Sunday, September 30, 2012

FRAT Party - Part 2

FRAT Party

Story by Jay

Part 2 of 2

I was done for the night.  The party was winding down.  But before I could leave I took a quick look for passed out guys.


I found three guys passed out with a lot of emptied beer cans.  This looked inviting.  I was wondering who had the biggest cock.  I climbed under the table and started to upzip their pants and pull out there cocks.  I went from one guy to another and examined their cock.  Only one guy responded to my touch.  His cock grew large and I just started to suck it.  I was taking his cock deep into my mouth, all the way to his pubes. He got bigger and bigger.  I was enjoying it.  

I heard a moan as his cock got big and erect.  As I sucked him, I reached over to another guy and massaged his cock with my hand.  He was dead to the world.  I left his soft cock dangling out.  When he wakes up, he will wonder what he did.    

I switch back to the guy with the hard cock and continued to suck his cock.  He responded quickly and shot his load in my mouth.  I did not swallow his cum.  Instead, I went back to the guy with the soft cock and let the cum flow out of my mouth covering his pubes, cock and balls.

I decided to leave but heard some moaning coming out of a back room.  The guy that was fucking this other guy saw me and waved me to come in.  Watching him fuck this guy was a real turn on. I pulled out my cock and he pointed to the mouth of the guy he was fucking. 


I pulled off my clothes and laid on the floor and I stuck my cock in front of him and he swallowed me deep and I started to face fuck him.  He had a good hold on my cock and it did not take long before I came.  The other guy came at about the same time.  I was exhausted and now ready to leave. 

I love FRAT parties.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

FRAT Party - Part 1

FRAT Party

Story by Jay

Part 1 of 2


I love to crash FRAT parties.  I wait until they have been drinking for a while and then enter by the back door and mingle with the guys.  I grabbed a beer and talked with some guys.  They were alert still so I decided to leave them for now.  I was looking for guys ready to pass out or already pass out.  Then I would assist them back to an empty room. 

I looked around and saw a lot of great looking guys.  I found three that were passed out at the kitchen table.  I made a mental note to check back on them later.  I went into the REC room and found one guy that was seated on the sofa and he was almost passed out.  I asked if he needed help to a bed to lay down.  He mumbled, “Yeah.”  I helped him up and we walked up to a bedroom that was upstairs.

I asked if he needed anything.  He did not reply.  I shook him and he was out cold. I unzipped his pants to check out his cock.  It was nice and hard.  It stuck out from his public hair. 


I slipped off his shirt. I ran my fingers through the small amount of chest hairs that he had.  I raised his arm and saw his hairy pit.  I leaned in and took a sniff.  It had a nice manly smell. 

His chest was well defined.  I ran my hands all over his chest, stopping at his nipples.  They were aroused.  I moved my hands down to his pants and unzipped them and pulled them off with one swift movement. 

His cock was harder.  I quickly took his cock in my mouth.  As I sucked, I played with his asshole.  I inserted a finger and he moaned.  I quickly undressed.  I raised his legs up and placed my cock at his ass opening.  I gave a push and felt resistance.  I shoved my cock and it entered him.  He grunted. 

I immediately started to hump him.  He was so tight but it felt great.  He moaned with each thrust.  His cock was leaking precum.  I felt myself getting ready to cum.  I did a few more thrusts and then I came.  I looked down and he was cumming also.  I slipped out of his ass and wiped my cock on his pants.  He looked good laying there with cum oozing out of his ass and a nice pool of cum on his stomach.

I grabbed my things and left.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Dog, gone it - Part 2

"Dog, gone it!"


Part 2 of 2


I decided to give it one more try.  I ran into a guy sitting on his towel.  He had his clothes on but one ball was hanging outside his shorts.  He spread his legs to make sure I saw it.  I asked if he lost of dog.  He shook his head ‘NO’.   He asked if I wanted to join him.  Although I was on a mission to find the owner of the dog, I decided to stay a while. 

I sat on the ground and was just staring at his one ball.  He reached down and pulled his cock and his other ball out.  He was rock hard and I could not resist.  I held the dog in one hand as I reached over and grabbed his cock with my other hand.  He was all primed to cum.  It took just a couple strokes and then he unloaded, shooting his load off to the side and depositing it on the ground.  I stood and continued my mission to find Toby’s owner.


I walked down the trail and came upon two guys fucking.  I held the dog up and they both looked at me and then ignored me.  They fucked as I watched.  They seem to enjoy the attention.  The one guy even smiled at me as he rammed his cock deep into the other guy’s ass.  The other guy was stroking his cock and I had front row seats to all the action. 

As the other guy screamed that he was cumming, the other guy stroked faster and came at the same time.  His load was big and it shot far before landing on the ground.  I turned and continued my mission. 

