Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Closing

The Closing

Requested by John

Story by Jay

I was stock boy by day and closer at night.  I have been doing this job for three months.  It was easy at night since business is slower at night.  I can handle stocking shelves until a customer needs to check out, then I clean up until the manager comes to lock up.

Today was super slow.  I was finishing stocking the dairy when I heard the bell go off which meant someone entered the supermarket.  I went up front and found the door locked and the close sign displayed in the window.  I figure that the manager must have arrived and decided to close up.  But looking at the clock, there was another half an hour to go.

I decided to wrap up and find the manager.  So I headed to his office.  He was not to be found.  Now I was confused, then I turned and it all became clear to me.

There was a guy wearing a hoodie holding a gun in my face.  My blood ran cold.  He was talking but I was not listening.  Then my hearing started working again.  He yelled “Answer me, where is the money?”

I stammered “Manger…took money….to bank.”  He was mad.  “Damn.  I am going to check.  You drop your drawers now.”  I did as he said.  He yelled “On your knees.”  He pointed the gun to my asshole.  “DON’T MOVE.”

I had no intention of moving.  He came back in a matter of a couple minutes.  “Damn.  Shit.  No Money.”  He was angry now.  “Take your clothes off.”  I was shaking but I was able to take everything off.  He stripped down also.  He ordered “On your back.”  He straddled me.  He was naked with an enormous cock.  He pulled out a camera and pointed the gun to my forehead and ordered “I want to see a hardon.”

I did not think I could do it but I did.  My cock was standing up as he snapped a picture.   “Nice.  Let see your ass.”  He moved me around and I felt him dig his face in my ass.  I never had anyone do that before.  He was pushing his tongue so deep inside of me that I thought I would split open. I felt his mouth sucking on my ass.  I was still a virgin when it came to ass play.  But this was not ass play.  His tongue probed deeper and deeper.  I wondered how much deeper he was going.  
He produced a rope from somewhere and started to tie my cock and balls in a knot and wrapped it around my chest.  My cock went back to going limp.  I started to scream.  He put a piece of duct tape around my mouth.   He yelled, “Get hard.  He tugged at the ropes and somehow my cock sprang to life and was hard once again.  

Every time I moved, the knot tightened around my cock and balls.  I felt like they were going to explode.  He sat silently stroking his cock and holding the gun to my head.  My hands were tied behind my back.

He whispered “I guess if I can’t have money, I can have you.”  He lifted me by the rope off the floor and flipped me over.  He held the gun to my temple and said “Don’t move.  Just enjoy.”

I felt his grip on my ass cheek.  Then he shoved his cock into my ass.  The pain was excruciating.  I would have screamed if I did not have duck tape over my mouth. I first I thought he had shoved a 2X4 up my ass but it was his cock.  As he plowed his cock into me, I felt his balls slap my ass.  His pubic hairs felt brittle as they rubbed against me.   

He was grunting with each thrust.  I thought I was going to die.  He was pounding so hard, tears stream down my face.  Then he came.  I felt a spurt of cum inside of me.  His cock slipped out of my ass and another spurt hit my ass.  Then he plunged back into my ass and he came again.  Each time he shot a spurt of cum, he thrust deep into my ass.  He finally pulled out and I felt drops of cum drop from his cock and splattering on my ass cheeks.

I heard him get up and grabbed a sharpie pen.  I felt him write something on my ass.  Then he grabbed his stuff and left.

I heard footsteps and I thought he was coming back. I started to panic.  Then I heard the voice of my boss.  “What the hell happened here?  Why does it say ‘Cum Dump’ and ‘Faggot’ on your ass?  What is this white stuff?”

I thought to myself “My hell is just starting to begin.”

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Massage - Part 2


Part 2 of 2

Story by Jay

I enjoyed the massage so much, I needed to find someone who would do it for free.  I loved the feel of a man's hands on my body.  I got hard every time I thought of it.

I ran an ad on Craig's List and got only one reply.  I felt good about this one response.  His description of himself fit me to a 'T'.  I was nervous about meeting him and hope he liked me.  On the day he was to come over, I was pacing the floor.    Then the doorbell rang.

