the car and everybody was greeting him. Nudists are one of the friendliest people I know. I felt a little weird because I was the only one with a piece of clothes on and I decided to go naked as well. We took our clothes and my luggage and entered his house. He shut the door and that was the first time that I could think about all the things that I saw a few minutes ago. Declan saw that I was thinking and started to laugh. I asked why and he said “I can’t imagine how you feel right now, are you freaked out?”  I said that I felt good but that it took some time to get used to. He answered “I’ll give you the time that you need.” It was way too hot inside and he asked if I wanted to go outside. I thought about it. “I have a solution that you may like” he said.

He opened the backdoor and showed me his private garden. “I was just about to do some gardening, do you want to help?” I decided to help him because there was a lot of work to do and it was a nice distraction. We went into the garden and planted a lot of flowers, mowed the lawn, etc. When we were done Declan asked me if I wanted a tour of the resort. I was ready and I told him that we could do that. The sun was still beating down on us so we decided to put on some sun lotion. He opened the door and took my hand. We walked down the street and when we were at the end of the street I felt great. It wasn’t as bad as I imagined, it was fantastic. The feeling of being free and nobody to judge you was great. Declan took me to a restaurant to have dinner because he wanted to celebrate my first visit to the resort. We went home and I decided to go to bed because it was late and I had a jetlag.

The next morning I got up early and made breakfast for Declan because he was so nice to me. 

Breakfast was ready and served by the time he got up. After breakfast he asked me if I could teach him some yoga because I told him that I attended some yoga classes. It started to rain outside, and I went outside into the garden. Declan told me I was crazy and I dragged him with me into the garden. 

I told him that I always wanted to walk around in the rain naked. After a few minutes I was wet but I didn’t care, we were having fun. We went inside and took a towel. We had lunch and decided to go to the pool and sunbath. The next days were crazy but it was time for me to go back home.

It was one of the best vacations of my life and I’ll return very soon. I would recommend it to everyone.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Funny Photo - Pizza

Funny Photo - Pizza
By Jay

This is my kind of pizza.

What about you?

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sleep Over 103

 Sleep Over 103

Story by Jay

My appetite for sleeping over grew.  At first I enjoyed just jacking off with my bunk buddy.  It was amazing seeing all shapes and sizes of cocks.  Even cut or uncut intrigued me.  Watching a cock spurt a load of cum, got me hot every time.

Then I remember that first day when I sucked on another guy’s nut. But when he returned the favor and sucking on my balls, wow, I was hooked.

Then one day, my sleep over buddy, started to lick my shaft all the way to my cock head.  I followed his lead and did the same to him.  Then he took my cock in his mouth.  What a feeling.  He ran his tongue around the tip of my cock.   I actually came in his mouth that first time, sending shivers up and down my body.

From that point, I sucked cock and made sure the guy came in my mouth.  I ate cum every chance I could.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Sleep Over 104

Sleep Over 104

Story by Jay

I hate staying over at relatives when we visit.  I usually get the inflatable mattress downstairs.  This time was no different.  I was almost asleep when I heard someone come downstairs.  It was a friend of my cousin.  He was wasted.  He asked if he could crash here.  Before I could say anything, he was flat out on the mattress. 

He was in the process of undressing so he laid there with his jeans pulled down.  He had on boxers. 

As I laid there I wondered what his cock looked like.  I reached into the opening and pulled out his soft cock.  He had a nice vein running down his shaft.  I pushed it over to see his cock better. 

Magically, his cock started to stand straight up.  I could see he was uncut and his pee hole was leaking some fluid.  I had to see more.  I pulled his boxers down.

He was shaved completely, even his balls.  I held his balls in my hand.  They were very nice balls.
But even better was his cock.  I ran my tongue down his shaft and his cockhead emerged out of his foreskin.
He quickly stood up and spreading his legs, he towered on top of me. He said “If you want to suck it, let’s do it right.”

I took his cock in my mouth and started sucking as he moved his hips and face fucked me.  His load came quick and filled my mouth.  He laid down beside me.  He said “That is the way to do it.”

The rest of my visit went extremely well, thanks to a friend of my cousin.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Randy is Passed Out

Randy is Passed Out

Story by Jay

Randy invited me over to play video games.  We had some beer and we were enjoying the evening.  Randy said he had to go and staggered off.  I continued to play and drink.  I had a good buzz going when I needed to empty my bladder.

I went to the bathroom and opened the door.  There was Randy passed out naked on the toilet.  I never saw Randy naked until now.  His cock and balls were amazing large.  I walked over to Randy and shook him.  He was passed out for sure.

I shook him by the shoulder and watch his cock and balls sway back and forth.  He had a fat uncut cock.  I shook him a few more times and his cock started to grow.  I reached and place my finger on his penis and my touch was making it grow erect and get hard.

I got on my knees and licked his cock.  Randy reached down and grabbed his cock.  He pushed his cock head towards my mouth.  I started to suck.  

His cock grew and it was over seven inches long.  Randy said “My balls.  Lick my balls.”

I stuck out my tongue and lifted his balls with my tongue.  He was jacking off as I took his balls into my mouth.  Randy said “Nice.  Real nice.”  He moaned and then said “Want some cum?”  I placed my mouth around his cock head and I felt his cum shoot into my mouth.

I sucked the remaining drops of cum from his cock.  Randy said “You want to finish the video game.”  I held my cock in my hand and said “How about sucking this first.”  Randy smiled.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Preview of 'Randy is Passed Out'

Preview of 'Randy is Passed Out'

Story by Jay

Randy had too much to drink and is passed out in the bathroom.

