Sunday, August 31, 2014

Freshman in College

Freshman in College

Story by Jay

I spotted him from across the lunch hall.  He kept staring at me.

He was a cute kid, and I found out later, he was a freshman in the college I was attending.  He kept looking at me and then looking at the door to the men's room.  He finally got up and walked over to the door to the men's room and took one last look at me before he went in.

I quickly followed.  There was no one in any stall but the last one.  The door was slightly ajar.  I entered and the cute kid was standing there with his pants pulled down.  His uncut cock was limp.

"Let me see your cock" he pleaded.  I hastily pulled my cock out,  I was erect.  He moved really fast and took hold of my cock and knelt in front of me.

"Nice one.  WOW, really nice."  He help my cock tightly and watch as precum dripped out of the tip of y cock.

He now moved slowly and sucked on the tip of my cock.  He took as much as he could into his mouth.  "I want your cum."  he asked as he increased sucking on my cock.  It did not take long.  I unloaded a mouth full of cum.  He was a champ and swallowed most of it.

"Same time tomorrow?" he asked.  I nodded me head.  I said "Same time, same place."  This school year is going to be interesting.

Saturday, August 30, 2014


Story by Larry

                                They brought him around to meet everyone when he finished with human resources and the minute he walked by my cubical I wanted to die.  I turn to see this 6'2" or so tall perfectly tanned man with a V shaped torso in a tight shirt and pleated dress pants that it was obvious were filled to capacity with cock and balls.  He had a perfect amount of scruff with beautiful blue eyes and black hair.  I became instantly hard.  We talked for a few and then he was taken around to meet the rest of the crew, then they brought him back to me to train. 

                                God I can't take it I need to get off.  Jerking off is not going to cut it either. Ii need some head.  I guess since I’m the only one on the train right now it's up to me.  I know I can do it I’ve done it before.  You see I open my pants and take out my throbbing cock.  I put my arms under my legs and pull my shoulders down and with my cock sticking straight up I can get at least 3 inches into my own mouth.   Then I just act as if I’m doing my curls when I work out and pull myself up and down on my cock. Ii swirl my tongue around the head and in no time I am swallowing my own load.  Well gotta go man I’m gonna suck myself off before I make my station and have to get off the train.  Talk to you later folks.  mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm good.

Friday, August 29, 2014

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Story by Jay

I met him at a bar.  He looked familiar but I could not place where or when we met.  We drank a few beers and I decided to ask him if he wanted to come over to my place.

Before I knew it, we were in the car heading to my place.  He was a pleasant sort and I felt comfortable in being around him.

When we got to my place, we quickly undressed each other.  He finally asked me "Do you want to use my wand?"

Then it hit me, he looked like Harry Potter.  I reached for his wand and magically it grew in size.  I swallowed his wand all the way to his hairy bush of pubic hair.  I was surprised how soft his pubes were.

We headed to the bedroom and fell into bed wrapped in each other arms.  After sucking each other for a while, he used his wand to fuck me.   It felt wonderful.  I came too quick.  But not to worry, he stayed around and used his want many times during the night into the wee hours of he morning.

It was a magical night.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Playing at the Gym

Playing at the Gym

Story by Jay

I hit the gym before the evening rush happens.  It gives me peace and quiet.  Although sometimes  someone shows up for some fun in the locker room.  Today was one of those days.  He grabbed a locker near to mine.  He got undressed and I took a glance and saw a nice uncut cock.

He saw me looking and turned towards me.    He held up his cock with his hand.  I was loving every minute of his playfulness.  "You like?"

I nodded yes.  "You can play, if you like."  Before I could doing anything someone came into the locker room.  He grabbed something out of his locker and then left.

I turned back to the guy next to me.  He had put on briefs when the guy came into the room, but now he had pulled them down.  I grabbed the end of his foreskin and tugged.

He removed his underwear and stood there.  It was nice uncut cock.  "Lick me."  I checked around and bent over to suck his cock.  I only did a few sucks.  I stood back up.

He was hard and his cockhead poked out from the foreskin.  "Suck me again."  I bent over and sucked.  He cock was easy to take and I took it all the way to the base of his shaft.  I felt his body tense, as he came.

"Thanks."  I replied "Anytime."  He got dressed and left saying "See you next time."

Tuesday, August 26, 2014



Story by Jay

I was hiking in the woods and came upon a guy sunning himself.  He was laying on a towel and had on red shorts.  When he saw me, he lifted his leg and  his cock and balls were exposed.   

