Saturday, December 31, 2011

My New Years' Resolution



I would sometimes wonder how I ended up with such a hot fucking boyfriend like Tad.  What an absolute hunk!   With an uber gym body, a model's face and a big dick, he was a real catch!   I was the envy of all of my friends.  There are other times when I would think, why the fuck am I with Tad?   He can be an inconsiderate giant prick!  If only my friends knew the truth! 

 I met both Tad and Brady at the same time. The three of us met in the park on a pick-up football game one Saturday.   It was a toss-up who I would end up with.  They are both really awesome looking guys.  I ended up with Tad as a lover, and Brady as a friend.    Only because Tad pursued me, while Brady wasn't quite as aggressive.

With Tad, Sex was disappointing because it was always all about him.     He would lay back and have me suck his dick, or he would pound my ass.  Occasionally, he would jerk me off.   That was about all I got out of him.   Some nights he would fall asleep and leave in the morning.    Most of the time, he would just get up and dress to leave right after we had sex.  In the beginning, we went out to the bars together or to parties.   Lately, it was just a quick visit from him for sex.

I would try to initiate plans to go out on a real date for a nice dinner or a movie.  He would agree, but at the last minute, he would cancel.  "Sorry, Baby, I have to work late tonight",    "Something came up, can we do it another night?".   or  "I just don't feel like going out, I'm tired!"

Usually on those occasions, I would call up Brady.    He was always anxious and willing to join me for the dinner or at the cinema.  He became a much better friend than the guy I called 'my lover'.    I loved spending time with Brady, while I waited for Tad to show up to have sex with me. 
 I knocked myself out with searching for a very special Christmas gift for Tad.  He barely looked at it and handed me a fifty dollar gift card to a grocery store, not even in a Christmas card.  He didn't even spend Christmas Eve or Christmas Day with me.  "I've already made plans with my family and friends."   He didn't include me in his plans.   I was starting to get really pissed!

I never heard from him during the days after Christmas till he sent me a text on December 31st:  "Have your ass dressed and ready at 9 pm.  I need a date for New Years' Eve!  Brady's big party!"   I read that message, over and over, and each time it got me madder!   On top of everything, Brady was my friend, not his!  If it hadn't been for Tad, I would be with Brady right now.

I WAS DONE!      I decided my New Years' resolution was to "Rid my life of Tad and find someone who could appreciate me!"   I sent him a text,

"Sorry Tad!  Goodbye! It was nice knowing you!  You can go fuck yourself tonight!".

Instead of hiding in my apartment, it was New Years' Eve and I felt like celebrating my independence.   I put together an outfit, groomed myself and headed over to Brady's party.    I arrived dressed in a provocative leather outfit:  A vest, harness, chaps with a cod piece, and boots!     I didn't give a shit if I was the only one who didn't have someone to kiss at midnight, at least, it wouldn't be with that fucking ass-hole, TAD!

Arriving at the party, I told Brady about the break-up.  He swore he would keep it in confidence, but within minutes, it was the buzz of the entire room.    I didn't care!   Tonight, I was the one who looked hot, the one that everyone noticed!   Especially, Brady!   Every time he came near, he would grope my bare ass.   Since my drink was continually replenished by him, I was certainly not feeling any pain as Midnight approached.

Jack Ass Tad, made an appearance, by himself,  just minutes before the clock hit midnight.   When I noticed him walk in the door, I grabbed Brady, who was nearby, and planted my mouth on his.  At the stroke of the new year, my tongue was still implanted in his mouth. 

As it turned out, Tad was the only one red faced without a man on New Years' Eve.   I didn't remember a whole lot after that kiss.

The next thing I do remember, for sure, was waking naked in Brady's bed.  It was sometime before sunrise on New Years' Day.  Brady was awake, laying next to me on the bed, naked and looking really hot.   I had one hell of a hangover.

"Geez,  Brady,  I don't remember much of anything from last night.   Please tell me I didn't do something stupid enough to make a fool out of myself!"

