Monday, January 26, 2015

Buddies - Part 1


Part 1 of 2

By Jay

We banded together when we were little.  We never parted.  When we went to college we picked the same college and even roomed together.  Although we were close, I had the hots for Billy.   I wanted him so bad. 

After our freshman year in college, we got together to celebrate surviving our first year.  We were at Billy’s house.  His parents were away on vacation.  He suggested we skinny dip.  He wanted a picture of us four.  So he set the camera to auto shoot.  It was Billy to the right of me, then me, then to the left was Tom, and finally Eric.

This was the first time we were ever naked together.  I could not get my eyes off our Billy’s cock.  It was fantastic.  He had shaved all his pubes off.  This made his cock stand out.  I realized he was erect.  Even as the camera took the next picture and the next, my eyes were glued to his cock.

As the afternoon went on, Tom and Eric left and if was just Billy and I.  We were still naked sitting on the patio.  Billy took the camera and was looking at the pictures in the viewfinder.  Billy said “Pictures look good.  Seems like you were staring at my cock.”  I said I wasn’t and then he showed the pictures to me. 

I started to get an erection.  Billy pointed and said “See, there you go getting hard.”  I pushed his hand away and pointed at his cock and said “Well, look at your cock.”  I stared as he got bigger than before.  I was amazed and said “Wow, that is one sweet cock.  I have to have it.”

Billy smiled and said “Kiss me.  If you want my cock, kiss me.”  I reached over to where he was and kissed him flat on the lips.  It started as a quick kiss and turned into a long passionate kiss.  We were now both turned on with raging hardons. 

I decided to go for what I wanted all these years.  I had his cock in my mouth before he could stop me.  But he did not stop me; he laid back and seemed to enjoy it.  But I did not want to just suck his cock; I wanted him to suck my cock also.

I pulled my cock out and jerked it as I continued to suck Billy’s cock.  Before long, I felt his warm mouth around my cock.  Boy did it feel good.  We sucked and Billy came first.  His load filled my mouth.  He then consecrated on my cock, and shortly I shot my load.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Safari - Part 2


Story by Jay

Part 2 of 2

Once we made it back to camp, Mike headed for his tent.  I watch as he turned and looked at me and smiled.  He motioned for me to follow.  
I headed to his tent and stopped at the opening.  I saw him laying on his sleeping bag.  He was naked.  I entered and took off my clothes.  I laid next to him and we kissed.  He said, “Thanks for saving me.”  I said nothing.  We started to make love.  

In the jungle, I had fucked him.  Now it was his turn to fuck me.  I spread my legs and allowed him to insert his cock into me.  I laid back as he thrust his cock, going deeper and deeper with each thrust.
He thrust me only a few times before he let out a moan and came deep inside of me.

He removed his cock and continued to hold me.  He was shaking.  We kissed as we laid there listening to our heart beats.  He pointed to the opening to the tent.  The sun was setting.  We watch it not saying a word.  We drifted off to sleep. 

The next morning we made love one more time.  We took our time and savored every minute.  Every thrust was one more step closer to the end.  It was not the beginning but the end.  For today was the last day of our safari.  When we both climaxed, we laid there knowing it was over.

I returned to my tent and dismantled it.  We loaded up the van and headed back to civilization.  Mike and I sat next to each other in the van.  Our hands reached out and we held each other hands. 
We came from different parts of the country, and we were ready to leave and return to our own worlds.     

As we said goodbye, we both wondered if we would see each other ever again.  I invited Mike to come and visit me.  I smiled as he said he would.   

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Safari - Part 1


Story by Jay

Part 1 of 2

I signed up to take a safari.  It was supposed to be safe, but something went wrong.  We left the campground and headed for the back country.  Everything was fine until the lion came out of nowhere.  We scattered in all directions.  I found a tree and climbed it to survey the area. No one was in sight.  The lion had disappeared.  Then I heard a noise.  It was one of the guys from the safari.  I yelled for him to climb the tree.  I reached out and grabbed his hand and pulled him to safety.  Our fear brought us together.  We held each other in our arms.  I could feel his chest heaving as he inhaled and caught his breath.

His name was Mike.  He pressed himself against me.  His body laid next to my semi hard cock.  As I held him, I wondered “Would we become dinner for the lion?”  I imagined that this was the last time I would hold anyone.  My cock grew in size.  Mike must have noticed it.  His hand squeezed my cock.   

