Wednesday, May 10, 2017



Story by Jay

I watched the news on TV.  I could not believe he was dead.  I shook my head as tears dripped down my cheeks.  “Alex” I cried out loud.  I closed my eyes and pictured him back when we first met. 

I was living in Minsk.  Back then we went to local dances for entertainment.  I saw him at the dance, alone.  He was moving to the beat of the music.  I was alone also and walked over to him.  He was cute.  My heart was skipping a beat as I came closer to him.  He saw me and smiled.  I said “Looks like we both don’t have a partner.”  He said “We do now.”  He grabbed my arm and off we sent to the dance floor.  It felt so magical. 

After the dance, he walked me to my apartment.  He said he knew the area.  He worked nearby in a radio and TV manufacturing plant.  I said that I did not own one since they were so expensive.  He offered to get me at a discount.  I was thrilled and asked if he wanted a drink.  He said yes and we went up to my tiny apartment.  Everything was one big room.  He saw the toilet in the corner of the room and asked if he could use it. 

I watch him unzip his pants and pull out what looked like a large salami.  My mouth dropped.  He finished peeing and turned as he folded his penis back inside his pants.  He saw that I was staring and said “You never saw a penis before.”   He smiled and had that innocent preppy look about him. 

But he was anything but innocent.  He reached for my pants and unzipped them.  I was totally hard and my cock stood straight up.  He had me undressed and in my tiny bed before I knew what was happening.   He was laying next to me naked.  He turned around and started sucking my cock, as I stared at his large cock.  He stopped and said “Come on suck it.”

Like I said he was far from being the innocent guy.  We sucked each other cocks into the wee hours of the night.  I thought that it was going to be too big but I handled it after a few gagging sessions.  He came that night in big gobs of cum.  We held each other that night and slept like babies.

Alex kept his promise got me a TV.  In fact, it is the one that I am watching today with this terrible news.  Tears formed once more in my eyes.  I closed them and tried to remember that day that he brought over the TV.  I was so excited.  I told him what can I do to repay you.  He smiled that innocent smile.  Before I knew it we were back in my bed.  Alex had something else in mind.  We kissed and he hand moved down to my ass hole.  He fingered me with one finger then two, then three.   I had my legs up in the air.  It felt so good.  Before I knew it, he had his cock probing my ass hole opening.  Then he entered me.  I held my breath as he slowly fucked me.  It hurt so bad but in a good way. 

He was a savage and attacked my ass hole with all the power he could muster. He came inside of me and flooded my ass with cum. 

Afterwards we made plans to move into one apartment. 

Life was good, then he left.  He moved back to the US.  Now I am watching the news again, and he is dead.

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