Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hitchhiker Stories – The Ride - Part 1

Hitchhiker Stories – The Ride

Part 1 of 2

I needed a ride badly. I knew what happens when you hitchhike. But most times the only thing they want is a handjob. I stuck out my thumb. I could not afford to pay for transportation. If I had to give a handjob, then that was the way it had to be.

A few cars passed me by. I was ready to give up, when a car slowly pulled over. Looking in the window, I saw the guy’s cock sticking out of his jeans. He was hard and ready for action. I smiled and he said get in. He did not ask where I was going. He was older than I was, somewhat portly.

As I got in the car, I belted out the town I needed to be at. He said, "No problem." The car stayed parked at the side of the road. I knew he needed payment, so I reached over to grab his cock. It was rock hard. He was uncircumcised. He moved the seat back. He reached to the back of my head. Slowly he pushed me towards his cock. His cock was inches from my mouth.

He smelled of piss. I could not do it. I sat upright and said, "No, thanks." And got out of the car. He pealed away from me. His tires spinning and gravel flying up and at me.

I continued to search for a ride. It was getting late. I knew I would be late. Finally a car pulled over. I quickly got into the car. He was younger with a cap on. He looked more my age. His circumcised cock was sticking out of his pants. He was nervous. I told him where I was going and he drove off.

He had a beautiful cock. I told him so. He smiled. I asked if he wanted me to touch it. He nodded. I reached over and it felt good to hold his cock. I looked closer and saw precum forming on the tip of his cock. For some reason I wanted to suck this cock. I saw a rest stop coming up and asked if he wanted to pull over. Without a word, he parked at the far end of the parking lot away from the traffic.

I asked him to pull the seat back. I looked around and saw that we were alone. I bent over and was ready to suck his cock when I inhaled. He smelled clean, by some type of fragrance soap. I thought to myself, "Better." I took his cockhead in my mouth and locked my lips around it.

I could only go down so far. His pants were blocking me from going too deep with his cock.

I saw some dumpsters off to the side of the rest area. I pointed to them, and motioned to follow me. He stuck his cock back in his pants. I was waiting for him when he stop and stood in front of me. His cock was sticking out of his pants. I started to suck and unbuttoned his pants and loosen them from around his cock. He had no underwear on. His pubes were black and bushy. I took his cock deep in my mouth, all the way to his bush. I inhaled and took a deep breath. He must of bathe right before going out. He smelt good. I started to suck quickly. He held my head, more for support. I fondled his balls. His hips got into the action. I tasted some precum, followed by his first wad of cum. It was sweet to taste. I swallowed as another wad of cum landed in my mouth. I finished swallowing and removed his cock. I licked any remaining drops of cum off of his cock. He placed his cock back in his pants and we went back to the car.

He was silent as he drove me to my destination. I ended up being right on time. I turned to leave and said, "Thanks." I turned back to him and said, "Maybe I will see you again sometime." He answered, "Yeah."

As I got out of the car, he said, "You need a ride back home?"

I smiled and said, "I will be leaving around 10 PM. Maybe I will see you later." He said, "Yeah."

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