Thursday, May 5, 2016

Any Request?

Any Request?

By Jay

I love getting request. So please contact me with stories requests. 

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Wednesday, May 4, 2016



Story by Jay

I answer an ad on CraigsList for modeling.  I love the idea of posing for guys in different poses and clothing, even naked.  He was an older gentleman who used to model in his younger years.  He sized me up and ask "Have you ever done naked modeling before?"  I told him no but was interested into doing it.  He took a series of pictures of me.

He asked me to take off my shirt.  I was toned but not overly muscular.  He looked at me and said "Perfect."  He taught me how to take off my shirt so that it would be a sexy movement.  He took another series of pictures.

I stood there with my underwear sticking out of my pants.  I apologized.  He said "Don't apologize, that looks really sexy."He asked me to turn around and then face him again.  He repeated "Really sexy."  He took another series of pictures.  He then said "Now, take off your pants.."

I had showered and put on clean underwear so I was relieved that I would look good in my boxer briefs.  I quickly took my pants off.  He said "No.  Slowly.  More sexual that way."  He took a few pictures.

He said "You look good just in underwear."  He took some pictures then said "Ready to go all the way?"  I answered "YES."  He said "Now remember slowly."  I stood there as he snapped a picture.

I took my boxer briefs off slowly.  I had manscaped yesterday so my pubic hair looked good and trimmed.  He said "Great."  He snapped a few pictures.

I asked "What do I do with my underwear?  Do I drop them to the floor?"   He said to toss them to the camera which I did.  He took some more pictures.

I was now naked and feeling great.  He said "You have a great body.  You are going to go far as a model."  He wanted some shots of me hard but I was so nervous.  I told him  "I not sure if I can do that."  He said "A great model is great because of a great camera man."  

He said "Let me help you."  He put his hands around my cock and it did not take long for me to be hard.  He started to pet my cock head and before I knew it, I shot the biggest load of cum I ever shot.
I was so relieved that I came.  He then said "AND the best part of modeling is MONEY.  Here is your payment."   I took the money and he scheduled my next modeling job.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Fraternity Initiation

Fraternity Initiation

Story by Jay

Best time I had when I was in college was when I joined a fraternity.  The initiation was awesome.  All the new pledges had to get undress.  To join they had to get their cock sucked by one of the other pledges.  What made it cool was that you could pick who you wanted to have suck your cock.

I found the guy that I liked but he had a long line of guys waiting to be serviced by him.  I even got to take a turn as cock sucker.  I had a long line of cocks waiting for my mouth.  As soon as one guy unloaded his cum, then another cock took its place.

Some of the regular members had their cock sucking done in the back room.  I found out after I joined and was accepted that there were regular cock sucking going on for all to enjoy.  This was my kind of fraternity.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Funny Photo - I am surrounded with Butts

Funny Photo - I am surrounded with Butts

By Jay

If you like butts, especially to rim them, then this photo is just for you.  

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Best Buds

Best Buds

Story by Jay

Randy was my best buddy from College.  He was visiting relatives and stopped to see me.  After a few drinks, I talked him into sleeping over.  He took the extra bedroom that I had and turned in.  I got ready for bed and before I turned in I decided to see if Randy was OK.  I could hear him snoring already.  He was out.  I peeked in to make sure he was OK and saw him lying in bed.

He was naked and he had covers up over his head.  He was naked from his waist down.  I stepped closer to get a better view.  I never saw Randy naked but always wondered what he looked like.  Now I was able to see.  He cock was cut and semi hard.  I stood there for the longest time just looking at it.  I wanted to do more.  I knew that Randy was gay but we never talked about it.  I never told him I was gay.  I undressed and climbed in bed on top of him.

He kept snoring until I got to his chest.  I laid my head on his hairy chest and listened to his heart beat.  I was too busy listening to his heart beat that I did not know that he was not snoring anymore.  He was awake.

His cock was now hard and erect.  He put his hand on my head and guided me down to his throbbing cock.  I gave him the best cock sucking that I could do.  His snoring became silence then as I sucked him, it turned into moans.  I kept at sucking until I felt his body stiffened and he shot his load.

I sucked and sucked until he was dry of cum.  I laid there until his hands grabbed me under the armpits and he pulled me up to his chest.  His arms encircled me and we slept in his embrace.

The next morning we had sex again.  Now he comes over to visit often. You know what they say "Best Buds Forever."  

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Stick it Up

Stick it Up

Story by Jay

I had a few of my friends over for a party.  We had fun until this guy barged in and pulled a gun on us.  We were scared.

I thought it was only one guy when another guy came in.  Now we were really scared.

He looked at us and said to put our hands up behind our heads, which we did.  He looked at us and stared at our pubes that was showing.  He walked over to me and put the gun down my pants and looked at my cock.  He said "You will do."

He told the other three to get in the closet and keep still.  He locked the door and told me to take off my pants.  He demanded that I bend over.  He aimed his gun at my ass hole.

The coldness of the gun aimed at my ass felt exciting.  I was no longer scared.  I was horny and wanted him to do to me whatever he wanted.   He told me to undress.  

He started to lick my ass hole.  He kept at it until my cock was responding and got big and erect.  I was enjoying his tongue in my ass hole.  I never had that done to me and I was loving it.

He demanded I lay on my stomach which I did.  Next I felt his cock rubbing my ass crack.  It was feeling great until he shoved his cock into my ass.  It hurt.  He started to fuck me.  The pain was intense but I started to enjoy it.

He pumped until I felt him pull his cock out.  The pain stopped.  Soon hot cum was hitting my ass cheeks.  I laid still.

The room grew quiet.  I looked around and saw that they were gone.  I got up and pulled up my underwear and pants.  I unlocked the closet and told them that they were gone.  They asked me what happened.  I told them they just wanted to scare us.

My ass hurt from the fucking.  I did not want to tell them what happened.  My cock got hard thinking about being fucked.  I wished they would visit again.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Park Visitor - Part 2

Park Visitor

Story by Jay

Part 2 of 2

The park near where I live is a place where the sexiest guys are found.  They will show off their cock to get your attention.  They never disappoint me.

Today was no exception.  It was a beautiful day.  Ar first the park seemed empty.  There seem to be no activity.  Then I spotted him.  He was on a park bench.  He was fully clothed.

Then I notice that he had a tear on his jeans.  He had a massive cock sticking out of the tear.  He was uncut but really big.  I turned around and went into the wood for privacy.  He looked around and then followed me.  By the time that he appeared next to me, I was on my knees.

He  dropped his jeans and I held his cock upwards and started to pay attention to his balls.  I licked his nut sack and he loved it.  I took both balls in my mouth and juggled them with my tongue.   He started to undress me.  I let him do whatever he wanted.  Finally I laid there all naked.

He grabbed my cock and started to play with it.  I heard him say "Good."  I laid flat on the ground as he masturbated above me. I watch his massive cock as I stroked my cock.  He came and cum rained down on me.  I came at the same time.  He flicked the last drops of cum off of his cock and they fell down to my chest.  He grabbed his clothes and left.  I laid there naked with cum all over my chest.  I rested for a few minutes then I grabbed my clothes to leave.

Another great day at the park.