I decided to try the phone number one more time.  This time a guy answered.  He was glad that I found the dog.  Toby had run off from his place.  He was not far from the park, so I told him I would drop off Toby.


As I drove up his driveway, I was surprised to see him.  He was cute and I felt my cock getting hard as I watched him stand them holding two other dogs.   He placed the two dogs on the ground and reached out to take Toby from my arms.

They were both happy to see each other.  He placed Toby on the ground to play with the other two dogs.  He hugged me and said “Thanks.  I owe you big time for finding and returning Toby.”  He held me for the longest time.  “Come inside.” 


We sat on the couch.  “You deserve a reward.”  I knew what I wanted but was surprised when he started to undress me and we sat there naked.  He reached for my cock.  I followed his lead, and grabbed his cock.  His mouth quickly started sucking my cock.  I returned the favor and started to suck his cock.  We both came quickly.

After a while, I got up to go.  Toby came up to me.  I held the dog and said, “I am going to miss you.”  Toby’s owner said, “You can always come over to play?”  I did not know if he meant with Toby or with him.   I smiled as he hugged me once again.  I notice his cock was hard and erect.  I think I knew my answer to his question.         

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Dog, gone it - Part 1

"Dog, gone it!"


Part 1 of 2

One of my gay buddies just told me a hot story that was all about what happened when he lost his phone in the park.  (I will spare you the details and just say that he hooked up with a guy for some really hot gay sex!)

SHIT!!!  Nothing cool like that ever happens to me!  Every time I go to that park, I just go home really frustrated, and with just a sunburn! 

I've watched how other guys hook-up! I've seen what they do and where they do it.  

I'm not a t-room queen and wasn't about to stake out the men's-room for sex.  Besides, they are filthy and the smell is usually enough to knock a buzzard off of a shit-wagon!   I'd rather take a piss behind a tree than enter a bathroom stall in the park.

That doesn't mean that on occasion, when I was desperate that I haven't plugged my nose for a little "glory-hole" action in one of the stalls!

I've seen the guys who wander into the woods that surrounded a portion of the park.   I've spied on some of these guys from behind some of the trees.  A few of them are so intimidating that I would never approach them.  (They had giant dicks and humongous muscular physics.)  However, I've got to say that it was a lot of fun just to watch them in the woods.  I had ample jack-off fantasies when I laid in my bed each night.

I had almost abandoned the idea of going back to the park, but decided to give it one more shot.  I had barely walked about a few hundred yards from the parking lot, when I saw the cutest little puppy sitting dejected on the wooden path.

His owner was nowhere in sight.  The little devil squirmed all over the place as I picked him up and he licked the entire surface of my face with his little tongue.  He was absolutely too cute for words, and I was sure that his owner would be somewhere in the park and very desperate to find him.

He had a collar, but since I didn't have the benefit of a leach, I held him in my arms as we searched for his owner.  On his collar was a dog tag.  The dog's name was Toby!  There was a phone number on the tag.  No answer when I tried to call. 

The guys in the bathroom scattered and ran out the door when I announced "Hey guys, stop what you are doing!"  I only wanted to get their attention to see if someone owned the dog.   It was probably a bad choice of words and they thought I was the police. 

I didn't have much more luck in the woods.  I walked along the trails and encountered a lot of guys who were primed and ready for sex, but I was on a mission to find Toby's owner.  No one wanted to claim ownership of the dog.


I ran upon two guys that were busy with oral sex.  I held up the dog and they ignored me.  The guy that was standing started to grunt as he came.  The other guy swallowed the load and then they both looked at me.  I said, “Dog? Yours?”  They both turned and left.   

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Contractor - Part 2


Story by Larry

Part 2 of 2

I told him to stay and have dinner, and gave him another beer.  I ordered Chinese food and sat drinking another beer and talking.  By the time we ate I was 3 sheets to the wind and he was out cold.  I put a sheet over him and went to bed.  In the middle of the night he was standing next to the bed.  “Hey man, got room?  It was uncomfortable out there.”  I was naked but threw the covers back for him to get in.  He slid the shorts off and got in bed and within minutes he was out cold again or so I thought.  I watched him sleep for a while and then lay next to him.  I couldn't sleep. 

Finally I turned over and pressed my chest against his back.  He didn't move.  I shifted and my cock was up against his ass.  It felt great.  He still hadn't moved.   I slid down and my face was even with the crack of his ass.  I inhaled deep and could smell his manliness.  He had a musky smell and it drove me crazy.  I licked one cheek of his ass and he didn't move.  I licked the other.  I decided he was sound asleep and decided to go for it.  I licked his ass crack. There was no response.  I did it again and again there was no response.  The third time I did it slowly and then I felt his hand on the back of my head.  “If you’re going to do that” he whispered “then spread the cheeks and get in there.  Lick my hole.”

