Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Soccer Coach

Soccer Coach

Story by Jay

Story requested by "Bilão". 

I was just hired to be the soccer coach for our local team.  We had our first practice and I had them doing the usual drills.  I enjoyed watching these young soccer players.  Two were newly acquired into our team.  They were from Brazil.  They were awesome players.  I notice they stayed to themselves, not really mingling with the other guys.

I ended the practice and told the team to hit the showers.  Everyone went to the loccer room but the two from Brazil.  They continued the drills.  I watch as the muscles glistened from sweat.   They both wore shorts that were smaller.  As they sweated, the shorts cling to their body and and I could make out their cock and balls. 

It was a arousing sight to see.  They finally picked up their gear and headed to the locker room.  I finished with a few tasks and headed to the locker room.  It was quiet as I entered.  I heard the shower running but everything were clean except for the locker of the two Brazilian.  I saw their shorts laying there.  I picked them up and inhaled.  The aroma was musky and sweet to my nostrils. 

I saw some pubic hairs in the pouch.  I inhaled and grabbed my cock and balls and squeezed.  My cock grew and I continued to squeeze.  After smelling the shorts one more time, I returned them. 
I went into the coach’s office and undressed.  I needed a shower.  My cock stood straight up.  I headed to the showers.  I notice everything was quiet.  The two Brazilian must had finished up and gone.

I as turned to enter the showers, I saw the two Brazilian on the floor of the shower, sucking each other cocks in a 69 position.  I watched as they both seem to be excellent cocksuckers, taking their cocks deep into their mouths.  I wanted in on the action, so I walked into the shower room and they both stopped and looked at me with a big grin on their faces.

I stood there wondering why they were grinning, and then I looked down and saw my cock was rock hard.  They took turns sucking my cock.  One would watch as the other guy sucked me.  They alternated sucking until I shot my load on the once guy’s face.  The other guy licked it clean.
They stood in front of me waiting for my response.  I got on my knees and started to suck on one cock then the other cock.  I alternated between the two.  Both had above average cocks.  They were large cocks with big mushroom cockheads.  When I sucked one, I stroked the other.

They both grabbed their cock and stroked them finishing the process.  I stayed on my knees watching they jack off.  They aimed their cocks and almost in unison, they shot their load and it splatted onto my face cheeks.

Both shot stream after stream of cum.  My face was covered.  Both Brazilian players started to lick the cum from my face.  They kissed me and exchanged the cum from their mouth to mine.  I swallowed it all. 

We finished taking a shower. 

Practice now had a new routine.  After everyone left the Brazilian players and I would take our shower which included extra activity.    

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