Sunday, May 24, 2015

Coming Out - Part 2

Coming Out

Part 2 of 2

Story by Jay

John felt an erection growing in his pants.  Josh felt it too.  John had tears in his eyes.  His cock kept growing.  He whispered “I am so sorry.”  Josh told John “Quiet.  It is perfectly natural, especially when you are with a great looking hunk of a guy like me.”

They laughed.  Josh moved his hand down John’s pants.  He found the tip of John’s cock.  It was all wet from precum.  He smeared the precum all over John’s cockhead.  He heard John breathing. 

John was not going to tell Josh to stop.  He wanted this to happen.  He breathed deeply as Josh’s hand wrapped around John’s cock.  John held onto John as John stroked Josh’s cock. 

Somehow Josh unzipped John’s pant and pulled out John’s cock.  Free of the confines of his pant, Josh started to stroke faster until John short his load.  Josh watched as the cum flew out of the tip of John’s cock.  It flew across the room and landed on the ground.

Josh let loose of John’s cock and put his arms around John’s shoulders and just held him. 

John felt relieved.  He had his first encounter since he uttered the words “I am gay.”  He said them once again.  It was loud and clear, “I am gay.”  Josh started to smile.  “Yes you are.”  John found himself kissing Josh.  It was short and sweet.

John whispered “Now what?”  Josh said “Now you start to live.”           

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Coming Out - Part 1

Coming Out

Part 1 of 2

Story by Jay

John was gay.  He knew it but never told anyone.  He was afraid to tell anyone but he was tired of hiding it.  He would frequent the city park and had guys jack him off.  He wanted to have sex in his own bed but he lived at home with his parents. 

He decided to tell his friend Josh.  He had been friends since grade school.  He suspected that Josh was gay.  He hoped he was gay.  He ran different scenarios through his head at night while he laid in bed.  His best scenario was when Josh would hug him and kiss him and reach into his pants and pull out his cock. 

He would end up jacking off and cumming all over his chest.

But what if Josh was not gay and refused to be a friend anymore.

Decisions.  Decisions. 
John finally made up his mind.  He met Josh at the Mall.  His palms were sweaty as he waited.  He spotted Josh as he entered the front doors of the Mall.  John stood and wanted to greet him with a hug.  He decided to hug him.  Josh returned the hug and held him for what seem like the longest time. 

They sat down and John started to talk.  “Thanks for coming.  I wanted to talk to you about something.”

Josh knew something was up.  This was not like John to be all serious and to even hug him.  John thought to himself “What the hell just say it.”

John said “I am gay.”  Those words hung in the air.  Josh hugged a trembling John.  Josh heard John crying and held him tight.  John started to calm down.  The hug from Josh was comfortable.  It felt so right to have two guys hug each other.

Then John felt something he never experience before.  An erection. 

Friday, May 22, 2015

Ask Mr Shakes - Closet

Ask Mr Shakes - Closet'

I have a friend who is in the closet.  How do I get him to come out?

First question to ask yourself is "Are you gay"? 
It's easier to help a person who is still in the 
closet when you are gay because you can tell that 
person how it is and how the process is and you 
can guide him. 

When you are straight,  you can be there for him. 
Say that he can tell you everything but don't push
him. He will tell you when he's ready

Just Ask Mr Shapes.  Please comment on this advice and add your opinion. 

Or send emails to

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Getting Ready for My Date

Getting Ready for My Date

Story by Jay

It was my first date in a while so I as nervous.  Phil came over to check up on me.  I just got finished showering when he came into the bathroom.  I was naked and he looked at me and said “You are not going to go on a date looking like that?  It is a jungle down there.”

I needed to finished shaving and getting ready.  I said “I don’t have time.”  Phil said “Honey, you have to make time.  Let me help you.”

I continued shaving my face while Phil applied lather to my groin area.  He grabbed my cock and I immediately felt an erection coming on.  Phil said “The harder the better for shaving.  Let me help you.”

He started to stroke my cock, and with the slippery lather, I got completely aroused.  He worked the razor around and soon had my cock and balls hairless.  He worked on my pubes and before long I was smooth as a baby butt.

Phil stepped back and admired his handiwork.  He said “That is one fine cock.”  The phone rang and I went into the other room to answer it.  It was my date.  He was cancelling our date.

Phil was cleaning up the razor when I came back and told him my date was off.  Phil looked at my still erect cock and said “Don’t worry.  We won’t waste such a pretty cock.”

He got on his knees and started sucking my cock.  He pulled my cock out of his mouth and said “Nice and smooth.”  He continued sucking and I enjoying the blowjob.  I held on to the top of Phil’s head.  He took my cock deep into his mouth and I felt the rush of cum as it shot out of my cock.

Phil said “Nice payback of my good work.  I would gladly keep it shaved clean.  Just give me a call.”  