He didn't let go of my head and I did just that. I spread his cheeks and dove in.  I had my tongue as far into his ass as I could.  When my tongue wasn't in his hole, my finger was either playing with it or inside it.   He was moaning and squirming as I did.  After a long time he let go of my head and started to roll over exposing his very large, very hard, leaking pre cum cock.  He waved it in the air and I took it as an invitation.  He moaned louder as I took it in my mouth and he said “Just what the doctor ordered a nice warm mouth.”  He began to fuck my face and I tasted his pre cum.  He soon shot off his load into my mouth and I swallowed all I could.  The rest dribbled out the side of my mouth.

“That was great man” as he rolled back over.  I lay next to him with my arm over him.  He took my hand and placed it on his ass and I took it as a cue and started to play with his hole.  His ass would move from side to side occasionally and after a while he told me “Why don't you just get down to it and fuck me.”  I said “I wasn't sure that’s what you wanted” and he smiled.  I took that as a yes and worked some lube from the nightstand into his hole.  He was fucking tight as hell. 

I lay on top of him, my chest hard against his back, my cock in his ass crack.  I began to hump his crack.  He reached behind and grabbed my cock and guided it into his ass.  I was right.  He was so tight I had to go slow or it hurt the foreskin on my cock.  I’m uncut and the skin slid back easily but his ass was still practically crushing my cock.  It took a while but I was finally all the way in.  I started to move in him slow and he looked over his shoulder.  “Fuck this slow shit man, fuck me.  I want to know a man is inside me.” 

With that I slammed my cock into him and pulled out all but the head before slamming it back in.  “Now that's the way I like it man.”  I continued to fuck him hard, with my crotch bouncing off his hard ass cheeks.  Every once in while I would slap his ass hard and tell him to tighten it up or loosen it up.  Whatever I felt like telling him.  He was grunting with each thrust.  Without warning I started to cum in his ass.  No warning at all that's how hot I was.  He squeezed his ass muscles tight and I couldn't pull out. 

When I went soft he let me pull out of him and he squeezed his ass shut again.  “Let’s go to sleep” he said.  “No sense in going home now.  By the time I get home I’ll have to come back.”  When the crew got there he was dressed in his work clothes and I in the shorten pair of worn jean shorts I could find with holes all over showing off what was inside so as to drive him crazy.  As he was going out the door to work outside he told me “You suck.”  I told him “Yeah.”  He said “No I mean you suck.  How am I going to work knowing you’re in here dressed like that.” and he laughed.  I told him “Well just think about tonight.”  He looked at me questioningly.  I said I got mine last night.  Tonight’s your turn.”  He smiled.  “Deal only tonight dinner is on me.”  Little did I know what he had in mind but I couldn't wait.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Contractor - Part 1


Story by Larry

Part 1 of 2


I have been in my house for almost 5 years now.  I came into some money and decided I was going to invest it in the house, with doing repairs and renovations I have wanted to do since I bought it.  I sat down at the computer to research what I wanted done and cost.  Some things were more expensive than I thought and some cheaper than I thought.  It was going to about even out.

I started interviewing contractors.  Some were older and dumpy.  I laughed at some of them.  One guy was at least double my age and don't get me wrong I have fucked with men at least double my age but they themselves were in shape.  This guy was gone.  He stood about the same height as me but was triple weight his belly hanging out under his too small a t-shirt and over his belt.  His pants were only covering half his ass because they were too small and his shoes a mess with holes and all in them.  Unfortunately he was the best price and best recommendations of them all.

I interviewed about 10 contractors and he still was the best of the lot.  I called and spoke to him over the phone.  He told me he could start the job in 2 weeks, his crew was just finishing up a few touches on their last job and they were perfectionist.  Everything had to be just right.  2 weeks later there was a knock on the door and there was lumpy as I had begun to think of him.  He came in sat and wrote everything I wanted done both inside out and into a contract for me to sign, and since I would not be home at times, to also get a key. His crew was starting the next day.
I couldn't wait to see my house when it was done.  I had rode past some of their jobs and was very impressed.   The houses look fantastic, like brand new structures.  The next morning I was up and dressed early.  Usually on a Saturday morning I would lay around and have breakfast naked and if I felt like it not get dressed all day but they were starting today.  I was just finishing my coffee when there was a knock on the door.

When I opened the door my jaw dropped and my cock hardened and tented my pants at the same instant.  I expected lumpy but the man at the door explained he was lumpy's son and he and the crew were there to start.  They were going to prep the outside since it was good weather but wanted to let me know.  Prepping meant taking shutters, gutters and other things down and putting insulation board up before residing the house, a cost effect savings on heating.