He had a nice cut cock and two luscious balls.  I stopped walking and smiled.  I said “Nice day to sum yourself.  I like laying out nude myself.” 

He answered “Sounds good.  We got privacy here.  Why don’t you join me?”

I hesitated.  He pulled off his red shorts and laid there naked.  He had a nice bush of hair.  I started to undress.  I notice his cock getting harder as I got closer to being naked.  My cock was erect. 

I walked over to lay next to him.  But he stopped me and reached out to grab my cock. He said “Nice cock.”  He started to jerk me off.  My cock got harder.  Soon his mouth surrounded my cock.  He could suck.  I was breathing harder as he continued to suck. 

I could not hold any longer and I came in his mouth.  He swallowed every drop.

He said “Stay a while.  I want more of your cock later.”  I smiled.  

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Threesome - Part 2

Three Some
Story by Larry
Part 2 of 2

                He screamed and it felt great.  His ass was really fucking tight.  All of a sudden from nowhere a hand came around from behind and grabbed my pec.  The other hand was sliding down my waist towards my cock.  It felt good so I didn't think anything of it.  The guy I was fucking was trying to get off the bed so I pushed down on his back to keep him on the bed.  Then it happened.  The guy behind me shoved his cock balls deep inside me.  Now I’ve felt pain but nothing like this, even when I got the tattoo on my crotch ending on my cock. 

                Now for those of you who do not have a tattooed cock let me tell you it's painful, hot but painful. The director started to yell "Yeah now that's what I call action."  He filmed the entire thing up close and let me tell you I mean up close.  The amount of stills they took was crazy.  I dumped my load inside and then pulled out and shot the remainder all over his ass.  What I didn't realize was I still  had a cock in my ass.  I realized it when I came down off my orgasm high and he was still fucking away like a maniac, and I might add almost dry fucking.  I started to scream and they kept the cameras going.  Thank god it wasn't long before he pulled out and shot all over my back.  We all ended in a sweaty pool of flesh.  Once we all could move we stood up and I looked at the director.  “Congratulations” he said “with that fuck you just earned yourself 6 grand.”  A shower and a half hour later I was headed home 6 grand richer.  Life is good and so were they

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Threesome Part 1


Story by Larry

Part 1 of 2

                I thought they were kidding me when these guys came up to me in the bar and asked me if I wanted to make some extra money.  They wanted me to go to their hotel room and be the 3rd in the 3 some.  They kept feeding me drinks and as I got drunk they got freer with their hands and tongue's.  We were sitting on the benches along the wall, one on my left and one on my right.  One with his hand on my knee and one with his hand on my crotch and his tongue in my ear.

                After about an hour of this and a few more shots and beers I agreed.  What the hell it's only sex.  What they didn't tell me was there would be a camera crew filming it both in movie and stills.  The room was pitch black when we got there and one of the guys grabbed me as the other opened the door and kissed me.  Now who kisses with their eyes open.  I felt my way into the room and heard the door close.  Then the lights went on.  When I opened my eyes there was the crew. 

                A guy claiming to be the director walked over to me leaning against the wall and said so you’re the flavor of the evening. “You going to be able to get it up, man?”  I looked around and the other 2 guys from the bar were already naked and stroking their cocks.  I was drunk enough I said "What the fuck" and started to take my clothes off.  Once I was naked they told me to come here.  I walked in front of him and he pushed me down on the bed my legs still hanging off the bed by my knees.  Next thing I knew one guy was sucking me off and the other was sitting on my face telling me to eat his ass.

                This was going to be a night to remember.  These guys were built and by built I mean hung, like fucking Clydesdale horses.   During the course of the night I would eat both their asses, suck their cocks and they suck mine.  All of which was filmed and with stills taken of.  Around about dawn I was sobering up and I asked how much I was making.  Nice time to think of it but anyway the director told me I so far had a tally of 3 grand.  I asked him what he meant by a tally and he explained that each thing, blow job, rim, whatever was worth so much.  Then they factor in how much they got on film and how many stills they were able to take and that's what I got paid.  So far we hadn't fucked.  That must be the real money maker

                I guess he could read my mind because he told the guys let’s get to the finish.  First I fucked one of the guys while I sucked the other off.  Then we switched places and they fucked each other while sucking me off.  I got carried away when I was getting rimmed and jumped up and threw one of the guys over the edge of the bed on his stomach.  I got down and rimmed him quick and then spit on my cock and shove it in his ass.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Poll is Closed

Poll is Closed

There were more cut votes than uncut.  Anyway you look at it, playing with a cut or uncut cock is a lot of fun.  So keep playing.

