Thursday, October 23, 2014

First Date

First Date

Story by Shakes

Before I begin this story I have to tell you that I normally don’t have sex on the first date but she was an exception…

It all started the day I met her, her name was Colette. We met in a dancing. I was sitting at the bar, getting depressed because my girlfriend and I just broke up and she was dancing the night away. I was planning to go, turned around and bumped into her. I spilled my drink all over my shirt and she started to apologize and wiped me clean, she opened my shirt and started to dry my chest. After I was cleaned up she bought me a new cocktail because she felt guilty. She wrote her number on my chest and told me to call her when I needed someone to dry me off.

The morning after I decided to call her, she picked up the phone after a few seconds. She recognized my voice and we started to chat. At the end of the conversation I asked her out and she couldn’t wait to say yes. I prepared all day; I started in the morning with cleaning my best shirt and pants, and jumped in the shower to shave my cock and balls and headed off to her place to pick her up. I bought one red rose to impress her. We drove to the best restaurant in town. She was wearing the most stunning red dress that you can imagine. We eat and drank wine; by the time we left the restaurant we were tipsy. I was sober enough to drive home and invited her inside to get a last drink.

After the second drink things were getting hot and I took my shirt and pants off. She followed my lead and took her dress off; I could feel my cock grow in my boxers. She was teasing me and took her underwear off; she came to me and put her hand in my boxers. She grabbed my cock and started to play with it. I took my boxers off and she started to jack me off. I wanted to give her the same thing so I got down on my knees and started to finger and lick her pussy. I heard her moan and fingered her faster.

She nearly came and let me stop for a second, she went to the other side of the room where her purse was and took out a book. I couldn't see what the title was until she was right in front of me. She brought a Kamasutra book with her. We turned a few pages and found the right position to try; it was “the lotus blossom”. It took a minute or two to get in the right position but when we started to fuck it was the most intense sex I've ever had.

It didn't take long before we were ready to cum and we came at the same time. She spent the night over and when I woke up there was a note tied around my cock saying “Call me whenever you want, the sex was incredible”.

After that date my life totally changed. She came over every night to do one position from her Kamasutra book.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Nude Resort

Nude Resort
Story by Shakes
A friend advised me to go to a nude beach to take a break and relax.  I’ve never been naked in front of other people and I wasn’t sure if I should do it. I browsed on the internet and hoped I would find some stories about people who already went to a nude beach. As I was reading the stories, more and more questions crossed my mind. Will I get an erection, will I meet someone I know, etc…

I decided to overcome my fears and do it. I searched for a nude beach and a nice hotel and booked a room. I was going to leave in 2 days, enough time to pack my bags. The only thing I actually needed was sunscreen, I always sleep naked and you don’t need clothes on a nude beach. But I took a few t-shirts, a pair of shorts and a pair of boxers just in case. The days passed by and it was time to leave. I decided to drive all the way.

I parked my car on the parking lot of the hotel, and went in to check in. I didn’t notice the sign next to the door that said “clothing optional”. I went to the reception and checked in, I went to my room and the woman who stayed next to my room came out the door and smiled. She was totally naked.
I quickly enter the room.  It was an amazing room with a king-sized bed, and a nice bathtub. There was a card on the desk that said “remember clothing optional”. First I was shocked that I didn’t see that when I booked my room, but I decided to go all the way. I was planning to go to the nude beach so why shouldn’t I be naked in the hotel as well?

By the time I looked around in the hotel, it was too late to go to the nude beach and the weather was changing too. So I decided to go for a swim, I took a towel from the bathroom and went to the pool. There was nobody in the pool, which was nice for my first nude swim. I jumped in the pool and the water felt amazing. The feeling of being free and wearing no clothes was just indescribable, I closed my eyes and dreamed away.

