Thursday, July 24, 2014



Story by Larry

my sisters husband was trying to start his own company.  i worked with him on week ends for free to give him a helping hand.  it got me away from my strict parents and i enjoyed his company.  from the day i met him he was always hanging on me with his arm around my shoulders and shit.  very friendly but i didn't think anything of it cause he was that way with everyone.  mom, dad, my friend joe, everyone.  his name is anthony but i'm the only one he lets call him tony. 

                                today we were making deliverys and in and out of the van.  it was hot as hell.  i opened my shirt to try and stay cool  and my brother in law had a comment as to how my abs and chest were developing nicely.  matter of fact he said you filling out all the way around pretty good.  take your ass for instance.  2 nice round globes.  we were standing behind the van by now and he told me "drop your pants so i can see".  i laughed and told him fuck you but it was too late.

                                he spun me round and had my jeans down around my ankles in a matter of seconds.  it's like his hands moved in lightning speed.  he slapped my ass and said yeah i was right.  nice and round and fuckable.  he pulled his pants down and stepped out of them right there in the parking lot.  then he bent me over into the van and got down on his knees and stuck his tongue in my ass.  if felt weird and good all at the same time.   he did that for a few minutes and while he did he lifted my one leg out of my pants.  when he stood up he lifted my leg up so my knee was in the van.

                                he pushed me down on my elbows and told me to hold still.  he spit on the head of his cock and then put it to my hole.  ready or not boy here i come and with that he shoved inside me.  i yelled but there was no getting away from him.  he had me by the hip and the shoulder pulling me down on his cock.  take it all bitch he told me.  take it like your sister takes it in her pussy.  he began to fuck like a mad man.  yeah that's it.  your ass is loosening up.  i knew you'd like it.  you could actually hear his hips slapping my ass with every thrust.  he was breathing heavy and dripping sweat all over. 

                                as fast as he was pumping into me he stopped.  i felt his cock swell and then a warm feeling inside.  he moaned and told me "take my load bitch".  take my baby makers deep in that ass of yours.  when he was finished shooting he was still hard and started pumping in me again.  let me push that load in further he said.  minutes later he pulled out and pulled up his pants.  lets get back to work he said like nothing happened.  now what do i do.  do i tell my sister or what.  i think i'll take the or what for now and make him fuck me a few more times.  

Tuesday, July 22, 2014



Story by Larry               

 You like my new tattoo?

Ii got it for James for his birthday.  He's my husband.  we were married legally a year ago but we've been together almost 6 years.  he was our neighbor's son when i lived at home.  they moved in in my freshman year of high school and within weeks we were best friends and within 6 months having sex on a daily basis.


                                i almost freaked when we went camping for a week end or at least our parents thought that's what we were doing and we went away.   James surprised me with a room in a very fancy hotel with room service, in room Jacuzzi,  indoor pool and night club.  the works.  we got there Thursday night.  we were supposed to be camping from Thursday night till Sunday afternoon.  we were camped out alright.  in the hotel.

                                when we checked in i thought he was joking cause the desk clerk was a guy from school.  boy was i surprised when we were escorted to a room and given the key and told if there was anything we wanted just call room service and it would be added to the bill.  the bellman was no sooner out the door and james had me plastered to the wall making out with me hot and heavy.  it took us almost 3 hours to "take care of business" before we showered and went to eat.   we had a fantastic week end and by the end of it we had matching rings.  he asked me to be his and his alone. 

                                anyhow when i graduated high school James already had his own place.  he was a year ahead of me and was working already.   i started to work with a friend while taking night courses at the community college.  i don't know why but one day i came home from work and dad was sitting in the living room waiting.  i knew just from the look on his face something was up.  lets talk he said.  a hour later i was packing a suit case and moving.  i had called James and he was on his way with a truck.  that was 3 years ago.  we've been living together ever since and it's been wonderful.


                                this is what james got and though it was all he was getting for his birthday this morning.  a card and a blow job with me letting him take a picture of him shooting all over my face.  i woke him up earlier than usual and served him breakfast in bed and then while he was eating i ate him.  just before he was about to cum he made me stop so he could get the camera and then made me get on my knees and he jerked off into my mouth and on my face.  then he licked it off me and swapped cum when we kissed.  that was before he put me on my back with my legs  in the air and fucked me.  i didn't mind i loved the feel of him inside me and took it any time i could any where he was willing to offer it. 

                                hell one time we did it right in the mall parking lot with me bent over the open trunk like i was putting packages in the trunk.  instead he was putting his trunk in my package.  one of these days we're going to do something like that and get arrested.  like we almost did last summer at the straight beach.  we were under the blanket spooning or at least that's what it looked like except he was actually fucking me and a cop walked by.  we just stopped moving but james kept flexing his cock in my ass and i almost gave it away.  thank god the cop kept walking.

