Thursday, June 29, 2017

My First Experience - Part 2

My First Experience - Part 2

Story by Jay

Work as an intern meant that we did any job and at whatever time was needed.  There was just us two working as interns.  We found our self having to work evening.  I found it great since it was just us and no interruptions so that we could get a lot of work done.  It also meant we could go to the mens room and jack off.

The other intern had another idea.  After jacking off a couple times he suggested we get naked while we work.  It sounded exciting and fun, so we did it.  I got to see his body for the first time and he saw my body for the first time.  We were young, with muscular bodies from playing sports at school.

Being naked meant we had immediate erections.  There was a sofa in the break room and we found our selves taking turns sucking each other.  Before long we got into a 69 position and continued to suck.  I found cock being a real thrill when I took it in my mouth.  I gagged a few times but continued on sucking. 

I came first and shot my load in his mouth.  I wanted to do as he did, so I sucked on his cock until he shot his load.  It was strange tasting it as it filled my mouth.  But I handled his load without losing a drop.  After that first suck session, we looked for ways to get together and have suck sessions.  We both still lived at home.

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