Anyhow lumpy’s son was fucking drop dead out of this world beautiful.  I couldn't take my eyes off him.  In front of me stood this perfect specimen of a man and I wanted him.  I told him fine to start and closed the door.  I watched out the window as they worked from time to time.  All the crew was in perfect physical shape.  I would think it was from all the physical work they did.  As the day wore on it got hot and some of the workers shed some of their clothes.  By the end of the day most were working without shirts and some had even shed their pants and put on shorts and were working in shorts and work boots only.

When they were done for the day John, as I found out lumpy’s son was called, came in to tell me they were leaving.  He had on coveralls and work boots but no shirt and I wasn't sure but I thought he had taken off his underwear as well.  His chest was soaked in sweat and his pants seemed to be clinging to his crotch from the sweat of his balls.  I was drinking a beer and offered him one.  The rest of the crew had already gone.  He accepted and sat down as I handed it to him.  He took a cloth and wiped his fore head. 

He undid the front of his coveralls and let it fall to his waist.  When he stood the buttons were below waist height so his pants fell somewhat.  I was right he had removed his underwear.  Now his pubic hair was peeking out over the top of his pants.  He looked almost perfect.  The only thing that would make it perfect was if he dropped his pants totally.

He finished his beer and I handed him another.  He was still hot as hell and was going to go hose himself down to cool off before going home.  I offered him a shower instead and he jumped at the chance.  He laughed and said he was in the business but hadn't fixed his own shower at home.  He walked into the bathroom and climbed naked into the shower.  I brought towels and a pair of my satin shorts for him to put on.  I could see through the glass door and he had a nice round ass with just a little bit of hair.  Then he turned around and I had to leave the room.  He was hung larger than any guy I had ever had.  His cock was long and fat.  It looked almost like a baseball bat.


I left the bathroom and when he came out of the shower he had a towel wrapped around him and the shorts in his hands.  “I like to air dry” he said.  He sat down and I went to get him another beer.  When I came back he was sitting with his legs open.  The towel had opened where he had wrapped it around and his cock was hanging low on the chair he was sitting on.  He adjusted himself to make himself more comfortable.  I couldn't take it anymore and asked him how he kept in such great shape.  He told me he had a gym in his basement equipped with steam and sauna and all, and between the home gym and work he found it very easy.  He told me he was 32 years old and he didn't look a day over 20.

 He stood to go and dropped the towel to put on the shorts.  I lost my breath.  He heard me and said “Yeah, impressive isn’t?” referring to his cock.  He took it in his hand and stoked it a bit and was hard in no time.  I stuttered and told him “I only wish.”  He looked at me and said “You’re not alone.”  He slid the shorts on and sat down.  “I’ll have to sit for a while for it to go soft” he said.  “I can't walk around hard.  It will tent these shorts or hang below the legs.”

Monday, September 24, 2012

One More Beer - Part 2

One More Beer

Story by Jay

Part 2 of 2


I was the first to wake up.  Bill was out cold.  I had my arms around Bill’s chest.  He was laying on his back and I was able to see him in the morning light.   His chest was nicely formed.  I moved my hand around his chest and felt around his nipples.  They were nice and hard.  I moved down and bumped against the tip of his cock.  It was hard and erect.

I took a good look at his cock and was fascinated by it size and shape.  It had the biggest mushroom head.  It was larger than last night.

Looking at it made me want it in my ass.  Bill slowly awoke.  He murmured, “I am so horny.  I need some ass.”   


I rolled over onto my stomach.  I felt his hand grab my ass.  He rolled over on top of me.  He tried inserting his cock and it was met with resistance.  He scooted down and spread my cheeks and spit into my hole.  Then he inserted his tongue.  He dug deep and I was loving every inch of his tongue as it probed my ass.

Then I felt his cockhead press against my ass.  I held my breath as his cockhead popped into my ass.  He started to hump me.  He increased his speed and finally let out a grunt and unloaded in my ass.

He rolled over and was sound asleep in a matter of seconds.

After a while he woke up and said “I dreamt I had the best ass.  It was great.  Let’s have one more beer.” 

I smiled.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

One More Beer - Part 1


Story by Jay

Part 1 of 2


“One more beer?”  Bill begged.  I knew we both had enough.  But I agreed to one more beer.  Bill and I worked together.  We would stop for a drink or two every so often.  Tonight we were drinking too much.  I liked Bill and wondered what he would look like naked. 

Bill was in no shape to drive so I offered to take him home.  Once we got at his apartment he asked “One more beer?”  Since we were at his place and he offered for me to sleep over, I agreed. I figured I might be able to get a look at him naked. 

I did not want to drive home so I told him I would sleep on the couch.  Bill staggered to the kitchen and brought two more beers.  I was wasted and so was Bill.  We drank the beer and Bill begged, “One more beer?  I said “No”.  Bill said “Alright.  Help me to my bathroom.”