Thursday, August 21, 2014



By Jay

I love seeing a guy in a pair of tight briefs.  I love seeing a cock pressing against the material.  I can lick your cock all day while wearing briefs.  Love rubbing my face against your brief.  Then slowing remove the brief to see your erect cock.

Do you like seeing guys in briefs?

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Put Your Hands Up

Put Your Hands Up

Story by Jay

I got home late and found the front door opened.  I looked around and founds some of my stuff on the floor.
Suddenly I heard "Hold it right there.  Out your hands up"

I was looking into the face of a guy holding a gun on me.  "Give me your money."

I was shaking like a leaf.  "Turn around.  Take off your shirt.  Get on your knees.  Pull down your pants."

I had my ass up in the air.  I felt the gun press against my asshole.  I yelled "Don't shoot.  I will do anything."

Nothing happened for a few minutes.  I heard his zipper and he said "Turn around slowly.  Now lick my balls."  I moved slowing and looked up to see his rock hard cock. He held his cock up as I started to lick his balls.  They were shaved.  So I took one ball and then the other and suck as best I could.

I was nervous and still shacking.  He yelled "Now suck my cock."

I took it into my mouth and suck.  He was moaning now and enjoying it.  "Lay on your back and take my cock up your ass."

I laid back and wished it would just end.  He use spit to lube his cock and started to fuck me,  It lasted too long before he finally came.

He pulled out.  I laid there shaking.  "You know what?  You did such a good job, you can have your stuff back.  Lock your door next time, unless you want me to fuck you again."

He left through the front door.  I was shaking but alive.  I closed the front door and locked it.  I looked down and saw that I was rock hard and leaking precum.  I stroked away until I came.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014



I am fascinated at the sight of an uncut cock. The way the foreskin covers the cockhead is trilling to me to see. Slowly the pee hole appears.  Then the skin gets pulled back to reveal the cock in all of it's glory.

WOW.  It is a sight to behold.  I love chewing on the foreskin which is something you can do with a cut cock.

Do your prefer uncut or cock cocks?  I bet your answer is all cock.

Sunday, August 17, 2014



Story by Jay

The company I work for is near the bad part of town.  I work from 4 PM till midnight.  When I leave I sometimes see the male hustlers out looking for customers.

There is this one guy that caught my eye.  He usually is shirtless and wears jeans.  To attract attention he pulls his jeans down so that his pubes are showing. 

I was intrigued enough that I wanted to see him close up.  I pulled over and asked if he needed a ride.  He replied that he did and climbed into the car.  Off we went.  I asked where to and he said Southside of town.

I kept glancing at his pubes.  I told him he had a nice bush of hair.  He unbuttoned his jeans and unzipped his pants.  I now could see his cock slowly rising as it got hard.  I pulled into a parking lot and smiled as I got a chance to see his cock get erect and lay in his bush of hair.

He pulled his jeans down to his ankles and spread his legs to reveal his balls.

He asked “Do you have a place to go to?”

I hit the pedal to the medal and we were in my apartment in no time flat.  He sat on a chair and I got a good look at him.  He was rather handsome with hairy pits as well as a hairy bush.  I did not have to ask, he got out of the jeans and I went to work on his cock. 

When he came, it was a bucketful.  I could hardy keep up with the load.  He saw that I was jacking off so he took over and I loved the feel of his hand on my cock.  He spit in his hand and lubed up my cock and I unloaded onto my stomach. 

I left him at the same corner that I found him.  I still see him every so often at the corner.  He stills comes in buckets.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Poolside Conclusion

Poolside Conclusion

Story by Larry

I finally couldn't take it anymore and while still on my knees got in an upright position and started to jerk my cock off.  Ethan lifted his head and opened his mouth waiting for talking with his mouth open and telling me he wanted my load.  He waited for his reward.  While I jerked myself off he reached down and furiously jerked his own cock and started to breath heavy.  He was close to cumming to just like me.

                                And then it happened.  I felt my balls begin to boil and then boil over,  I could feel my load traveling from my balls through my cock and suddenly shoot from my cock head.  Ethan had his tongue out and it landed on it and started to run down the side.  He pulled his tongue in rapidly so as not to lose it and then stuck it out again for the next volley of cum.  He wanted it all.