John needs to use the bathroom.  

What will he do when he finds Randy naked?

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Dog Sitting - The Other Guy's View

Dog Sitting – The Other Guy’s View

Story by Jay

I decided to go to the park and see what cute guys were there.  I just wore my gym shorts.  I wanted an easy access to my cock in case there was some action.  It was a sunny beautiful day.  I loved the well-toned guys with good muscles definition and a good tan. 

The park was quiet.  There were not a lot of guys.  But one guy did catch my eye.  He was nice looking with a pleasant smile.  He was sitting on the ground holding his dog to his chest.  This gave me an excuse to approach him.  I said “Nice dog.”

The dog took a liking to me and came over to me.  I saw that the guy was only wearing gym shorts with nothing under it.  His cock and balls had slipped out.  I continued to pet the dog but my eyes were on his cock, which was starting to grow and get hard. 

I bent over and my cock did the same as his.  It slipped out and grew in size.  He said “I need to walk the dog.  Want to come with us?”  We took a path into the wooded area.  Our cocks were rock hard but the wooded area shielded us from anyone.  So we had privacy.  He stood there as I walked over and we grabbed each other’s cock.  It felt good and we let our emotions go wild as we stroked until it was time to cum.  I wanted his cock in my mouth, but for now it was just jack off time.

We aimed at the bushes and let the cum spray onto the bushes.  Watching his cock shoot its load was a real turnon.   

We put our cocks back under our shorts.  I gave me a quick hug and said “Maybe I will see you here again.”  He nodded “Yes”.       

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Dog Sitting - One Guy's View

Dog Sitting – One Guy’s view
Story by Jay

I was dog sitting for my neighbor who was away on vacation.  I put the dog in my car and we headed for the park.  I just wore my gym shorts.  I loved the feel of being loose and not confined with a pair of briefs. 

It was a sunny beautiful day.  I had been working on my body and had some good muscles definition and a good tan.  I took off my shirt and flexed my muscles.  I thought “Now bring on the guys.”
The park was quiet.  There were not a lot of guys.  One guy did catch my eye.  He was nice looking with a pleasant smile.  I decided to wait and see if he was interested in me and if he would approach me.  I sat on the ground and held the dog to my chest.

He came over to me and said “Hi.  Nice dog.”  The dog took a liking to him and went over to him.  Since I was just wearing gym shorts with nothing under it, my cock and balls had slipped out.  He continued to pet the dog but his eyes were on my cock, which was starting to grow and get hard.

He bent over and his cock did the same as mine.  It slipped out and grew in size.  I said “I need to walk the dog.  Want to come with us?”  We took a path into the wooded area.  Our cocks were rock hard.  No one could see us with the wooded area shielded us from anyone.  I stood there as he walked over and we grabbed each other’s cock.  It felt good and we let our emotions go wild as we stroked until it was time to cum.

We aimed at the bushes and let the cum spray onto the bushes.  Watching his cock shoot it’s load was a real turnon.   

We put our cocks back under our shorts.  He gave me a quick hug and said “Maybe I will see you here again.”  I nodded “Yes”.              

Monday, June 8, 2015

Short Takes - Puppy

Short Takes - Puppy

By Jay

There is noting better than having a dog to break the ice and have a stranger approach you and start a conversation.

Sunday, June 7, 2015



I love this guy in this photo.
If you want to see some hot guys and great postings then go to:


Saturday, June 6, 2015

Funny Photo - Sucking Cock

Funny Photo

By Jay

Is this a photo of two guys sucking their own cocks?


Is this a photo of four guys sucking cocks? 

Friday, June 5, 2015

1,000,000 Pageviews

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Pageviews all time history

We are heading to the 1,000,000 pageviews.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Torn Underwear - Part 2

Torn Underwear

Part 2 of 2

Story by Jay

I was following this guy I met at the bar and I was so excited that my cock was poking through my briefs and tearing them more.  I wanted to rip them off when I got to his place.  He lived nearby and as we parked the car, I tried to rearrange my cock but it was not cooperating, so I let it go and climbed out of my car.

He spotted my erection and grabbed at it while he planted a kiss on my lips.  Inside, he wasted no time to undress me.  When he saw my torn underwear, he asked “May I.”  I answered “With your teeth.”

He went to his knees and grabbed a part of my briefs with his teeth and started to tear.  My cock was free at last.  He engulfed my cock with his mouth, going as far to the base of my shaft.  He started to suck.  He pushed me towards his bed.  I landed on the bed and he continued to suck as he undressed himself.   I did the same with my clothes.

We were now both naked.  I asked “Let me at your cock?”  He moved over me and now I was able to take his cock into my mouth.  I inhaled the sweet musky odor of his cock and it was like a drug.  I was so high.  I moved his body down and took his balls in my mouth.  He stopped and moaned.

Then I saw his asshole.  I wanted his ass.  I moved myself and spread his cheeks.  I inserted my tongue and probed deep into his ass.  He lifted his head and let out a moan.  Then he did something I was not expecting.  He dug deep between my legs and found my asshole and stuck his tongue.  Now we were both moaning.

He jerked my cock a few times as he rimmed me.  I felt it and knew I could not stop it.  I came and my cum landed all over us.  I wanted his cum so I moved down to his cock and started sucking as I finger fucked him.  It was not long before he came.

We laid on the bed and caught our breath.  He said “You are fantastic.”  I got up to go and he grabbed my hand and pulled me back to the bed.  “Can you stay a while?”  My answer was a simple “Yes.”