I helped him to get to the bathroom.  We both needed to pee so we pulled out our cocks and aimed at the toilet. Bill had trouble getting his cock out of his pants.  His cock was rock hard and pointing straight up.  He finally succeeded in getting his cock and he started to pee.


I finished peeing and was starting to get hard.  Bill finished peeing and shook his cock to release any remaining drops of pee.  The more he shook his cock, the bigger it got.  I watched as he got hard.  His cockhead was nicely formed and the sight of it made me get hard.  His peephole started at me.  I licked my lips.  My cock was now a raging hardon.   

I lifted Bill and carried him to his bed and we both fell into his bed.  He struggled getting undressed.  I said, “Let me help.”  His shirt was easy to remove.  I unbuckled his jeans and unzipped them and pulled them off.  He had on boxers.  His cock was rock hard sticking out the fly.  Bill said, “I sleep in the nude.”  I put my fingers under the waistband and pulled his underwear off.  His cock shot straight up and slapped against his stomach.. 

I said, “Dude, you are enormous.”  Bill said, “Let me see yours.”  I undressed and my cock was not as large as his but it was respectable.  Bill said, “Let me see it up close.”  I scooted down and laid in a 69 position.  I said, “Gosh your cock is so big.  Bill said, “Shut up and suck it.”  I could feel Bill taking my cock in his mouth.  I wrapped my lips around his cockhead and then tried to deep throat Bill’s cock, but it was too large.

I was amazed how quick we were both sucking each other’s cock.  We were both super horny and came almost at the same time.  Bill’s load was filling my mouth quickly.  I swallowed and was able to keep his load within my mouth.  Bill was not so lucky.  My load was too much and it filled his mouth and dripped out the sides of his mouth. 

Once we were done, Bill laid in bed and murmured, “One more beer?”

I said, “No.  Now go to sleep.”

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Life Guard

Life Guard

Story by Larry

I was a swimmer on the swim team in school so for a summer job it only seemed natural to try out for life guard with the local parks department.  I figured I would get stationed at some pool or something since it was my first year.  Boy was I wrong.   I work out a lot and it shows.  My body is in excellent shape.  I have one of those V shape torsos.  My shoulders are wide and muscular; my pecs stand tall and I can bounce them which I love to do with my nipple rings I have an 8 pack and my waist it small and my ass is a tight bubble. My legs are hard and on giant muscle.  Anyhow, enough of the bragging about how good I look.  
I ended up being stationed on the beach.  I really didn't mind.  Each life guard had a little shack they could store things in and had a cot to relax on when off duty if you wanted to hang around.  I and 3 other guards shared the station.  One of them even rigged up a battery operated fridge inside the shack with a battery that was charged by 4 solar panels on the roof of the shack.  What more could we ask for.  We kept cold soda and beer in the fridge for on and off duty and food sometimes if we were hungry. 

The guy who set all this up was living in the shack.  He had given up his apartment to save money and figured when the summer ended if he wasn't kept on he would just get a furnished room. He was hot.  He used to work out on the beach.  He’d run 5 miles a day on the sand, then he would do pull ups on a bar he rigged to the floor of the shack since it was so high up.  He did pushups on the deck or inside the shack.  He had a set of dumbbells he used every day.  I sometimes worked out with him after work. 

I started to dream of him in his speedo we had to wear when on duty. They didn't leave much to the imagination and from what I could see he was packing a full load.  I walked in on him once getting out of bed.  He slept naked, so I got a full view.  He was long and thick with a set of giant low hanging balls.  He was also bald as a baby's ass.  I asked him why he shaved and he said it was just more comfortable in the summer.  He felt he didn't sweat as much.  “I keep it nice and smooth too.  See?”  He took my hand and rubbed it over his groin right above his cock.  It was smooth.

“I don't know if I could do that” I said.  “Sure you could.  I’ll help you tonight.  Right now we have to do a double.  The other guys aren't coming in today.”  We went out on the deck and the beach was already getting crowded.  Did I mention we were stationed at the gay nude section of the beach?  It made for a very interesting day.  Guys always coming up to us in their all together on some pretext or another just to talk to us.  I loved every minute of it and not that I didn't make the best of it either.  I got plenty of head in the shack when no one else was around and got fucked a few times too.

That night at dusk we went into the shack and had a beer.  My partner said “Ok drop the suit.”  I looked at him.  “I told you I would help you.  You’ll never really know how good it feels till you are yourself.”  Slowly I dropped the suit and when I turned around he was naked.  “Figured you would feel more at east if I was naked too” he said.  He had water and a razor ready.  He smeared shave cream all over and around my cock and balls.  Slowly and methodically he shaved first my cock then my balls and then my crotch surrounding everything.  It felt weird but it did feel good.