"You really don't remember anything?   You were fantastic!   Tad ran out the door after you decided to jack up the party as the 'entertainment'!

You did a strip-tease on my dining room table and danced naked for my guests.  They all loved it, and so did I."

"Oh fuck!  Now, I remember some of it...oh shit!'s all coming back to me now!   WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU PUT IN THOSE DRINKS?  And is there anything else I need to know?"

"I certainly hope you remember we had sex!  It was really fantastic!"

"Gosh...sorry Brady!  Maybe that's why my ass is throbbing as much as my head right now!"  I took a look at his naked body, "Maybe, you can refresh my memory.  Wanna do it all over again?"

We did!   We sucked each other till we were both erect.   Brady fucked my ass with his big dick  He left his New Years' present buried in my ass then swallowed mine as he finished me off. 

His tongue was deep in my mouth as It was the start of a brand new year!   My resolution was intact!  Starting the new year with a new man, I was sure it would be a great year.  WITHOUT TAD!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Break

Christmas Break

I was all alone at home.  I had the entire house to myself.  Mom and Dad went out.  I was home for Christmas break from college.  I laid in my bed.  I was horny.  So horny, the only relief was to immediately jack off.  I stripped down and released from cock from the tight confines of my briefs.  It stood straight up, beckoning me to jack off. 
I wanted to play first.  I pushed my cock down and pointed it at my feet.  I ran a finger along the ridge of my cock head.  My cock grew larger. 

I pushed it over to the side.  I felt a drop of precum drop to my leg.  I reached under my cockhead and transferred the precum to my finger.  I rubbed it all over my cockhead.  My cock grew some more.

I squeezed my cock to release any remaining drops of precum.  This time I moved my hand in front of my face and licked my finger.  It tasted sweet.  I sucked on my finger, getting it all moist.

I let my cock loose and it sprang upwards.  It wanted attention.  I was through teasing it.  I grabbed my shaft and started to jack off.  I let my other hand reached between my legs and find my ass hole.  I stuck my wet finger into my hole, digging deeper.  It felt so good. 

I fingered my hole while I jacked off.  I pushed two fingers in my hole.  Waves of excitement pulsed through my body.  I let out a low moan, which in time turned into a low cry.  I needed to cum.  I wanted to cum.

It was building to a big finish. I pointed my cock upward and the first spurt shot up and landed on my cock.  There was more to cum.  The next spurt shot up and landed on my pubes.  The remaining spurts landed on my balls. The cum flowed off of my balls and pooled at between my balls and leg. 

I heard the front door closed.  Mom and Dad were back home.  I finished just in time.  I ran to my bathroom and cleaned up.  Christmas break can be such fun

Thursday, December 29, 2011

NASA Report

NASA Report

The orbiter satellite Galileo IV has finally reached its destination.  The first photos are of craters on the planet E24G. 

The original thought was that it was a dormant planet.  Volcanos are evident on the next photo with possible vegetation growing around it. 

Around the equator all craters show no activity. 

But near the pole region, one photo of a volcano actually shows what seems like lava flowing from it.

One interesting photo shows hills to the north of it with a valley south of it.  There is discussion among the scientist on how this could have developed.    

One photo that is yet to be analyzed by the scientist is yet to be determined how the outcropping of fingers on either side of the volcano was created.  One thought is it is from erosion of possible water flowing at some time in the planet development.

Further updates will be released from NASA.

Kris, Hobo, and Me! (As Told by Hobo)




(Oh, darn!  I forgot that you readers don't speak 'cat'.   Okay, so I'll translate into your 'people talk'.)

In case you haven't heard of me, my name is "HOBO".   My Dad named me after he rescued me one night in a dark alley.  I'm glad he found me, because I was really scared, after I got separated from my Mom.   Thank God, he came along when he did.  Christmas was coming up and I was cold and hungry.   Daddy Kris found us a nice temporary home with another guy.   I like him too!   He scratches my neck and gives me good treats.