Hooked up to my face and our lips met.  Sparks flew as our tongues probed into each other’s mouth.  He undid my zipper and dug into my underwear and pulled my cock out.  I reached down and did the same to him.  I pulled down his shorts and his boxer briefs clung to his body.  I tugged at his waistband and inserted my hand and found his cock.  It was wet from precum.     

He massaged my cock and it rose to full erection.  He looked around and motioned to me to climb down to the ground.  I watch him remove his underwear and shorts.  When he reached the ground, he laid down, spreading his legs.  His cock was erect and dripping precum onto his stomach.
I climbed down, my cock hard and dripping also with precum.  I touch the ground and quickly inserted my cock into his asshole.  He moaned as I started to fuck him, slowly at first and then faster as if our life would be snuffed out by the lion.  We had only one thing in mind and that was to make love.

He moaned with each thrust.  My balls tightened as I got close to cumming.  His moans became cries of passion.  He asked me to cum, and then begged me to cum.  I felt the stirring deep inside of me.  The stirring that could mean only one thing that I was ready to cum.

My load shot out of my cock, splashing deep inside of him.  I let out a grunt as I continued to cum filling her ass to overflowing.

I finally let the last drops of cum emerge from my cock.  I slowly removed my cock and laid next to him.  My breathing was heavy.  My cock became soft once again and receded into my folds of underwear.  Mike’s ass dripped with cum. 
We laid silently on the ground.  We held our breath as we heard rustling in the jungle.  We sprang up, ready to climb the tree when they emerged from the forest.  It was the lion but this time it was being chased off by a bull elephant.  We climb up in separate trees.

The bull elephant stood guard until we heard rustling and they emerged and it was the rest of the group.  I was relieved and happy to see them.

We left quickly.  

Friday, January 23, 2015

Goodbye 2014 Hello 2015

Goodbye 2014 - Hello 2015

It is time to say goodbye to 2014

It is hard to leave but it is time to say Hello 2015

On second thought, maybe 2015 won't be that bad.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Small Cock

Small Cock

Story by Jay

I love going to the gym and seeing all the cocks on display in the locker room.  You see cut and uncut, large and small.  Some guys can't control themselves and have semi hard cocks on display.  A few times they show erect hard cocks.

One guy who always seem to get a locker near me, always looks at me while I dress or undress.  I could not see him naked.  He always seems to have underwear or shorts on.

This time, I wanted to stay naked longer and see if I can get him to undress.  So I stood them with no clothes on and started talking with him.  There was no one in the locker room. He was staring at my cock. He said "You sure have a nice size cock." 

I said "Thanks.  How is yours?"  He looked around and took off his shorts.  He was not overly endowed.

"Tiny." he said. I replied, "Size is not important.  It is what you do with it.  Let me get a closer look."

He reached down and held his cock up for my inspection.  He shook his head and said "Not as big as yours."  I then realized that my cock was hard.  He put his cock near mine and said "See.  Yours is bigger."

I checked to make sure no one came into the locker room.  "Some people said smaller is better for oral sex."
"Really?" he asked.  i replied "You ever had oral sex?"  I answered "Sure, it is fun to get as well as to give."

He stuttered "But you are so big."  I smiled and said, "That is why your cock is better to suck.  No gagging."
Taking a look at the front door and seeing no one in the locker room, I dropped to my knees and took his cock in my mouth.  It was easy to suck and being his first time, he came after a few sucks.

I swallowed his load and stood up.  He quickly took my cock in his mouth.  He definitely had trouble sucking, but he was getting the hang of it.  But being in the locker room, got me all excited and I came before long.

He quickly got dressed and said "Maybe we can continue this conversation again."  I said "Yes.  Anytime."

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Hairdresser - Part 4

The Hairdresser

Part 4 of 4

Story by Ben

I realized that in my nervousness and excitement I had forgotten to ask Daniel about the price of the massage, so now I had something else to be anxious about.  I decided I must clear this up as soon as I arrived for the appointment.  I was prepared for the massage to be expensive, and I made sure I had plenty of cash with me, but there was a limit to what I could pay and I must not embark on something I could not afford.

When Daniel opened the door of his apartment, I was in awe.  I was greeted by the same captivating smile that had enchanted me at the hairdressing salon, and he was even more beautiful than I remembered.  Instead of the black shirt and black trousers that he was required to wear at the salon, he was wearing a white T-shirt and light brown shorts.  The colors complemented his olive skin perfectly.  Two of my questions about his body were immediately answered.  The T-shirt had a V-neck that exposed more of his chest than I had seen the previous day and seemed to confirm that his chest was completely smooth.  As for his legs, they were neither covered with dark curly hair nor as smooth as his chest.  They had a light covering of fine dark hair, as did his arms.  I did my best to stop myself staring at his overwhelming beauty.