“You’ll have to do it about every 2-3 days depending on how fast it grows back or you could always have it waxed and then it would stay out for at least a month.  It’s a little rough on the balls though that way.”  He took my balls in his hand and said so how does it feel.  I told him weird but good.  With that he bent down and took my cock in his mouth.  He sucked me off for a few minutes before asking me “And how does that feel.”  I looked down at him and told him fucking fantastic.  He told me “Good.  Lay on the cot and I’ll finish you off.  I could use a good load in my stomach.”

I lay down and held my cock which was rock hard up straight.  I was shocked when instead of him sucking me off he sat on my cock.  I watched as my cock slowly disappeared into his ass.  When he was resting on my balls he said “Ahhhhh now that's nice” and started to ride me like he would a horse or something.  He was soon bouncing so that just the tip of my cock stayed in his ass.  Next thing I knew I was being showered with cum.  Just from me fucking him and his cock bouncing on my stomach he had cum this river of cum all over me and the bed.  It was enough for me to shoot a load in his ass.  He felt it and jumped off and took my cock in his mouth to finish me off.  It felt great.

With that there was a knock at the door.  He just said to come in.  I freaked.  It was 2 of the surfers I knew from the beach.  ‘Seems like you started without us” one of them said.  The other turned around and said

“Well let’s get going.  I got things to do and you said we would get off tonight first.”  My life guard partner turned to me and said “Oh, I forgot to tell you we were hosting some cock tonight.”  With that he got on all 4's on the floor.  “Ok guys.  Which one wants this ass?”  The closest guy dropped his swim suit and spit on his cock.  “You’re mine” he said and shoved his cock in my partner. 


The other guy dropped his suit and said “So I guess you’re mine.  Assume the position.”  I just sat there.  He walked over and shoved me and then I got on all 4's.  He didn't even spit on his cock and shoved it in my ass.  Damn it hurt.  He was like a telephone pole in length.  They fucked us hard and furious not caring if we were enjoying it or not.  They came quickly and pulled out and cleaned themselves off with a towel that was on the floor.  Then they threw some money on the floor and said “See you on the waves tomorrow boys.”

I looked at my partner.  “What the fuck was that?  Honey, they come by once in a while after closing.  Fuck me or I suck them off and it's an easy 50 or 100 extra.” 

“Do they do it often”  I said.  “It is about twice a week.  They say it's easier and cheaper than finding pussy to get off with and my ass is tighter and I give better head.”

“Who else knows you do this?”  he said.   

“No one does. But if you want in on it I can arrange it.  There are a few other guys who want to but I can't handle them all.  Hell I could use all the money I can get and I’ll take on all fuckers.  Let me at them.  Arrange away and off I am on a new career move.  Instant hooker.”

Friday, September 21, 2012

Down on the Farm



Growing up outside of a small agricultural city in the mid-west, my preference for men was always the clean cut, corn fed farm boys!  It was all that I knew.


Despite the fact that we all were God-Fearing Christians, I got more than my share of action on our farm.   (Our church's Pastor instilled in us that "we could rot in hell if any of us engaged in pre-marital sex with a female!"   He never said it was wrong for the boys to play around with each other.....            SO WE DID!)

I jerked-off with the farmhands, sucked dick in the stables, traded butt-fucks in the hay loft!   The farm animals weren't the only ones who were attempting to breed!  (why should they get all of the fun?!!!)

Yep!  Life on the farm was great!  It was a simple time, with simple pleasures in rural America!

There wasn't much that we wouldn't do with/or to each other.  The only thing that was "taboo"  was to kiss one of your buddies.  You just didn't do that with another guy.  You could lick his butt crack, suck his cock, or fuck his ass, but...kissing was considered as absolutely disgusting!  It wasn't a "man-ly" thing to do.

The Summer that I turned twenty-three, my Dad suffered a back injury that limited his mobility.  I took on more responsibilities for managing the farm.

My responsibilities included supervising the day-to-day operating of our family business.  Managing the farm-hands in the fields.  Monitoring the yield from our crops.  Protecting the welfare of our live-stock and poultry.

It was a totally exhausting job!  The farm-boys that I had worked with for years, recognized my hard work and rewarded me each night outside of the bunk house!  We had a daily sexual orgy!  (It wasn't my Dad's way of managing the farm, but I kept the workers very happy!)


We had a camaraderie that no "city boy" could ever comprehend!  As that Summer waned into Fall, our Summer hires lined up for their bonus checks.  I bid each of them a goodbye for a handshake and a lingering kiss...

not a single guy objected!

It was the biggest profits that Summer that the farm had ever produced.  My Dad was totally impressed,  "Don't know how you got those lazy bums to work so hard this year!  Whatever you did to motivate them really worked.  By next year, I think my back will feel fine, but I want you to take total control of our hires for the season.  Do you think you can handle that?"

"No problem, Dad!  In fact, I have an idea of how to do an intensive interview of each guy!"