Suddenly I heard the door, I was wide awake. A few friends entered the pool area and jumped in the pool. I heard them talk about the sauna, and they asked me if I would come with them to the sauna of the hotel. I’d never did a sauna before. The 2 girls went in first and then the boy, I was the last to go in. The girls sat next to me each at one side, I couldn’t hold it anymore and got rock hard in a few seconds. My nightmare had come true and I was thinking about leaving. One of the girls grabbed my cock and started to suck it, all my doubts were gone.

The other girl had grabbed the other guys cock and started to jack him off. I couldn’t hold it much longer and came right in her mouth, she didn’t seem to mind it and swallowed every shot. We said goodbye and I left the sauna, I said to myself this was going to be a great vacation.

I decided to go to bed, because I wanted to be fresh the day after. The next day I got up and took a shower and decided to shave my balls and cock. I was about to put on my boxers till I remembered that I didn’t have to put them on. I was ready for breakfast. I was going through the buffet, and suddenly I heard a voice. It was the woman from the room next to mine, she asked me if I would mind if we shared a table. We sat down and talked and she told me her name was Maya, but I realized that she was not only interested in talking.  She moved her hand towards my cock and started to touch it. She gently started to rub my balls and jack me off, she grabbed me by the cock and guided me to the toilet. She grabbed a condom from the bowl that was in the room and put it around my cock. We laid down on the carpet and she started to fuck me dry, when she was ready she took off.

After this amazing morning I decided to go to the nude beach because the sun was shining and it was way too hot to stay in. I arrived at the beach and found a place a little more quiet. I rubbed some sunscreen on my body and my cock. I felt asleep in the sun. I woke up with the feeling that someone was touching my cock, I opened my eyes and saw Maya.  She was enjoying my cock. She saw that I woke up and started to kiss me.  We laid next to each other and waited till the sun went down.

We went back to the hotel and we were about to go our separate ways until she kissed me and I invited her to my room. We took a shower together and by the time I was dry, she already laid some towels on the bed. She pushed me on the bed and started to kiss my whole body. She turned me around and started to give me a massage, the best I’ve ever had.

When she was done with the massage, she showed me the hotels garden.  There was a full moon that night and she was going to show me how magical the full moon can be. We laid down on the grass and I started to finger her, she was moaning and enjoying every piece of it, I spread her legs a little more and started to lick her pussy. After she came for the first time I inserted my cock and she wanted me to go harder every time I entered, she was about to come and so was I. I pulled my cock out and came on the grass and started to finger her till she came. What a great day to end my vacation.

The next day we said our goodbye’s and I took off. On my way back I was thinking about the past few days and decided to come back every summer from that day on.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Latrine Sex - Part 1

Latrine Sex

Part 1 of 2

Story by Jay

Russ and I were friends since kindergarten.  Now we were going to start college.  We took one last swing through the park that we visited so often when we were younger,

We went for a long hike.  Russ started clowning around.  He said "Let's have a pissing contest.  One one who hits that rock wins."

Russ pulled out his cock and immediately had a streams of piss flying through the air. His cock was actually rock hard.  I never saw his cock so big and erect.  I could not take my eyes off of him.  He hit that rock.

I followed suit and let loose with my stream.  It wasn't as far since my cock was semi hard .  I notice that Russ was staring at me also.  I finally said "You win.  Name your prize."  Russ motioned for me to follow and we took off down the trail to an old latrine.  He yelled "Latrine Sex."  My heart was beating fast as we enter the latrine.

It stank of piss. We pulled our cocks out and stood there. Russ wasn't peeing.  I closed my eyes and I let out a stream and felt his mouth on my dick.  I looked down and Russ had my shaft in his mouth.  I was still peeing but not for long.

Feeling his mouth on my cock gave me a quick erection.  Russ looked up at me and said "Welcome to latrine sex."

He started to suck me off.    I never had a guy's mouth suck me off. It felt so good.  I could not hold back any longer.  I was now shooting my load into Russ's mouth.  I kept cumming.  I never had an orgasm like that before.  Russ sucked me dry and then said "Now me."