                                i hope he likes the tattoo.  it's not like i can take it back or anything.  we'll find out in a bit.  he's gonna be home any minute now.  i've got dinner ready to put on the table.  his favorite meal. i'm naked except my school jacket and my ass is pre lubed in case he wants to fuck right away.  i hope he likes his birthday.  maybe i should get a red ribbon and wrap it around my waist and tie it around my cock.  i think that's what i'll do.  i have to go now so i can find the ribbon.  bye ya'all.

Sunday, May 11, 2014



Story by Jay

I love the sauna.  Since there is only a door into the room, you have privacy.  You can hear someone coming to the door, so you have time to get decent and cover yourself.  I usually get a hard on  when I see someone else in the sauna either playing with his cock or just showing what he has.  Their bodies are glistening with sweat.  What a turn on.

When I first get in, I make sure they see that I am hard.  Usually they show me their cock first. I usually just jack off in the sauna.  Watching a guy cum is awesome.  

Friday, May 9, 2014

Like What I Got?

Like What I Got?

Story by Jay

I met Bill one day while walking in the woods.  We talked and walked.  It was kind of neat  Usually I meet someone in the woods and we have sex without speaking a word.  But this time we talked.

We ended up at the parking lot.  I asked if he wanted to stop at my place for a drink.  Bill said yes.

I watched in the rear view mirror as he followed me to my place.  I was now getting really hard.  My shorts could not hold my raging hard on.

I pulled into the garage  and waited until Bill walked into the garage before shutting the door.  Then I got out of the car.  Bill stepped back and his eyes got big and his jaw dropped.

"You have a big dick" he screamed, "Let me get a closer look?"  Bill dropped to his knees and examined my cock with his eyes.  "Wow. This is magnificent.".  He touched it with his hand and it grew larger.

He sucked on it. "This is an awesome cock, man."  He tried to take as much of my cock in his mouth as he could.

I laid on the floor and pressed my cock forward.  Bill was like a kid in a candy store.  He sucked my cock and I was moaning in no time.  "I am going to cum."  Bill yelled "I want to watch you cum."

Bill held his hand out to catch my cum.  I squeezed out the last few drops for Bill to have.

Since I was done cumming, I laid there not knowing if Bill would leave or not.  "Can I watch your cock go soft?"  Bill asked.  "I love looking at your cock."

I stood there semi hard and semi soft. Bill smiled and grabbed my hand.  "Let's go inside and play."

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Mr Whore - Part 2

Mr Whore

Part 2 of 2

Story by Jay

Once the guys feel my warm wet mouth around the cocks, they are ready for anything.  I love seeing their cocks stand at attention waiting for their turn.

I love variety so I suck two cocks at once.  They love it.  I get them moaning when I do it.

But sucking is not the only thing I offer. For extra money, they can fuck me.  Usually some love to have one of the guys fuck me while the rest of them watch.

I don't mind it at all. Some guys love to get real close and watch their buddy's cock go in and out of my butt.

Like I said, I am here to please.  I even can be sucked and fucked at the same time.

They don't call me Mr Whore for nothing.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Mr Whore - Part 1

Mr Whore

Part 1 of 2

Story by Jay

My name is Mr Whore.  I sell my services to anyone who wants to pay.  I found out that straight guys are first in line to hire me.

Usually their girlfriends won't suck their cocks, so they will pay me to do it.  I love sucking cock.  Don't matter if it is straight or gay cock, I love them all.

It is easy since they are so horny that their cocks are rock hard dripping precum ready to explode.  I like them to wear underwear since that is a turn-on for me.

They line up in a straight line and I usually suck each one to make sure they are enjoying the view as well as the action.  If they cum prematurely then I still suck them and milk them for every last drop.

Straight guys love to be sucked but they also love to watch.  Once they each have been sucked, they stroke their cocks as I get down to business.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Rock Hard Cock

Rock Hard Cock

Story by Jay

Randy wanted to come over to play some video games.  I told him to drop by anytime.

I waited for Randy and he never showed up.  I got bored playing video games so I put in a DVD and watch two guys playing with each other.  I got undressed and played with my rock hard cock.

"That looks better than playing video games.  Can I join you?"  Randy said.  I said "Hell yes you can join me."

We jacked off for awhile.  Then Randy reached over to grab my cock.  Boy did that feel good.  I decided to do the same and I grabbed his cock. "You are so big." Randy said.  "I wish my cock was as big as yours."

I said "Just keep jacking my cock." I was close to cumming. I moaned  "You are damn good at jacking."

He moved over to watch me cum.  His face was inches from my cock.  I shot my load and it hit his face and coated his face with my cum.

He finished jacking off and came all over his stomach.  "That sure beats video games."