My Dad was totally oblivious, but I looked forward to next Summer!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hospital Stay

Hospital Stay

Story by Larry

I was in a bad accident and ended up in the hospital.  When I came to I was told where I was and that I would be there for some time due to my injuries and they asked if there were anyone they could contact.  The only one I could think of was my boss.  I have no family to speak of and none that I would need to notify.  I had very little money so I was a captive in a hospital bed with no TV, no books, no nothing.  I just laid in bed all day and night.  A few coworkers came the first day or 2 but after that I had no visitors.

I was in the hospital about a week when a male nurse started work on the night shift.  He was hotter than hot, a real man’s man and just the type I would give my left nut to have.  He would come in and take my vitals like they did at every shift and tell me I had to calm down that my heart rate was elevated.  I couldn't tell him he was the reason.
We got to talking over the next few days and he would come in after rounds and talk since he knew I had no visitors.  I loved the way he looked in his scrubs that he wore.  They were tight in the arms showing off his muscular arms and tight across his ass showing off his muscular ass as well.  God were they nice, tight, round globes.  I could close my eyes and imagine them out of his uniform.  How perfect they must look.

One night I asked to take a shower.  I was in the bed for over a week and a sponge bath was just not cutting it.  My male nurse, Oliver, came on shift and when he was taking my vitals I asked about a shower.  He said he would check with the doctor.  He came back later and said the doctor said ok as long as I had supervision which I jumped on and asked for him.  He said he would be in to take me down to the shower in a bit.  About an hour later he came in with a wheelchair and towels and razor and stuff.  He told me “Ok, it is time.  I brought a razor and stuff so you can shave too if you'd like.”  I told him he had no idea.
We got to the shower room and it was a good size, large enough to wheel the chair in and help me stand up.  He helped me undress and then turned and took his clothes off as well.  I got an instant hard on.  “I don't want to get my cloths wet but you look like you feel unsteady.”  He said as he turned on the water and stood with me under the stream of water and helped me wash.  I was in another world.  It was every man's or at least my dream, coming true.  He scrubbed me good and if I didn't know better he was paying exceptional attention to my genitals. 

I finished my shower and he turned off the water and started to dry me off.  He got to my cock and he held it a little longer than I thought needed but it still didn't dawn on me.  He got dressed and I got back in the wheel chair for him to take me back to my room.  He just put a blanket over me and didn't bother getting me dressed.  When we got back to the room he helped me in bed and then said “Ok, no more games.”  With that he bent over and took my cock in his mouth.  I inhaled deep and then asked what he was doing.  He looked at me and said “You know exactly what I’m doing.  I’m giving you exactly what you want.“  With that he took my cock in his mouth again and started to play with my ass as he sucked me off.

I was about to cum and told him so and he stopped sucking my cock.  He looked at me and said you think you can handle this and with that took my hand and held it to his cock.  He was a lot larger than I thought in the shower.  I told him I didn't know but I guess I was going to find out.  With that he stripped off his scrubs and climbed into bed with me. He whispering in my ear to roll over and next thing I knew he was between my legs and eating my ass like no one had ever eaten it before.  After a good ass eating he laid on top of me, his chest to my back and started to hump me in my ass crack.  He whispered again “Do you think you can handle this?”  I turned my head to kiss him and answered “Yes, yes I can, give it to me.”  With that he took his hand and guided his cock into my hole.

His cock head was just about inside me and I felt like he was tearing me apart.  He could feel me tense up and stopped.  I squirmed and took his cock a little further inside me.  I pushed up on my arms and told him to fuck me.  I wanted to feel him all the way inside me.  He started to push in again and put his arms under me and cupped them to hold onto my shoulders.  God he felt good.  Again I turned my head and told him “Fuck me man.  Fuck me hard.”  I loved the way he moved in and out of me and how he felt, his chest against my back.  He rocked me back and forth and shoved his cock in me deep.  Man I was in heaven.  It took some time but I felt a warm feeling in my ass and he was hissing in my ear “I'm cuming.  Take my load.”  I squeezed my ass around his cock and he groaned as the last drops of cum shot out of his cock head.

He pulled out of my ass and got a warm towel and cleaned up my ass and then sucked the rest of the cum out of me.  When he was done he stood up and said “That was just in case they decide to do an internal” and he laughed  “Besides I like the taste of my own cum, and your ass it mighty tasty too.”