We helped that guy decorate his house.   Well, actually, Dad did all the work, but I watched, in-between my naps.  I got to play in all of the empty boxes.  It was a lot of fun

I guess as humans go, my Dad is really cute.  He never yells at me or treats me bad.  I really like it when we lay on the floor and play.  He always lets me sleep with him, which is really nice.  Sometimes, my Dad is really sad.   I think he got separated from his Mom too.   On occasion, when he is alone, I've seen him cry. 

Whenever Dad is really sad, I do my best to make him smile.   One good way is to pretend that I just tripped while I was running.  Actually, I'm not very clumsy, but it makes him laugh.  I can tell you what I think is really funny, like when Dad and his friend take off their fur (or whatever they call that stuff they wear.)   It makes me smile to see them naked

There are times when I get confused.   My Dad rubs against his friend and touches him.  They put their mouths together a lot.  They seem to like to do that.   I've even seen them 'groom' each other between their legs.  (At least, I think that's what they were doing.)   

Hey, I may be just a little kitten, but I know when something is up!   Like, when they make me stay out of the bedroom.  I peek under the door and watch them.   It looks really goofy when they do some stuff together.  I hear a lot of moans coming from that room.  (Moans are how humans purr!)   I only watch til I get distracted.   There's a lot of shiny stuff to play with on the tree.  (I'm still trying to figure out why they put a tree inside of the house.)

I woke up on Christmas morning with a pretty bow around my neck.   I didn't make a fuss about it, since Dad also had one on his chest.  After we all ate, I got to play in some pretty paper under that tree.   Everything was fun until they got really serious about things they were talking about.

I hope everything is okay with my humans because I like living here.  I'll just have to think up more cute stuff to do, so we can stay together.

Then, I will have two Daddies!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011




I was convinced that after our very intimate Christmas Day together,  Kris was 'on board' to remain here as a part of my life.  At the very least, I hoped so!   That was not the reality.    The following day, he said, "I don't know what I am going to do. To stay here, or go?      I'm really confused.   You don't make it any easier for me!"  

I quickly changed the subject.  I think I was totally in denial.  Maybe, if we never talked about his leaving, it wouldn't happen.  Hopefully,  Hobo and Kris would stay with me forever!   I changed my strategy and got Kris to open up to me about his tragic family life.  I questioned him about his two years living on the streets.  Maybe, if he remembered his life before me, he would want to stay.
The stories he told me, totally infuriated me.  His parents were strict Pentecostal Christians, but there was nothing very Christian about the way they had treated their son.    They were strict with their discipline for the least little infraction.   Growing up gay, Kris had to hide his sexuality.  At eighteen, he made the mistake of telling them.   They reacted by throwing him out of the house in the middle of his final year of high school.  Kris dropped out of school.  With no means of support, he had to do whatever he could to survive.  When the generosity of his classmates and friends dried up, he had no choice but to turn to hustling on the street.  Kris wouldn't divulge everything, but I knew it had been a nightmare scenario.  He had been abused by a lot of ruthless men.   Sex on the streets, in parked cars and dark alleys.  Forced to do unspeakable things with strangers, just to get enough cash to eat his next meal or the rent in some cheap motel.
Hearing those awful stories, I just wanted to hold him closer.  Maybe I could erase all of those painful memories from his very young life.  Then I remembered something I had read years ago.  It was Maya Angelou's book, "I Know Why The Caged Birds Sings."   What I had taken away from the book was:  'you can hold a bird in your hand, but he will only stay as long as he wants to.  If you close your hand around him, he will want to escape and fly away.'
I decided that if Kris would stay or go had to be his decision.  Each night we made love and fell asleep in each other's arms.  I didn't pressure him to make his decision, but I told him each day that I loved him.    The week between Christmas and New Years was filled with numerous house parties to attend.    I would dress Kris up and he was always my date.  Despite his young age, he would always captivate our hosts and their guests with his charming personality.  He was never an embarrassment to me and I was proud to have him next to me.
In the meantime, Hobo found a new friend.  Another cat that wandered into my yard and decided to just stay.  I was sure that it was an impossibility, but they almost looked like they were related.  Hey, what was wrong with having one more 'stray' in my house?  The two of them really hit it off and kept each other company.    That was a very good thing, since my mind was occupied with other thing.

