Tuesday, April 18, 2017



Story by Jay

He was sitting in the woods when I bumped into him.He had the biggest horn rim glasses.  I said hi and he nodded back at me.  We did not talk but looked at each other.

He took off his shirt and stood there looking at me.  He had a thin slender build.  I stepped towards him and he backed away.  So I stood my ground and waited to see what he would do.

I watched as he started to unzip his pants.  He did it slowly and seemed to enjoy it.  He took off his pants and stood there naked.  He had a long thick cock with big balls.  I loved seeing him naked.

He sat down on the ground and held his hard cock in his hand.  He started to stroke his cock and I watched as his cock grew harder.

He laid back his head and enjoyed jacking off.  It did not take long before he shot his load.  It landed on his chest and ran down to his stomach.  I took out my cock and jacked off.  He watch as I came, then he got up and left.


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