Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Vacation Surprise

Vacation Surprise

Story by Jay

I went on vacation with a friend of mine.  We knew each other since grade school.  I was glad he was going on vacation with me.  We got along.  Our first night out, we went for some drinks.  I am not a big drinker and Mike was known to get pass out drunk.

I helped him back to the hotel room.  He was feeling no pain.  I droped him off at the couch.  He laid there out cold.  I tried to wake him up but no response.

I decided to get him out of his clothes.  I unzipped his jeans and stopped.  I wondered what he had in the cock department.  I never saw him naked.  I saw him in a Speedo and he look big.  I reached in to pull his cock out.

WOW.  Did he have a piece of meat.  It was bigger than big.  I spit on his cock to lubricate it.  It was circumcised, with a thick shaft and big cock head.  It was going to be a hand full and a mouth full.

I took his cock in my mouth and started to suck it. I took it all the way deep in my mouth.  I heard the loud snoring change to a low moan.

I looked up and he was still out.  I thought he took a look at me and then closed his eyes.  If he did, he did not try to stop me.   So I kept sucking his magnificent cock.

I took his cock as deep in my mouth as I could.  I grabbed his balls and pulled them tight,  He moaned louder with every tugged on his balls.

His moans grew as he came closer to cumming.  I kept at it until he screamed he was cumming and he shot his load.  I swallowed it and sat up and looked at him.  I hit him in the stomach and he said "Why did you do that?"  I answered "Because you were awake the whole time."  He said "Just for the best parts.  Dude you are a great cock sucker."

I got up and said "I am going to bed and pass out.  OK?"  He smiled and followed me into the bedroom.


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