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Dude Ranch (Last Day)

Dude Ranch (Last Day)

Story by Jay

I hate last days when I am on vacation.  When vacations are great which this one was, then the last day goes by fast, too fast.  And before you know it, you are heading home with great memories, some souvenirs but that is all.
But this last day did have a happy ending.  And I went home with more than I could imagine.

The last day had beautiful weather.  I decided to go for a run.  The scenery was breath taking.  As I ran my cock flopped up and down.  The rhythm of the movement was sexual.  My cock started to get hard.  Soon I head footsteps behind me.  I turned to see a guy jogging behind me.  He was also naked and his cock was hard.  I eased up on my run allowing the guy to catch up. 

We said ‘Hi’ to each other and ran side by side.  I looked over to him and saw him looking at my cock.  I did the same and saw a find specimen of an uncut cock.  His cockhead was poking out from the foreskin. 

We stopped to take in the view before we started back.

I followed his lead and we ended back at the stables.  He laid down on a bale of hay.  His cock was now fully emerged from his foreskin.  I got to my knees and quickly took his cock in my mouth.  I am good at sucking cock and I had him moaning loudly. 

I heard him say “I am going to cum.”  So I stepped up my sucking and he shot his load into my mouth.  I had big loads before but this was the best.  I laid down next to him.  My cock was standing straight up.

He straddled my body and inserted my cock into his tight ass.  He rode me up and down until I let lose of my load of cum.

We caught our breath and then started to have a conversation.  This was both of ours last day.  We wished we met earlier in the week.  I hoped he lived nearby to where I lived.  I ask where he was from and it turned out to be the same city as mine.

We both had big grins on our faces.  We exchanged addresses.  I now could not wait to get home.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Sun Bathing

Sun Bathing

Story by Jay

I love to lay out in the sun, especially at the park when other guys go to do the same thing. When I first starting going, I wore shorts.  If I attracted attention and some guys came over then I might pulled my cock out and let them see it.

Then if I needed to hide my cock, I could pull my shorts back to cover myself.  But I started to be more daring, so I started to wear white bikini briefs.  As I sweated, they became transparent.  My cock would stand out. And it would attract attention and guys would come over to look at me.  They would start a conversation but all the while they would be staring at my cock. 

It was a real turn on, which made me get harder, which would show off my cock more.  Finally I just went naked.  Guys would start to lay near me, and sometimes they would wear something and sometimes they would be naked. 

After a while, guys would lay next to me as we would both be naked.  We would stare at each other cock as we got hard.  Then off we would go to the woods and have sex.  Initially we would just jack off then we started to give blowjobs.  

Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Bar

The Bar

Story by Jay

It is the weekend and time to hit the bars.  I was looking forward in going.  I was excited as I got dressed.    I made sure I had sexy underwear on.  I found a pair that was tight and very brief.  My cock was hard wearing them.  I pushed my cock to the side and finished dressing.

The first bar I went to was filled with guys.  I ordered a drink.  Before I took my first sip, I heard “You come here often?”  I turned and looked at a guy I met before.  His name was Randy.  We hooked up once before.  At that time, he gave me his phone number but it turned out to be a wrong number.  Now he was standing in front of me.

I told him about the number and he made some story up that did not make sense.  But I did remember him having a nice cock, so I kept talking with him. 

He asked about going over to my place.  At first I told myself no.  Then after a whole, I finally gave in, and we headed over to my place.  

When we got there, we quickly undressed.  His cock stood straight up.  It looked better than I remembered.  We headed to my bed.  I grabbed a camera and asked if I could take a picture of his cock.  He said “Only one picture and your face has to be in it.  That way you won’t post it on the internet.”

I agreed and took one picture.  I took a deep breath and his cock had the scent of musk.  I placed the camera down and took his cock into my mouth.  I sucked deep and then pulled it out.  I did it again.
Randy stopped me and rearranged my body on the bed so that my cock faced him.  He kissed my cockhead.  “I love your cockhead.  Best one in town.”

We both started to suck each other.  It felt great to have a big cock in your mouth and someone’s mouth on your cock.  Randy played with my balls with one hand while he fingered my ass with his other hand.

All that activity was too much.  I felt it stirring and I did not want to stop it.  I stopped sucking Randy’s cock and said “I’m cumming.”  Then it happened.  I shot my load.  Randy swallowed it all.  When I finished cumming, Randy laid back and said “Do me now.”

Randy licked the last drops of cum out of my cock, as I sucked away on Randy’s fantastic cock.   The first drops of cum tasted real sweet.  Then I felt gobs of cum landing on my tongue.   I swallowed what I could.  More cum replace the cum I swallowed.  It was a big load.

When we finished, Randy got dressed.  He gave me his phone number.  I grabbed my phone and dialed the number.  I heard his phone ring in his jacket.  He smiled and said “Call me.”