Wednesday, June 28, 2017

My First Experience - Part 1

My First Experience\- Part 1

Story by Jay

My first experience was with this kid at work.  We were both interns.  I bought my lunch and ate in a park next door to the workplace.  The kid was named James.  He started to bring his lunch and started following me to the park to eat his lunch.  After a few days he ask if I wanted to take a walk in the wooded area.  I agreed.  We walked deep into the wooded area.  He said he had to pee and unzipped his pants.  I did the same.  He peed and I saw that he had a good size cock.  He was uncut and had pulled back his skin in order to pee.  I never saw an uncut cock and stared.  When he was done, he shook off the last drops of pee.  He stood there as I peed.  His cock grew hard and erect.  I was amazed and stood there peeing.  When I was done, I shook off the last drops of my pee and stood there.  We were staring at each other. 

He started to stroke his cock and I did the same.  It felt good being out there in the woods jacking off.  I was the first to cum.  My load landed on a bush next to me.  He moved closer to me as he stroked his cock.  Soon he was right next to me.  "Take it" he said.  .    I grabbed his cock and stroked it.  It was the first time I held another guy cock, especially an uncut cock.  He grabbed my shoulder and I knew he was close to cumming.  He let out a scream, and shot his load.  It was an awesome lunch.

But there was more to come.

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