                                I fell forward after shooting catching myself with my outstretched hands over his head so I didn't fall flat on him.  He took that as an opportunity and sucked my cock down to the root again making sure he got my entire load.  At the same time he jerked himself furiously and moaned so load while I was in his mouth I could feel the vibrations to my nipples.  He was shooting his own load high in the air and it landed all over his crotch, the cushion and my back.  He dropped my cock and was breathing heavy. 

                                He looked up at me and just smiled.  “How about a swim?” he said. “I’m hot as hell.”  I laughed as I stood up.  “I’ll say you are” and jumped in the pool.  He soon followed.  We had a great afternoon swim.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Poolside Part 4


Story by Larry

                                I finally couldn't take much more and spun around with my legs up by his head pinning his arms to his side and my cock near his face.  I pulled his head up to meet my cock and he gladly sucked my cock as far as he could into his throat.   He even took his hands and put them on my ass as a brace to take the pressure off so he could suck my cock all the more easily.

                I helped him suck my cock for a while by pulling his head down my shaft and the letting his head go till he only had my head in his mouth and then pulling it back down the shaft.  He was moaning and swirling his tongue around my shaft because he knew that drove me crazy.

                                At one point I let go of his head and he came off my cock long enough to say "Man what did you do shave?"  I laughed as I pulled him back onto my cock and said "Yeah baby just for you, you like it?"  I really didn't do it just for him I did it for another guy at work that sucks me off from time to time.  He mentioned my pubes were long and tickled his nose so I trimmed them and shaved all but a small area over my cock.  I shaved my balls, cock, under my balls and even tried to shave my ass.

                                Actually it's a very different feeling being shaved.  You feel whoever is sucking you off more as their lips slide down your shaft.  If he nibbles and sucks on your crotch you are more sensitive and feel that a lot more.  The hair doesn't and the guy at work said "It gets in the way of the task at hand.  Driving someone crazy to the point of cumming" which I was going to do real soon.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Poolside Part 3


Story by Larry

                Finally Ethan picked his head up high and grabbed both my hips swallowing my cock till his nose was buried in my balls.  i knew what was going to cum next.  Not I but he would work on that soon.  He was going to deep throat me and edge me this way for a bit and then it was open season on my ass.

                                When we got into this position i went for his ass right away.  i licked and sucked his balls on my way around to his ass crack where I proceeded to lick and suck and force my tongue into his hole and really make him go crazy.  He loved my tongue in his ass and I loved to put it there.  He had a great tasting ass.  Today I felt like having my ass ate out.

                                I pushed myself up on my arms after eating his ass a bit and backed myself down to a sitting position over his face.  He lifted his head and went to town with his tongue.  He spread my cheeks apart and was licking and sucking the entire length of my crack and hole and then he began to tongue fuck me.  I was half out of it, my mind racing about how good it felt to have his tongue in my ass that i couldn't even bend down and suck his cock like I usually do.  

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Poolside Part 2

Poolside Part 2

Story by Larry

Eventually I licked his nearly hairless balls a few times.  They were nice and round and the sack tight from the cool water.  Then I moved on to his cock and slowly sucked it into my wet mouth.  He tasted great as always.  I slowly started to suck his soft cock and it grew rapidly in my mouth.

I loved sucking his cock.  I’d slide my mouth up and down the shaft and hold it tight enough in my lips that his foreskin would slide back and forth over his cock head.  When i tasted his precum I’d grab it in my hand and pull the skin back so i could lick what precum had pooled inside and tease his piss hole with my tongue before going back to sucking his cock in earnest.  Sometimes I’d get carried away and suck him so hard and fast that he'd shoot long before I’d actually want him to but the end result was worth it too.  Today after sucking him off for a while i turned myself around so my cock was at his mouth as well

Ethan readily lifted his head and sucked my cock head into his mouth.  He maneuvered his arm so he could guide my cock where he wanted it.  He liked to not only suck my cock but get my cock head good and wet and when I started leaking precum rub it all over his face.  One time he almost ended up with my cock up his nose or at least tried to get it up his hose.  It’s way too big to fit in his nostrils we sucked each other off like this for a long time edging each other but not letting either of us cum.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Poolside Part 1

Poolside Part 1

Story by Larry

                                My friend from school and fellow fuck buddy Ethan lives in a really great house.  I mean it’s not that I don't have a nice house too but both Ethan’s parents work and he's an only child.  All he has to do is suggest it might be nice to have something and it appears. Like last year he suggested to his parents it would be nice to have an in ground pool.  By the end of the season the arrangements were made and just before winter set in it was installed.