Finally, New Years Eve arrived.  My friend, Rick, was once again throwing his annual holiday extravaganza.  It was just days till my Christmas decorations would have to come down and Kris would come to his decision.  I was running out of excuses to keep him with me.  I didn't have a clue about what he would decide.  We went off to Rick's party and at the stroke of Midnight, Kris kissed me.  His tongue was buried in my mouth for an eternity.   He finally pulled away and whispered in my ear,  "Not tonight.  Let's talk tomorrow."
(will the story continue?)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

OH ROBBIE - A Repost


OH Robbie – Airplane Ride

Robbie made up his mind quickly.  He was ready to move to the big city.  I told him he could stay with me.  Also I was pretty sure I could get him a job in the mailroom, since I was office manager.

We had an early flight.  Robbie was up on time, dressed and with luggage in hand.  He was grinning when I came down for breakfast.  This was Robbie first flight, so he was eager to fly.  When we got to the airport, he was wide eyed , gawking at everything.  When he saw the airplane through the big windows of the airport, he ran to the window.  He waved for me to come next to him.  He was like a little kid.

I heard the announcement of the boarding for our flight.  I pushed him along to our gate and got in line.  He was at my side as we inched through the gate.  He wanted a window seat, so I let in get seated first.  We buckled up and waited for take off.   

When the plane taxied, Robbie got nervous.  He gripped my hand and squeezed.  The plane picked up speed and we were off.  His mouth dropped opened as he stared out the window and saw items on the ground get smaller and smaller.  Once we were above the clouds, Robbie relaxed and was amazed at the sights. 

After a while, he turned to me and said, “I need to go to the bathroom.  Can you take me?”  I took him back to the rear of the plane and open the door to let him in.  As he entered he pulled me in.  He turned to face me and had the biggest grin on his face.  His eyes were twinkling with mischief.

All he could say was “Mile High Club.”  He wrapped his arms around me and gave me a bear hug.  Before I knew it he had unbuckled and unzipped my pants and pulled them down with my underwear.  He fondled my cock and I got erect and hard quickly.  In the cramped quarters, he was able to knell down and take my cock in his mouth. 

He massaged my balls as he pumped my cock in and out of his mouth.  This unexpected sex was a turn on.  I relaxed and let Robbie go to work on me.  He took my cock deep in his mouth and I knew I was close to cumming.  I took control and pumped faster.  I came, and Robbie swallowed my load.   

We used the small sink to clean up.  When we looked presentable, we headed back to our seats.  Robbie looked at me grinning and giggling.  He leaned over and said, “Mile High Club.”   All I could say was “OH  Robbie.”

OH Robbie – Apartment

The ride to my place seem to take forever.  We were both tired from the flight.  The taxi weaved through the traffic.  Robbie was tired and laid leaning against me.    I closed my eyes.  I almost fell asleep when I felt a hand moving under my shirt.  It lightly caressed my chest.  He used his fingertips and ever so lightly touched my nipples.  As he moved in circles around my nipples, I got more aroused.  He stopped and played with the few hairs that I had on my chest.   

He moved his hand down to my navel, played with the hairs under my navel and then he reached in and unbuttoned and unzipped my pants.  He followed the hairline to my thick bush of black pubes.  He reached down and found my cock.  I was already hard.  He reached down below my cock and cupped my balls.  He rolled them in his hand. 