I opened the door and was pleasantly surprised.  He was cute and manly and my heart was beating wildly.  We sat on the bed and talked.  Gosh he was cute.  My cock was stirring.  He said he was trained in giving massages.  I asked if he charged for the service.  He said "Yes, but you are free."  I said "Thanks.  So the first one is free?"  He smiled sand said "No, you will always be free."

My cock got harder and my heart beat faster.  We took off our shirts and he applied oils to my chest.  I was tingling with excitement as he rubbed in the oil.  I watch him work.  I wanted him so much.

I closed my eyes to enjoy the sensations of his touch and the warmth from the oils.  Before I knew it my pants were off and he started sucking my cock.  My cock was ready to explode, but it was too soon.  His lips met mine and his hand applied oil to my cock.  my body was greased up.  I reach for his cock and squeezed his jeans and felt his hardening cock.

I pulled down his jeans and his cock sprang to life.  I wrapped my lips around his cock.  His body was magnificent. He kept his hands on my cock and I was rock hard.

He turned and straddled me, quickly devouring my cock.  I laid on my back and did the same.  I was so worked up, I came.  I felt mad that I came so quick.  But he never said a word.  He kept sucking as I continued with his cock.  Shortly after I came, he did.

We laid side to side and held each other.  I wished I would have lasted longer before cumming.  I sat up and grab a towel.  He asked "You ok?"  I answered "I'm ok.  Just wish it would have lasted longer."  He had a puzzled look on his face and said "Who said it is over.  We are just beginning.  Come back here."  My cock sprang to life as I jumped back in bed.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Massage - Part 1


Part 1 of 2

Story by Jay

I skipped class at the university and met some friends to shoot some hoops.  I got fancy with a dunk and hurt my back.  I had the sit out the rest of the time.  It was hurting so bad.  A friend of mine suggested getting a massage.  I never had one, but once he said it, I wanted to try getting one. 

There was a new massage parlor around the corner from where I lived.  The thought of a male masseur working on my back, got me all sexually excited.  So I went over to their store and walked in.  An older guy appeared.  He asked if I wanted a massage.  I said yes.  He said he was the only one in today. 

I thought this would not be too bad.  I liked the thought of an older man telling me what to do, and .using his hands on me.   He pointed to one of the undressing room, as he handed me a towel.  I entered the room and quickly undressed and wrapped the towel around my waist.  I was nervous but also looking forward to the massage.

The masseur came in and asked “Ready?”  I nodded yes.  He looked at me and said”Ok, first thing is to remove the towel and the second thing is to lay on table.”

 I loosen the towel and help the towel against my cock.  I was getting a hard on.  The masseur saw that I was sprouting a boner.  He pointed again to the table and said “You are almost there.”

I quickly climbed on the table and lay the towel across my ass.  I felt relieved that I was on the table and that my towel covered my ass.

The masseur immediately started to work on my back, especially my lower back.  It felt good.  As his hand worked on my tight muscles, he removed the towel.

I started to feel my cock getting hard.  There was no turning back.  Every time his hands brushed against my ass cheeks, I got harder.  Now I had a full blown hard on.  
I was so excited that I started to dream of him taking my cock and sucking it.  I woke out of my dream when he said “Now roll over.”

I did as he told me.  Now I laid on my back with my cock sticking upward.  He started to work on my chest and the more he rubbed, the more I wanted him to touch my cock.  He got closer and closer.  I was not embarrassed anymore.  I was ready to beg for him to touch me.

Then it happened.  I felt his hand grab the base of my cock.  My heart stopped.  I wanted him to jack me off.  But he just held my cock.

I was wondering “What was he doing?”  Then he took my cock in his mouth.

It was warm.  It was wet.  It was awesome.

It was too much.  My balls tighten and I shot my load.  A few drops fell from his moth and landed on my cock.   

He did a final once over massage of my body.  I felt fantastic. 

He left the room.  I grabbed my cock and slowly massaged it.  What a feeling.

I was hooked.  I was going to find someone to give me a massage.  

Monday, September 29, 2014

Funny Photo

Funny Photo

By Jay

Here is a lawn service I would hire.