                                The landscaping around it was done in early spring and the pool was fully operational by May.  We swam almost every day.  It’s great because it's a big pool, a big house and we actually have it all to ourselves.  Like I said both Ethan’s parents work so he's alone a lot, even at night.  That’s how we became fuck buddies.  I stayed with him one night and he thought i was asleep and tried jerking me off.  Didn’t he get the surprise when I grabbed his cock and started to jerk him off as well?  That was the first night we fucked.

                                Yesterday I had to work so I went to Ethan’s right afterwards and let myself in and put my swim suit on cause I didn't know if anyone else was around so I could meet him by the pool.  If we're alone we skinny dip. He was laying right alongside the pool when I went outside.

                                I slid into the water on the opposite side of the pool without him hearing me and went over to where he was laying.  He must have just gotten out of the pool and was laying on a mat and his suit was clinging low to his hips and tight to his cock and balls even though it was a loose fitting suit.  He looked hot.

                                We both were in the mood and once he told me the house was ours for the night AGAIN that both his parents were away on business for the week end, I climbed out of the pool and slipped his suit off him to expose his uncut cock and then started to lick and kiss my way up his legs to my main object.

                                He tasted of the salt water from the pool.  i thought it weird that it was salt water in a pool but they always had the newest of things and salt water pools were said to be the best.  Anyhow I worked my way up to his knee, then to his thighs, then to his crotch and lifted his balls and licked to my heart’s content making him moan and eventually asking me to suck his cock.  Just what I wanted to do

Sunday, August 10, 2014



Now here is a batman movie that I would love to see.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

At the Park

At the Park 102

Story by Jay

I found that the park had a lot of activity.  Yes, I could run into the guy who just wanted to jack off and then disappear unto the woods.  But then there were the guys who loved to layout in the sun.  They would show their cocks and balls sticking out of their shorts.  What a sight that was. 

I would rub my cock and show that I liked what I saw.

His cock would poke out and when he noticed that you liked seeing it, he was get aroused and get all big and hard.  Sometimes they wanted more that you seeing them lay there.  They would wander into the bushes and I would follow.  Then we would play with each other’s cock and then jack off until we came in the woods.  Watching his cock grow and then explod and shoot his load would be a turn on.  

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Poll is Closed


Most votes went to shaved balls, with the rest of the hair trimmed.  That is the one I like the most.  

Thanks for voting.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Crash at My Place

Crash at My Place

Story by Jay

We were celebrating John’s promotion at work.  He worked hard for the new position and I was glad for him.  John kept buying rounds of drinks and before long we were both drunk.  My place was the closest to the bar so I invited John into crashing at my place.

We got to my place in one piece although I am not sure how.  I helped John to my bed.  I undressed myself and was going to climb into bed when I notice that John still had his shoes on.  I took them off. 

His cock was rock hard and pretty impressive.  He had trimmed his hair and his balls felt smooth.  He reached over and started jerking me off.  He tried lifting his hear to look at my cock but he could not do it. 

He asked me to get overhead.  I straddled him and he reached up and grabbed my cock and pulled me down so that he could suck my cock.  I liked it and took his massive cock in my mouth and sucked him. 

We sucked for a few minutes when he said he was ready to cum.  I got ready and started swallowing as soon as his cum started to fill my mouth.

He had released my cock and was sucking on my balls.  I started to jack off when I felt his tongue in my ass.  I never had that done to me before.  It sent me over the edge and I said I was ready to cum.  He moved to take my cock into his mouth and sucked me dry. 

We both went off to sleep in a matter of minutes.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Cock Sandwich

Cock Sandwich

Here is a nice cock sandwich for you.

In case you are on a diet, here is a nice cock without the bread.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

At the Park 101

At the Park 101

Story by Jay

I enjoy going to the park.  I don’t like the bugs and insects but after my first visit I was hooked.

I took a trail and before long I spotted a guy standing in the bushes.  He looked around to make sure there were no one in the area.  He stepped out of the bushes and smiled.  I smiled back when I saw his nice thick cock.
He was uncut and big, very big.  He kept looking around while he grabbed his cock and started to jack off.  The thought of me watching him was all it took.  He started breathing hard.  His cock was now poking its head past his foreskin.  He pointed his cock at me.  His cockhead was huge.  Then he erupted and shot his load.  It flew across the trail and landed near me. 

He milked his cock of the last few drops of cum.  He quickly put his cock away and disappeared into the woods.

I was instantly hooked on going to the park.