We stopped as the taxi pulled over at my place.  I quickly zipped up and buttoned my pants.  I paid for the ride and we headed inside.  No sooner did we get inside as we started to undress.  Robbie was naked first.  He grabbed my hand and led me to the bedroom.  I kicked off my underwear and pulled off my socks and jumped in bed, landing on top of Robbie.

His hands made sure I stayed hard.  He raised his legs and massaged my cock and pushed it towards his ass.   I found his opening and inserted my cock.  His hips went to work, gyrating and pushing my cock, in and out.  I just knelt there as his ass moved.  I could not tell if he was fucking me or I was fucking him.   

I decided to take over and started to fuck him as Robbie took his cock and stroked it.  I watch his face as he tightened his grip on my cock and I came.  He followed by cumming all over his chest.  I dropped on top of him completely exhausted. 

I went into the bathroom and got a towel and cleaned us both up.  I turned off the light.  I felt his hand moving on my chest.  He said, “Again?”  I rolled my eyes and replied, “OH Robbie.’        

OH Robbie – Observation Deck

Robbie wanted to see the sights.  This was his first time in the really big city with skyscrapers.  I took him down to the tallest building that had an observation deck.  We got there early before the crowds.  Robbie was amazed at seeing the city below us.  It was an awesome sight for him to behold.  He felt it was like being on top of the world. 

He told me, “I would love to have sex on top of the world.”  I replied, “OH Robbie.”  But he had that look in his eyes and started to grin.  He looked around and then grabbed my hand and pulled me up to a platform.  It was our won private area, shielded from the rest of the deck.  It had a great view overlooking the city.  

Robbie stared out to view the landscape.  Traffic flowed through the city streets.  People as tiny as ants scurried to work.  Robbie got behind me and put his arms around me.  He whispered, “Isn’t this great?”

He squeezed me and said, “I love this.”  He reached down and unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock.   He massaged it until it was hard, which did not take long.  He pulled out his cock and placed my hand on it.  We started to jack each other off.  I have to admit, being so high up overlooking the city, it was an awesome sight and feeling. 

I looked at Robbie and his face beamed with bliss.  He started to jack off faster and I tried to keep pace with him.  He leaned out and let his cum fly out and down onto the city below.  I watched his cum shoot out of his cock and arch up and out.  I could only image where it was going to land.  Some lucky person was going to have it rain cum on him.  He continued to cum.  When he finally shot the last of it, I began to cum. 

Robbie took over and pumped my cock to shot my load.  He watched as it traveled out and up into the air and then down to the world below.  We put our cocks back in our pants and Robbie resume standing behind me and held me as we looked out at the world in front of us.  He backed up against the wall of the building and sat down, pulling me down with him.  He turned and smiled.  We sat and viewed the world from the top of the world. 

OH Robbie – New Job

I arranged an interview for Robbie with the company I worked for.  It was with the manager of the mailroom.  I bought Robbie some business casual clothes.  He was all excited. 

After the interview, he came into my office.  He was not smiling.  I braced myself for some bad news.  He leaned down and was within inches of my face.  He whispered, “I got it.”  A big grin broke out on his face. 

We headed home to celebrate.  He was so excited.  He never stopped grinning.   I told him to take his work clothes off.  He needed them for tomorrow.  He undressed down to his briefs and started jumping on the bed.  I shook my head and said, ”OH Robbie.”  He jumped off the bed and landed right in front of me. 

As he danced a little dance around me, he said, “Thanks, Thanks, Thanks.” I grabbed him to calm him down and he pulled me down onto the bed.  His cock brushed against me and I felt his hard cock.  He took off my shirt and then my pants.  I removed his briefs and kissed his cock.  I licked it as Robbie took my cock and swallowed it to the base of my shaft.  I could feel his breath on my pubes as he held the position.

He slowly went to work on my cock.  I moved him to be on top of me and he straddled my face.  I took his cock and went deep with it into my mouth.  His ass was sticking out and begged for attention.  I released his cock and licked my way to his asshole.  I took a few swipes with my tongue and then plunged it as deep as I could into his ass. 