I took his rock hard cock and started to suck like Russ did to me.  The only difference was, when he came, I could not hold his load and had cum all over my face when I was done.  Russ said "That was fun.  You will get better with practice."  I had my first taste of latrine sex.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Funny Photo

Funny Photo

By Jay

Nice tattoo of an elephant

Now where did all the peanuts go?

Send your funny photo to

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Revenge of the Wife

Revenge of the Wife

Inspired by Whkattk

Story by Jay

My wife told me there were too much to do in the house and with us both working, She thought it was time to hire someone to help around the house.  I suggested we get a house boy.

She did not care what I called the help as long as she got some help.  So I said I would hire the help.  She thought that was sweet of me to do.  I wanted to make sure the guy we hired was someone I wanted.

I interviewed a few guys but I hired Randy right when my eyes looked at him.  He was handsome.  Actually he was gorgeous.  He came during the day while my wife was at work.  I got home earlier than my wife.  The first day I met Randy, I knew that I wanted him.  Not just to clean the house but to have sex with him.   

So when I got home, Randy was naked while he dusted the house.  He smiled when I came in but he did not try and put on clothes.  I was so horny, I pulled out my cock and it sprang to rock hard attention.

Randy kept dusting and he move towards the bedroom.  His ass swayed in front of me and I was ready to lose my mind.  He disappeared into the bedroom.  I started stripping and by the time I entered the bedroom, I was naked.

The room was dark but I could make out Randy laying on the bed with his ass sticking up.  He was hugging a pillow as I climbed on top of him.  My cock slipped between the crack of his ass.  I inhaled and his man scent was intoxicating.  My cock rubbed up and down his ass until it found his ass hole.   
I pushed and entered his ass.  He was tight as I thrust my cock deep into his ass.  I pulled up and plunged deep again.  He was moaning with every thrust.

I was so wrapped up in fucking Randy, I did not hear the front door slam shut.  I was close to climax and I pumped a few more times and as I came I heard a voice.  At first it did not register, then I realized it was my wife.  As the last drops of cum shot out of my cock, I knew not only did Randy get fucked, but I was fucked also.

The next 10 minutes were a blur.  I heard yelling, name calling, cussing, but no tears.  She told Randy and I that we were her slave, to do her bidding, be it sexual, or whatever she wanted.  She let Randy stay naked and she had him put on an apron.  Your tasks are to clean, cook, and fuck me whenever I want.  He smiled and agreed to her demands.

I, on the other hand, was fucked.  She tied a rope around my ass and cock and said “Mine”.  She took out a paddle and whipped my ass raw.  She let her friends come over to see the welts on my ass.

She paddled me on a regular basis and inspected my ass ti make sure I would be in pain to sit.  She would remind me “Your ass and cock are now mine.  No sex for you.  Now, do the laundry, then cook, and then clean the living room.”  

She had Randy and I stand in front of her and she folded her arms and said “I love the thought of you two being slaves.”

She looked at Randy and demanded “Fuck me now.”  

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Hijack Ride

Hijack Ride

Inspired by JK

Story by Jay

My brother said he would pick me up, but he was late.  I paced out at the quad of the university.  “Where is he?”  I said out loud to no one in particular.  Seems since he graduated from college, he became more unreliable.  For me being in college was rough enough that I needed my Bro to be there when I need him.  Now I needed him and he was not here.

I was ready to leave when I saw his car.  “About time” I thought.  The car pulled up and I realized it wasn't his car.  The back seat car door opened and a guy reached out and grabbed my arm and pulled me into the car. 

They let out a loud whop, and the tires peeled out and we raced away.

“What the hell is going on?” I scream.  Thy guy in the front passenger seat turns and smiles I me.  He yells over the car engine whine, “Don’t worry, just sit back and enjoy.”  I was mad but seeing the guy in the front seat, I was glad to be with him.  He raised his arm as a salute and inside I was cool and calm.  Outwardly I was yelling.

