Monday, September 1, 2014

Happy Labor Day

Happy Labor Day

To all my US readers

From JAY

Have a great Labor Day Holiday.

No Matter how you spend it.

If you are going to spend it in the backyard

enjoying the day: 

Or seeing a beautiful view:

Or a view of the mountains:

Or city views.

Or if you just going to spend time with someone:

Or by Yourself:

Enjoy the Day.


Sunday, August 31, 2014

Freshman in College

Freshman in College

Story by Jay

I spotted him from across the lunch hall.  He kept staring at me.

He was a cute kid, and I found out later, he was a freshman in the college I was attending.  He kept looking at me and then looking at the door to the men's room.  He finally got up and walked over to the door to the men's room and took one last look at me before he went in.

I quickly followed.  There was no one in any stall but the last one.  The door was slightly ajar.  I entered and the cute kid was standing there with his pants pulled down.  His uncut cock was limp.

"Let me see your cock" he pleaded.  I hastily pulled my cock out,  I was erect.  He moved really fast and took hold of my cock and knelt in front of me.

"Nice one.  WOW, really nice."  He help my cock tightly and watch as precum dripped out of the tip of y cock.

He now moved slowly and sucked on the tip of my cock.  He took as much as he could into his mouth.  "I want your cum."  he asked as he increased sucking on my cock.  It did not take long.  I unloaded a mouth full of cum.  He was a champ and swallowed most of it.

"Same time tomorrow?" he asked.  I nodded me head.  I said "Same time, same place."  This school year is going to be interesting.

Saturday, August 30, 2014


Story by Larry

                                They brought him around to meet everyone when he finished with human resources and the minute he walked by my cubical I wanted to die.  I turn to see this 6'2" or so tall perfectly tanned man with a V shaped torso in a tight shirt and pleated dress pants that it was obvious were filled to capacity with cock and balls.  He had a perfect amount of scruff with beautiful blue eyes and black hair.  I became instantly hard.  We talked for a few and then he was taken around to meet the rest of the crew, then they brought him back to me to train. 

                                God I can't take it I need to get off.  Jerking off is not going to cut it either. Ii need some head.  I guess since I’m the only one on the train right now it's up to me.  I know I can do it I’ve done it before.  You see I open my pants and take out my throbbing cock.  I put my arms under my legs and pull my shoulders down and with my cock sticking straight up I can get at least 3 inches into my own mouth.   Then I just act as if I’m doing my curls when I work out and pull myself up and down on my cock. Ii swirl my tongue around the head and in no time I am swallowing my own load.  Well gotta go man I’m gonna suck myself off before I make my station and have to get off the train.  Talk to you later folks.  mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm good.

Friday, August 29, 2014

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Story by Jay

I met him at a bar.  He looked familiar but I could not place where or when we met.  We drank a few beers and I decided to ask him if he wanted to come over to my place.

Before I knew it, we were in the car heading to my place.  He was a pleasant sort and I felt comfortable in being around him.

When we got to my place, we quickly undressed each other.  He finally asked me "Do you want to use my wand?"

Then it hit me, he looked like Harry Potter.  I reached for his wand and magically it grew in size.  I swallowed his wand all the way to his hairy bush of pubic hair.  I was surprised how soft his pubes were.

We headed to the bedroom and fell into bed wrapped in each other arms.  After sucking each other for a while, he used his wand to fuck me.   It felt wonderful.  I came too quick.  But not to worry, he stayed around and used his want many times during the night into the wee hours of he morning.

It was a magical night.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Playing at the Gym

Playing at the Gym

Story by Jay

I hit the gym before the evening rush happens.  It gives me peace and quiet.  Although sometimes  someone shows up for some fun in the locker room.  Today was one of those days.  He grabbed a locker near to mine.  He got undressed and I took a glance and saw a nice uncut cock.

He saw me looking and turned towards me.    He held up his cock with his hand.  I was loving every minute of his playfulness.  "You like?"

I nodded yes.  "You can play, if you like."  Before I could doing anything someone came into the locker room.  He grabbed something out of his locker and then left.

I turned back to the guy next to me.  He had put on briefs when the guy came into the room, but now he had pulled them down.  I grabbed the end of his foreskin and tugged.

He removed his underwear and stood there.  It was nice uncut cock.  "Lick me."  I checked around and bent over to suck his cock.  I only did a few sucks.  I stood back up.

He was hard and his cockhead poked out from the foreskin.  "Suck me again."  I bent over and sucked.  He cock was easy to take and I took it all the way to the base of his shaft.  I felt his body tense, as he came.

"Thanks."  I replied "Anytime."  He got dressed and left saying "See you next time."

Tuesday, August 26, 2014



Story by Jay

I was hiking in the woods and came upon a guy sunning himself.  He was laying on a towel and had on red shorts.  When he saw me, he lifted his leg and  his cock and balls were exposed.   

He had a nice cut cock and two luscious balls.  I stopped walking and smiled.  I said “Nice day to sum yourself.  I like laying out nude myself.” 

He answered “Sounds good.  We got privacy here.  Why don’t you join me?”

I hesitated.  He pulled off his red shorts and laid there naked.  He had a nice bush of hair.  I started to undress.  I notice his cock getting harder as I got closer to being naked.  My cock was erect. 

I walked over to lay next to him.  But he stopped me and reached out to grab my cock. He said “Nice cock.”  He started to jerk me off.  My cock got harder.  Soon his mouth surrounded my cock.  He could suck.  I was breathing harder as he continued to suck. 

I could not hold any longer and I came in his mouth.  He swallowed every drop.

He said “Stay a while.  I want more of your cock later.”  I smiled.