By this time I was on my back but still naked.  They really don't like you’re not wearing at least a hospital gown but I didn't have one.  When I asked, he told me “Oh no.  I want to be able to have easy access to that cock of yours if I get hungry later.  Now go to sleep, get some rest.”  He woke me twice during the night and gave me a blow job to end all blow jobs.  The rest of my hospital stay was great.  Most people complain but I was serviced in more ways than one.  I got fucked at least once a night and blown at least twice a night.  Who could ask for a better way to mend broken bones in the hospital?  I can't think of one.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What the Fuck Day - Part 2

What the Fuck Day

Story by Larry

Part 2 of 2

I woke up before my friend so I took advantage of it.  I went in the house and put on a new cock ring I just bought.  It circled my balls tight pulling them down and away from my body and also circled my cock tight to keep it hard and sticking straight out from my body.  I lubed up my cock with a new lube too.  It got warmer as you fuck with it.  
I went out to the pool and he was still asleep.  It was perfect.  I pushed my cock so it would point straight down and then squatted and entered him.  He jumped but I had anticipated it and held him by his shoulders. He swung his head around as much as he could and said “Hey what are you doing I was only kidding before you know I’m a top and never get fucked.  I just looked down at him and said “I told you it is WTF day so now this is WTF.  You’re gonna get fucked.”  With that I plunged all 10" of my cock in his ass.

He yelled but knew it was no use to fight and just bit the towel on the lounge to keep from screaming more.  I started to pump in and out of him and could feel my balls sliding between his legs on it thrust.  I fucked him hard and long in this position and he finally dropped the towel and said "I give.  Fuck me all you want but let me roll over.”  I told him not to think of running away and he nodded.  When I let go he just rolled over and put his legs wide spread in the air.  He did not have to invite me twice.  I plunged back in his ass.  I fucked him with a vengeance making sure I was all the way in with each stroke.  I had to have fucked him for another 15 - 20 minutes before I felt my balls finally start to churn and get ready to cum.  I asked him where he wanted it but before he could answer I was filling his ass with my load. 

I pulled out and said turnabout is fair play and said “I cleaned your cock, now you clean mine.”  He swallowed it to the root and as he withdrew it from his throat he swirled his tongue around it and cleaned it that when he let the tip go it was clean.  He even licked my balls to make sure they were just as clean.  When he did that he realized I had a cock ring on and yelled “No wonder you took so long to cum.  It’s a miracle you came at all with that thing on.  It's so tight.”  I laughed and said “Lucky for you or actually lucky for your ass otherwise I’d still be pumping away.”  He laughed.  “Actually it wasn't so bad.  It felt pretty good.”
“Oh really” I said.  “Then I guess you won't be averse to doing it again.”  He said “What do you mean?”  I said “Look, I’m still hard.”  With that he laid back down and put his legs in the air.  “Might as well not fight” he said.  “You fuck me, we go one for one.  You fuck me now; I get to fuck you later.”  With that I got a better idea.  “Let’s call harry” I said.  “When he gets here we'll strip him and take what we want.”  Jim liked that idea so we did.  Harry said he'd be over in about 20 for a swim.

He walked in the back yard with only a thong and a towel.  It was even better.  Joe grabbed him by the elbows from behind, and I grabbed the thong and pulled it down and off him.  When he started to protest I just stuffed his thong in his mouth.  Joe told him we're horny and tired of fucking each other so we're gonna fuck you.  Now harry was straight so his eyes went wide.  He started to try and scream with the thong in his mouth and it didn't do too much good.  I went to kneel and suck his cock and he tried to kick me away.

Joe looked at me and said “It's gonna be that way I guess.”  We had prepared for that and fixed roped to the diving board making it easy to tie him down.  Minutes later he was laying on the diving board naked his arms stretched to the end by the pool and his legs to the beginning of the board.  I took some of the heating lube and rubbed it on his ass.  He squirmed all over to try and get away.  You could tell his ass crack was getting warm from the oil.  Jim walked over and without a second thought plunged his entire cock into harry.  Harry actually passed out.  I splashed water from the pool and when he came around I pulled his thong out of his mouth and sitting on the diving board shoved my cock in his mouth saying “Yell around this and no teeth now.”

Joe on the other hand had gotten into a good rhythm in Harry’s ass and was working up a good sweat.  It didn't take Joe long to shoot a hot load in Harry’s ass so when he was done we switched places.   He told me to clean his cock and get it hard while I fucked him.  We went at this for almost 2 hours switching places till harry couldn't get either of us hard before we let him go.  Boy was he pissed.  I told him I’d make it up to him.  He could fuck me any time he wanted.  He looked at us and said never and walked out.  I knew he was going to come back and sure enough about 15 minutes later, cock in hand, came through the gate and said “Joe you first.”  He fucked both of us twice before he couldn't get hard any more.  I told him to be fair i'd give it to him again.

He smiled.  You know this ass fucking is pretty good.  better than some pussy I’ve had.  With that he admitted he wanted to try it for a while and now knew and liked it.

We all ate dinner that night by the pool naked and then went skinny dipping.  After that everyone went home but by mid-week I was getting calls and by the week end a BBQ was arranged and we all ended up naked and well fucked by the end of the week end.  It was great.  See what a "WHAT THE FUCK" day can do for a person