I followed Daniel into a small room.  The main item in the room was a professional massage table.  "Ah," I thought, slightly disappointed, "he is a proper masseur.  It will be a straightforward, business-like massage."  Still, I would have the pleasure of feeling the sensual touch of his beautiful soft hands on my body.

I immediately asked about the price.  "Don't worry," he said. "The first massage is free.  If you enjoy it, we can discuss the price next time."  This was amazing!  "Now," said Daniel, "take all your clothes off and put them on this chair.  Then lie face down on the massage table.  I shall be back in a couple of minutes."  With that, he left the room and closed the door.  So the issue of whether to keep my boxers on was cleared up.  And I did not need to worry too much about the fact that I was already semi-erect, because Daniel had left me to undress in private and lying face down meant that my cock would be largely out of sight for the first part of the massage.  In my fantasy the previous evening, I had been on my back, but of course you always begin a massage face down: I had just not thought of it.  Most of the things that had been worrying me had been cleared up in a few words from Daniel's sweet mouth.  My only remaining worry was that he might dislike my hairy chest, but I figured that, as he was apparently a proper masseur, he must deal with all sorts of bodies and would not be bothered by it.  I smiled and started to feel calm.  And as I became calmer, my erection subsided.  I settled myself on the massage table, completely at ease.

Soon I heard Daniel come back into the room.  He dimmed the lights and set some relaxing music playing.  There had already been lighted candles arranged around the room when I arrived, and, although I could not see anything, lying face down on the massage table, I was aware of the gentle glow that now pervaded the room.

I felt warm oil on my back, followed quickly by Daniel's soft hands.  His hands moved up and down my back.  Sometimes the pressure was surprisingly firm, sometimes gentle, and sometimes so gentle that his fingertips seemed to barely touch my skin and yet they sent amazing sensations through my body.  How did he do that?!

From the start I was surprised at the extent of the massage.  Daniel's hands went not only all the way up my back to my shoulders, but also massaged my neck and my head.  And they went all the way down to my buttocks.  My buttocks had certainly not been touched when I had a massage a few years ago after an injury!  But each downward movement of Daniel's hands covered the whole of my buttocks.

The back massage continued like that for a long time.  Then he concentrated on my spine, moving the side of his hands, one after the other all the way down my spine.  But he did not stop at the foot of my spine: his hand continued right into the crack between my buttocks.  And, as he finished each downward movement, he rotated his hand as he lifted it out of the crack, so that the full length of the side of his hands, and then all his fingers, brushed my hole.  The sensation was incredible!  And, of course, I could not help myself raising my hips, just slightly, each time one of his hands touched my hole, so as to increase the contact and the sensation.

When Daniel eventually moved on to my legs, the massage became even more sensual.  Again, he made long sweeping movements, this time from the tips of my toes, right up to the top of my thighs.  My cock was under my ball sack, pointing down towards my feet, so his hands inevitably brushed against it, and against my ball sack, each time they reached the top of my thighs.  And, just as inevitably, my cock started to harden and to lengthen.  I did my best to control it, but I guessed Daniel must not mind: surely, he must realise that his massaging between my buttocks and his repeated brushing against my cock would be bound to have that effect.

After a while, it was confirmed. When he had finished massaging my legs, instead of asking me to turn over, he put more warm oil on his hands and very gently massaged my ball-pack. Then he put his hands under my cock and oiled its full length. This sent shivers through my whole body and increased the hardness of my cock. I was beginning to see why Daniel described his massage as "longer and fuller".  He was certainly giving me plenty of time.  And it was turning out to be a very full massage: he was leaving out no part of my body.  The massage had been good from the start; it was now becoming amazing.

Daniel leant down and whispered to me to turn over onto my back.  My cock now lay, almost fully erect, diagonally across my stomach.  I no longer cared: Daniel must have expected this when he did the cock massage just before asking me to turn over.

He massaged my chest and stomach, very delicately moving my penis out of the way whenever he needed to.  He would pick it up gently with his fingertips and reposition it with great care.  After a while I realized that I had been so lost in the magic of the massage that my eyes had been closed ever since I had turned over.  I opened my eyes and was astonished at what I saw.

