Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Fraternity Initiation - Part 2

Fraternity Initiation

Story by Jay

Part 2 of 2

The fraternity initiation had given him a couple blue pills.  They were Viagra and he had a raging hard on that would not quit.  He was rock hard. 

I took off my clothes.  He stood up and ordered me to bend over.  He applied spit to his cock and rammed it into my asshole.  He was not gentle at all.  He pumped away.  I held onto the chair then I felt his hands grab my arms.  He had pinned my arms down to the chair and was pounding my ass.  I could not talk.  My voice was only able to yell as his cock was thrust into me again and again.

He was a savage beast, fucking me with all his might.  He came quickly and I felt his load as it shot into me.  He finally stopped fucking me and removed his cock from my ass.  I heard him say “I am sorry.”  He quickly grabbed my stuff and said “I need clothes.”  He emptied my pockets and before I could say anything, he ran off. 

I looked around and all my clothes were gone.  I saw that there were big curtains hanging on the windows.  I removed one and use it as a toga to cover myself. I head back to my place to get some clothes. 

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Fraternity Initiation - Part 1

Fraternity Initiation

Story by Jay

Part 1 of 2

I was in a hurry for my class and took a shortcut through the old student union hall.  As I ran, I heard a voice.  He said “Who’s there?”  I stopped and searched for the source of the voice.  He kept saying “Anyone there?”  I opened the door to a side room and there he was. 

He was tied to a chair and had a cover over his eyes.  I recognized his as the star quarterback.  He was naked and had the most erect cock I ever say.  I asked “Why are you tied up?”  He replied “I am in an initiation for a fraternity.”  I asked “Why is your cock so hard?”  He answered “They gave me some blue pills.  Can you untie me?” 

It was a typical initiation using Viagra.  I decided to untie him but first I wanted to suck that luscious hard cock of his.  I started to suck his tip of his cock.  “Please untie me…” he said as he moaned.  I was taking his cock all the way as he moaned louder. 

This guy was out of my league so it was more important to suck his cock.  It was magnificent. I took his cock deep into my mouth and he came in a flood of cum.  As I finished sucking, I sat back and took a deep breath. 

“Now untie me.  Please?”  He pleaded.   I thought about it and said “Only if you fuck me while you have this fantastic hard cock.”  He agreed.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Preview - FraternityInitiation

Preview - Fraternity Initiation

Story by Jay

What do you do when you encounter a fraternity initiation and the guy is rock hard naked, tied up and blindfolded?  So tempting.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Games We Play - Part 2

Games We Play

Story by Jay

Part 2 of 2

I undressed and saw that my cock was rock hard.  Sucking Mike’s cock was a real turn on.  I brushed my teeth and walked over to my bed.  My cock was sticking straight up.  I climbed into bed and was ready to jack off when I heard Mike in the other room get up from the sofa. 

I laid on my bed holding my breath.  My heart was pounding and my cock throbbed.  I heard the floor in my bedroom creak as Mike walked over to my bed.  He quietly climbed between my legs and I felt his breath on my cock.  Then he lips were enclosed around my cock as he started to suck my cock

I placed my hands on the top of his head as he continued to suck.  After a while he whispered “Fuck me.”  He laid on his stomach and I moved around. I spread his ass cheeks and stuck my tongue in and around his ass.  

Then it was time to stick my cock in his ass.  I started slow but increased my thrust, faster and faster.  I was so hot and horny.  I came also immediately.  Getting my rocks off was a wonderful feeling but I wanted to last longer.  I laid next to Mike and said “Sorry I came so fast.”  He answered “Don’t worry.  You can try in the morning.”

The next morning we fucked and it lasted longer. 

Now when we play video games on Friday, Mike stays over and we added fucking to list of things that we do.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Games We Play - Part 1

Games We Play

Story by Jay

Part 1 of 2

It was our usually Friday night get together where we drank beer and played video games.  Bill, Mike and I would do this since we graduated from High School and I got my own place.  We were playing and Mike said he was tired and went to my corner of the room to nap.

Bill and I finished playing.  It took an hour but I finally beat him and won the game.  Bill asked where Mike was.  We found him out cold sleeping on the sofa in the corner.  He was buck naked.  Bill and I joked about Mike being naked.  Bill decided to head home. 

I said “Thanks for leaving me with naked Mike.”  Bill laughed and left.  I went back over to Mike and sat on the sofa.  I called out his name but he did not wake up.  I shook his shoulder and nothing.
I sat there and looked at his cock.  He had a nice long soft cock.  I bet it was big when erect.  I admired his body.  He had a nice chest, and nice ABS.  I was back staring at his cock.  I shook him one more time.  Nothing happened.

I reached down and held his cock in my hand.  It felt soft at first.  I squeezed it and felt it getting hard.  I kept squeezing and it was now hard.   It was erect.  I looked at his cockhead which was big.  I got down on my knees and moved up to his cock.  I started licking his cock.  He was still asleep. 

I went from licking to sucking his cock.  His breathing became deeper.  I took his cock deep into my mouth.  I continued sucking.  I held his balls until they tighten then I knew he was ready to cum.  I sucked and felt his cock shoot its load.  I swallowed every drop. 

When he was done cumming, I released his cock from my mouth.  I sat next to him and admired his body.  I finally decided to go to bed.  I grabbed a blanket and covered Mike with it.   I headed for bed.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Preview - Games We Play

Preview - Games We Play

By Jay

It is Friday night, and it is time to play video games with my friends.

When Mikey falls asleep, what is a guy going to do?