The drove off the road into a park area and after a lot of twists and turns, I was dumped in the middle of a wooden area.  At first I was really scared since I had no idea where I was or how to get back.  Then as the car drove off, I notice the guy from the front seat was with me.

“What is this all about?  Let’s go back.”  I pleaded.  His reply shocked me.  “Take off your clothes.” 
“What.” I yelled.  He looked into my eyes and said “Trust me.  Take off your clothes.”  Deep down I wanted to do it for him, not anyone else. He held out him arm and I gave him every stitch of clothing.  I was naked.  I pleaded “Don’t leave me out here like this.  I will do anything.” 

The guy said “Follow me.”  I pleaded “Can I have my clothes back?”  The guy was “No.”  I pleaded “Can I at least have my briefs.”  The guy said “No.”

I finally sat down on the ground and started to cry.  The guy stopped and sat next to me.  “It is an initiation into the fraternity. You are to find yourself out of this wooded area and get back to the dorm with no clothes.”  He hesitated and saw my tears filled eyes and then said “OK, I can’t leave you out here.  My car is parked over beyond those bushes.  Come on.”

I was relieved and ask if he could let me wear my green hat.  I thanked him by giving him a hug and we walked to his car.  I stopped him and said “I said I would do anything.  And I meant that.”  I kissed him.  It was short and quick, no tongue.  My cock responded and grew into a rock hard cock.  He leaned back in and we kiss this time long and passionate.  He dropped my clothes into the back seat of his car and took his off. 

He was super quick in undressing.  We were back kissing and both of us sporting raging hardons.  I was not nervous anymore.  He started sucking my cock and all my fears went away.  We took turns sucking each other.  We ended on the ground with me sucking his cock.  He pulled his cock out of my mouth and started cumming. 

He started to stroke his cock and aim his cock and sprayed my face with cum.  When he was done my face was covered with his cum.  

He smiled and said "Look at you covered in cum.  It was all over my face and covered my eyebrows and even covered my chest.  

“Ok. The rules state that you need to get back to the dorm but naked.  I will drive you there and let you out.  I will meet you inside with your clothes.  Understand.  Any questions?”

I quickly said “Yes. Just one.  Can I see you again?”  He answered, “You will see me at the dorm.”  I shook my head, “No.  Can I see you again and have you fuck my brain out.”

He smiled and said “Yes.  Might even let you fuck me.”

In a way I was glad this happened.  As we drove back to the dorm, we held hands.  

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Starting College - Part 4

Starting College

Part 4 of 4

Story by Jay

I was now hooked on going to the park to see what new delights awaited me.  The dorm was still emptied.  So off I went to the park.  This is where I met Troy.  He was standing off a trail leaning aginst a tree.

He had his cock sticking out.  I went up to him and we exchanged smiles.  He unzipped my shorts and grabbed my cock.

I let him play with my cock.  He held it tightly.  I reached for his cock.  We both started to look around for make sure we had privacy.  He motioned for me to move deeper in the woods.

We now had the freedom to stroke each other cock, run our fingers through out pubic hair, and squeeze each other balls.  It was a lot of fun.  He whispered "Let me lick your balls."

I nodded agreement.  At this stage I was so horny, I would agree to anything.  He got down on the ground and had me straddle his body.  He then attacked my balls, licking and sucking them until I was ready to cum.  He kept sucking as I came.  He stood up and told me to let him cum on my cock.  I laid on the ground and he jacked off.

He shot his load all over my cock.  When he finished cumming, he asked me if I went to the nearby college.  I told him I did.  He asked if I wanted to grab a drink sometime.  I told him I did.  I asked if he had a roommate.  He said he did.  My eyes got big as I smiled and said that I did not have a roommate.

We decided to explore this further.