Sunday, June 18, 2017

Day at the Park

Day at the Park

Story by Jay

Story requested by "Bilão". 

I went for a run at my local park.  It was a beautiful day.  The park was filled with people.  I ran down near the lake.  It was secluded as usual.  I made a couple laps around the lake and stopped to enjoy the scenery.  I had to pee.  I was going to go behind some bushes but I notice an old urinal building off to the top of the hill.  I decided to check it out.

It was an old building.  I did not know if it was still in operation but I had to pee, so it did not have to be in tip top condition.

I went in and looked around.  It had a stall with a dirty toilet.  Along the wall were urinals.  I stepped up and pulled out my cock.  I closed my eyes as I started to pee.  A nice strong stream of piss hit the back of the urinal and flowed downward. 

I was in mid-stream when someone came into the small building.  I turned my head to see a younger man.  He had on no shirt and running shorts.  He walked over and pulled down his shorts and started to pee.  

I glanced over and saw that he had a nice bush of pubes surrounding a magnificent cock sticking out of the center of his bush.   He was cut.  I was surprised as the sixed of his cockhead.  Piss shot out of his cock like a water cannon.  I finished peeing and flicked my cock a few times to shake the last drops of pee.

I looked over at the guy and he had finished peeing and was standing there with his cock in his hand.  His cock was rock hard.  He was slowly stroking it. He had turned towards me.   I stared at his cock.  It was magnificent.  The sight of this young man’s cock made my cock grow erect.  He reached over and grabbed my cock.  I grabbed his.  We stood there stroked each other cocks.

After a few strokes, he said “Wait a minute.”  He walked over to the door and swung it closed.  He walked back and grabbed my cock and said “This way no one will interrupt us.  He got on his knees and swallowed my cock.  He was quick.  He deep throated me a few times then went into a smooth rhythm of sucking.  When I came into the urinal, it smelled of piss, but all I could smell now was the sweaty musky order of this young man.

His mouth surrounded my cock and felt warm and moist.  I was enjoying the blow job when he stopped.  He walked over to the door and picked up a back pack.  I did not notice that he had this with him.  He pulled out a giant towel.  He said, “I use this to sun bathe.”  He placed it on the floor and motion for me to lay down.  After I laid down he assumed the opposite position and we were in a ‘69’ position.  I took his rock hard cock into my mouth and started to suck.  He was taking mine deeply and I was so close to cumming.  I told him to lick my balls.  I felt I could prolong this but ever his mouth on my balls was making me get closer to cumming. 

I decided to cum and I did.  He had sense my closeness to cumming and resume sucking.  I shot my first stream of cum into his mouth.  He was not ready and he started to gag in the amount now in his mouth.  The next stream of cum hit him in the face,  and the remaining streams of cum landed on his chest.

I returned to his cock and took his cock as deep in my mouth.  After a few minutes of deep sucking, he unloaded his cum into my mouth.  I handled it and swallowed the load, every drop of it.

When we were done, we stood up.  He grabbed the towel and his back pack and said “Follow me.”  We walked over to the lake and cleaned up.  He laid out his towel and motion for me to sit down.  We sat and talked.  We agreed to meet next week.  As I drove home, I thought to myself, “I love parks, especially urinals.” 

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