Daniel was completely naked.  He had not at any point stopped massaging me since he had begun, so he must have been naked the whole time.  Now I could see his whole body and have all my questions answered.  His chest was indeed completely smooth.  His bikini area was just slightly lighter than the rest of his body.  His pubes were neatly trimmed, but not shaved, and there was a tantalising trail of fine dark hair leading down to them from his navel.  His penis was as long as I had imagined it in my fantasy of the previous evening, and a bit thicker.  It was uncut.  And it was fully erect!!  It was sticking straight out in front of him, almost perpendicular to his body, but pointing slightly upwards.  I was stunned.  Did this mean that he was enjoying the massage as much as I was?!  As soon as I saw his erect penis, my eyes opened wide.  I looked up at Daniel, and he gave me his enchanting smile.  I smiled back.  I knew now that I could relax completely and let Daniel do whatever he had in mind.  And what he did was amazing.

After massaging my chest and stomach, he did my legs and my arms, taking plenty of time with each part of my body.  Then he turned back to my ball sack.  He massaged it gently again, with lots of oil, and finally took my cock delicately in his hands and gave it the same sensual massage that he had given to the rest of my body.  This really was a whole-body massage!

I just let myself be taken to wherever Daniel wanted to lead me.  I felt no urgency.  And Daniel seemed to be in no hurry either.  This part of the massage lasted a long time.  He was so skilled that he seemed to know exactly when I was approaching a climax.  Whenever that point was reached, he eased off the pressure and allowed my sensations to subside.  Eventually he got to a point where he held me on the verge of a climax for what seemed like minutes.  It could have been as long as five or ten minutes.  I had never experienced anything like it.  Throughout that time Daniel maintained the sensations in my body at that pre-climax stage, that stage when, left to my own devices, I can do nothing but explode.  He managed to hold the sensations there until, in what seemed like a very controlled way, he decided the moment was right to let everything out.  And then I pumped stream after stream of cum onto my heavily oiled body.  I don't think I have ever had an orgasm that lasted so long.

Daniel did not let go of my cock.  He let it soften slowly in his hand, and only when it was fully deflated did he place it delicately on my stomach away from the pool of creamy liquid.  I saw Daniel's cock, still as hard as ever, and I felt I owed him a climax too.  I spoke for the first time since the beginning of the massage.  "You must need release too," I whispered, and I allowed my hand to move up his leg, so that the back of my hand brushed the underside of his cock.  I rubbed the back of my hand gently back and forth against his cock a few times before taking it in my hand.  "I do," said Daniel, "but you need to relax, or you will undo all the beneficial effects of the massage.  Next time we can do things differently, but this time it is better if I finish it myself."

With that, he tenderly removed my hand from his cock and placed it back on my chest.  He replaced my hand with his own and started stroking his long cock. With his other hand he was playing with one of his nipples. His strokes were slow and gentle, but they were starting to get faster. His cock was right above my body. He threw his head back. I could see that he was becoming lost in the sensations. He stroked his cock faster still. His other hand was now moving all over his body - his chest, his neck, his stomach, his legs, the inside of his thighs, his buttocks. Suddenly that hand stopped moving, his body thrust forward, and he shot stream after stream of white cum onto my stomach.

It was my fantasy of the previous evening, our juices mixed together in one large puddle, except that I had cum first and Daniel's load had followed.  In my fantasy it had been the other way round.

Daniel wiped my stomach dry with a towel.  As he did so, he said, "By the way, I love your hairy chest," and so dealt with my one remaining anxiety.

I lay on the table, totally relaxed and smiling.  I thought of what Daniel had said: "Next time we can do things differently."

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Hairdresser - Part 3

The Hairdresser

Part 3 of 4

Story by Ben

When I called Daniel, he said he could see me for a massage the following evening at his apartment. I immediately became anxious. Perhaps he was just a professional masseur who does proper healing massage and nothing "extra". That would be fine: he was so gorgeous to look at, and his touch was so gentle, that I would certainly enjoy the massage without anything "extra". But how would I know what to expect and how to behave? I didn't want to strip naked if it would be inappropriate. But I didn't want to keep my boxers on if that might make me seem prudish. Or worse, if it might make Daniel think I wanted only a regular professional massage even if something extra was available! And what if I got an erection as soon as I arrived?

I told myself I had to be realistic and keep my expectations low. The guy was at least fifteen years younger than me and much better looking. Even if he did sometimes offer something "extra" to a massage client, why would he offer it to me? He must get plenty of younger clients with hotter bodies.