He moved around and grabbed the headboard of the bed and rested his head.  His ass was all primed for me.  I held his shoulders and I entered his ass with my cock.  He bucked his hips and I plowed deeper. 

The headboard creaked as we fucked.  The sound got louder as we increased our activity.  Then there was silence, as I shot my load and Robbie felt the warm semen splat within him.

Robbie laid on his stomach looking at me.  He put an arm around me.  He smiled and said, “I got a job.  Thanks.”

OH Robbie – The Job

Robbie was very professional when he was at work.  He turned out to be efficient, hard working, and use his personality in working with his fellow coworkers.  He was well liked, which did not surprise me.

Once we left the office, he turned into that wide-eyed, child of a man, who saw things with this fun loving, enthusiastic self.  Be it in a taxi ride, top of a skyscraper, or in the bedroom, he turned the occasion in a sexual romp that I grew to love.

One day at work, we stayed late as I finished up on some work.  He kept busy with reading a magazine.  Everyone had left and we had the place to ourselves.  I finally had finished with my work and we headed for the elevator to head home. 

I pressed the button for the lobby, and the elevator started its decent.  Half way down it stopped with a jerk.  Lights went out and the emergency lights kicked in.  I grabbed the phone in the elevator and called maintenance.  They were going to send someone but it would be 30 minutes. 

I turned and saw that Robbie looked worried and nervous.  I sat on the floor and patted the ground and said, “Let sit and wait this out.”  He sat down next to me.  He was so close to me, he was almost in my lap.  I decided I needed to distract him and get his mind off of the situation.  I decided to act like Robbie and see the fun in the situation. 

I grabbed him and held him close and started to tickle him.  He grinned and tickled back.  He was considerable stronger than me, but I was able to pin his arms down.  I gave him a kiss.  He flashed his grin and his eyes had that gleam in them.  He kissed back.  This time the kiss was longer.  Each kiss was more intense. 

I loosened the grip on his arms.  We continued kissing but his arms went to work removing my clothes.  I helped removing my clothes and was soon naked.  I laid there as he undressed.  I watched as his naked body slowly was revealed with each piece of clothing he removed.  He was a magnificent specimen of a young man.  His muscle rippled as he pounced on top of me. 

We kissed and then he started his tongue licking beginning at my face and he traveled the length of my body down to my cock.  As he started sucking me, I pulled his body around and attacked his cock.  I took the full length of his cock deep into my mouth.  I felt his tongue against my cock as he sucked me.  Our animal instinct took over.  We forgot that we were stuck in an elevator.  Our main goal was to give pleasure and have sex.  We laid on our sides and continue to suck.  Robbie was the first to cum.  The thick white wad of semen hit the back of my throat and caught me off guard.  I quickly try swallowing before the next wad hit.  As I came, I stopped swallowing.  The cum accumulated in my throat.  I held it until Robbie finished cumming.  He sucked the last drops from my cock and licked my cock clean.  Finally my throat was clear of all his cum.  I sat up and Robbie sat almost on top of me and kissed me.   

The phone in the elevator rang and woke us back to reality.  They said it would be five more minutes.  I told Robbie “Let’s get dressed.” 

When the elevator stopped in the lobby, Robbie was relieved.  He was grinning from ear to ear.  As we left the building, he said, “Can we do that again tomorrow?”  I just shook my head and said, “OH Robbie.” 