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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Stock Boy

Stock Boy

Story by Jay

I have been shopping at this supermarket for a couple of years.  It is located near where I live and has great prices.  This store has everything I need.  Today the store was not as busy.  I was taking my time looking at the products.  I kept feeling I was being watched.  I started to look around and I notice every place I went, I was being followed by a stock boy.  I recognized him as a regular worker.  I have seen him before.

So I went down aisle after aisle and there he was.  We made eye contact and he quickly disappeared.  I went looking for him.  After passing through a few aisles, I saw him in the dairy section.  He was stocking milk.  I decided to stare at him for a change.  He saw me and again we made eye contact. 
He finished stocking the milk and as we went to the back stock room, he turned and stared at me.

There was a slight smile as he looked me right in the eye.  He reached between his legs and grab to rearrange his cock.  It was now obvious that he had a hard cock as it poked against his pants.  He then disappeared behind the stock room door.  

I looked around and decided to follow.  I entered the back stock room.  It was dimly lit. I looked around for the stock boy.  I walked around a bit and they spotted him in a truck loaded with merchandise.  He had pulled down his pants and was holding down his boxers revealing a long uncut cock. 

He saw that I followed and climbed out of the truck and stood near a forklift.  As I got closer to him, his cock got harder.  I got down on my knees.  His cock was so close I could smell the musky odor and it drove me wild.  I inhale the smell and then took his cock deep in my throat with one movement.

He started to roughly thrust his hips and I clamp down around his shaft.  Harder and faster he went, until He grabbed my hair on my head and shoved his cock deep into my mouth and I felt cum rapidly filling the back of my mouth.  I swallowed as fast as I could as my mouth filled to capacity.

He gave a couple hard thrust and then he removed his cock.  It was still hard and dripping with cum. 

He held it in front of my face.  I licked it as clean of cum as I could.  He said “Follow me.”
I figured we were going back to the store but we ended in a store room loaded with boxes.  He ordered me to take off my clothes.  He stripped down and climbed up onto the boxes and laid on them on his back.  He again ordered me “Now fuck me.”

I got into position and saw that his legs were up and asshole was ready for my cock.  I glided my cock to his asshole and pushed it in.  He screamed “Damn.  Now fuck me.”  I started to pound away.  After the rough face fucking, I wanted payback.  But the harder I pounded, then more he scream “Harder.”

I kept at it until my body quiver and I climaxed.  I came, wave after wave of cum filling his ass.

Breathing heavily, I pulled out my cock and let the last drops of cum fall to the ground.

We got dressed and I followed him back to the store.  He looked me square in the eyes and said “Next time I fuck you.”  I gave a slight smile and nodded yes.  I walked to the front of the store to check out. 

Like I told you this store has everything I need.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Biology Class

Biology Class

Inspired by ‘mysterie boy’

Story by Jay

I teach Biology class for adults who need to get their GED.  They dropped out of high school and now they realize that was a mistake.  I commend them for realizing their mistake.  But since they are now older, they sometimes like to still goof off.

Well, that was Robbie.  Everything was a joke and he loved to drive me crazy.

I kept him after class and asked him to get serious. I said, “You are failing.  Why?”  I looked at the chart with the male anatomy.  “Point to the penis.”  

Robbie pointed to the leg on the chart. I said “No.  Do you even have a penis?”

He took off his shirt and pointed to his chest nipple.  I was get frustrated.  “Drop your pants.”

Robbie pulled down his pants.  His cock was extremely hard.  He was enjoying this.  I grabbed his balls and held them tightly.  “These are your testicles.”  He snickered.

I then grabbed the tip of his cock.  He said “Feels good.  Better if you take it in your mouth.”

I said “Robbie is all this about getting a blow job?”  He smiled and said “Yes.  Been wanted one since class began.  This was the best way to get it.”  I replied “Ace the test and then you get a blow job.”

Robbie took the test and filled it out in record time.  After I graded it I said “You passed.  I can’t believe it.”  Robbie said “Now can’t I get a blow job?”  His cock was standing tall and it did look delicious. 

I took his cock in my mouth and Robbie started to face fuck me.  Once he started, he pounded away until my mouth overflowed with his cum.   Robbie left the classroom happy and with a diploma.  

Friday, September 26, 2014

Funny Photo

Funny Photo

By Jay

Here are a couple moves that I never learned in Yoga Class.

Anyone hungry?

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