Of course, my anxiety about the massage was outstripped by my excitement about it! I could not stop thinking about it all evening. The result was that I was erect or semi-erect the whole evening, apart from a few periods when my cock and balls shrivelled up to nothing at the thought that I might completely embarrass myself by arriving at Daniel's apartment with an erection or that I might get so aroused by his sensual touch that I would not be able to stop myself cumming.

Despite my intense and liberating afternoon wank in the office toilets, by the time I went to bed I was pretty excited by all the thoughts about the massage that had occupied my mind all evening, and I knew I would not get to sleep without releasing, for the second time that day, the pressure that had built up in my body. This time, though, I would be in control. In the afternoon, the need for release had been urgent and had taken control of my body. This time I could take my time. The sensations would be less intense, but they would last a lot longer.

I got into bed, naked as usual. I like to be naked in bed. I love the feeling of the bedclothes next to my naked body. I was lying on my back, with my cock on my stomach, pointing up towards my chest. It was already starting to harden, and I knew it would not take long to become completely hard.
My fingers played with my nipples and my chest hair. I imagined they were Daniel's fingers. Then I worried again. Would he be turned off by my hairy chest? His chest, I felt sure, was completely smooth: perhaps he would be uncomfortable massaging a hairy chest.

I pictured Daniel standing over me. I pictured him naked. (I did not, of course, expect to see him naked, but I intended to spend the time before falling asleep firmly in the realm of fantasy!)
I imagined Daniel's chest completely smooth. His chest and stomach would be of the same olive color that I had seen where his top two shirt buttons were undone. Only his bikini area would be paler. Of this I was sure. After that, things became more uncertain.

I imagined a big bush of thick dark pubes; I imagined neatly trimmed pubes; I imagined Daniel completely shaven.

I imagined his cock long and thin and uncircumcised; I imagined it shorter and thicker and circumcised. I imagined a small tight ball-pack; I imagined heavy low-hanging balls.

I imagined his legs covered with dark curly hair; I imagined them as smooth as his chest. I became excited at the thought that, unlike the rest of his body, I might actually get to see his legs: it must be quite likely that a masseur would wear shorts for a massage.

During all this time I had not touched my cock. I had run my hands over my chest and stomach, imagining them to be Daniel's hands. My hands - Daniel's hands - had played with my pubes. They had moved on to my legs, but I had deliberately kept them away from my cock and balls to prolong the pleasure. My cock had, of course, become rock-hard, and I realized that for some time the underside of my cock had been rubbing against the bed covers. With all these thoughts of Daniel's gorgeous body and of his hands sensuously massaging my chest and legs, I had become pretty aroused and I knew I could bring myself to orgasm just by continuing to move my hips up and down to rub my cock gently against the bedclothes. But I wanted to feel my hand - Daniel's hand - gripping my hard cock.

I took hold of my cock with one hand, and I let the other hand move delicately up my thigh to the hairs between my legs behind my ball sack, then up the other thigh to the same spot. I let my fingers - Daniel's fingers - play there, before letting them take a gentle hold of my ball-pack. The hand on my cock had been making slow stroking movements. I could feel every vein, every tiny undulation of my rigid cock.

I looked up and I saw Daniel standing beside the bed. Now it was his own cock that he was massaging. He was stroking his long cock - yes, it was long and thin. With his other hand he was playing with one of his nipples. His strokes were slow and gentle, but they were starting to get faster. 

His cock was right above my body. He threw his head back. I could see that he was becoming lost in the sensations. He stroked his cock faster still. His other hand was now moving all over his body - his chest, his neck, his stomach, his legs, the inside of his thighs, his buttocks. Suddenly that hand stopped moving, his body thrust forward, and he shot stream after stream of white cum onto my stomach.

I loved the feeling of his young warm cum landing on my stomach, and I immediately started to shoot my own juice into Daniel's puddle, spurt after spurt of thick cream mixing with Daniel's juice.

As the intensity of the orgasm subsided, I lay at first absolutely still. The hand on my cock stayed where it was. The only slight movement in my body was that of the fingers of my other hand paddling gently in the puddle on my stomach. There was indeed enough there to be the product of two bodies. I was already drifting into sleep. I did not have the energy to wipe myself clean. It would all come off in the shower in the morning, I told myself. I turned onto my side, with my hand still holding my cock, which was now soft and relaxed, and I felt my thick cum flowing slowly down my stomach onto the sheet as I descended quickly into a deep sleep.