Monday, December 26, 2011




Waking up on Christmas morning with my new found gay family was more than I could have hoped for!   Kris and little "Hobo" came into my life on December 1st, and it had been an amazing month together.   My friends all said, they had never seen me happier than I was this Christmas.  I was really falling for Kris.  Whatever was happening between us, I never wanted it to end.
My best friend, Rick, said, "You always take in 'strays', this time, it seems like it's going to work out.  For your sake, I hope so!"
I sat on my sofa gazing at Kris's hot little body while he cuddled with Hobo under my Christmas tree.  Both Kris and I were sporting 'morning wood', our own personal 'yule logs'.  I wanted desperately to crawl up between his legs and suck his big dick, like I did last night.  Instead, I opted to just watch him sleep and slowly stroked myself.  He looked so peaceful and angelic that I didn't want to disturb him.
Hobo woke up first and staggered around for a few minutes.  It's fun to watch kittens and puppies do that.  He spotted the bow on Kris's chest and, for a moment, I thought he might pounce.  Instead, he focused his attention on the low-hanging metallic balls on the tree.  When you are a kitten, everything is a toy!  I watched in amusement as he totally un-decorated the bottom of my tree!  When an ornament hit Kris on the chest, he finally woke up.
I gave Kris a quick Christmas morning kiss, snatched up Hobo and headed to the kitchen.  To keep him occupied, I fed Hobo, while I prepared apple-cinnamon pancakes and hot chocolate for Kris and I.   I wanted everything to be perfect. 

I made plates for us and returned to the living room.   We sat beside each other on the sofa to eat.  With a tear in his eye, Kris turned to me and said, "This has been my best Christmas ever, but I think Hobo and I have over-extended our stay.  Maybe it's time for us to move on."
I was devastated!  Suddenly, I lost my appetite.   I protested, "You can't leave Kris!  Who is going to take down all of these decorations?  You don't even have a plan where you will go next.  I don't want to see you back on the street!  And on top of everything, you haven't opened your Christmas gifts."
I had multiple gift wrapped packages for Kris.   He acted like a kid in a candy store as he unwrapped each present.  There were also toys and treats for our little friend, Hobo.  Hobo could have cared less, he jumped around the gift wrap and played in the empty boxes.  Kris put the last gift aside and said, "I can't take any of this, I have nothing to give you."
"Kris, you have given me more than you will ever know!  YOU!   Please stay with me, at least into the New Year.  Then we can make a plan for your future.  You have already been my best gift ever!"
The tension of the moment was relieved when Hobo had decided to scale the Christmas tree.  He scrambled up the trunk and got caught between branches.  After Kris rescued him, he kissed Hobo on his head and turned and kissed me.
Leaving Hobo to amuse himself, Kris took my hand and led me to my shower. 

We scrubbed and washed each other.  The simple shower turned into passionate sex.  We dried each other and took it to my bed.  I don't think there was any part of his body, that day, that I didn't touch, caress, lick or suck.  He returned the favor and did the same.  After hours of foreplay and teasing, we got down to business.  I was inside of him and I got an eventual nice happy finish deep in his hole.  While I am not usually a bottom, I let Kris have his way with me and do the same.
Still holding each other in the after-glow of really great gay sex, I looked into Kris's eyes and said, "I love you."   At that point, Hobo clawed his way up my bedspread to climb all over us.
At least, for right now, WE were still together as a "gay family"!    (the story will continue...)

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Sleigh bells ring, are you listening,

In the lane, snow is glistening

A beautiful sight,

We're happy tonight.

Walking in a winter wonderland.

Gone away is the bluebird,

 Here to stay is a new bird

He sings a love song,

As we go along,

Walking in a winter wonderland.

In the meadow we can build a snowman,

Then pretend that he is Parson Brown

He'll say: Are you married?

We'll say: No man,

But you can do the job

When you're in town.

Later on, we'll conspire,

As we dream by the fire

To face unafraid,

The plans that we've made,

Walking in a winter wonderland.


Winter Wonderland

Oh the weather outside is frightful,

But the fire is so delightful,

And since we've no place to go,

Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

 It doesn't show signs of stopping,

And I've bought some corn for popping,

The lights are turned way down low,

Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

When we finally kiss goodnight,

How I'll hate going out in the storm!

But if you'll really hold me tight,

All the way home I'll be warm.

  The fire is slowly dying,

And, my dear, we're still good-bying,

But as long as you love me so,

Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!