Monday, March 20, 2017

Door to Door Salesman

Door to Door Salesman

Story by Jay

I was busy cleaning the house when I heard the knock on the door.  I went to answer and found an younger guy standing there.  I asked what he wanted.  He was a salesman and he was not selling anything I wanted.  I told him "Sorry, not interested."

He said he needed the sales and would do anything.  He repeated "Anything'.  I felt sorry for him, and told him to come on in.  I was actually horny and he was rather cute.

We did not get far into the room when he took off my shirt and started to lick my nipples.  It sent waves of pleasure throughout my body.  He kept at it and my head was swimming around while his hands moved and touched all of my chest.

He got on his knees and pulled down my pants.  I did not have the sexiest underwear but he did not care.  My cock was making a tent, pushing outward towards his face.

He started to sucking on my underwear where my cock was poking outward.  His warm mouth was driving me crazy.  I started to moan and he continue to suck.

We were now naked.  I don't remember getting undressed, but here we were all naked with him sucking my erect cock.  I needed to suck his cock.  I moved around and had his cock deep inside my mouth.

We went into a 69 position and sucked until we both came.  His load was thick and plentiful.  When he came it overflowed my mouth.  I had his cock deep inside my mouth when I shot my load.

We laid there trying to catch our breath.  I went to get a towel and we wiped our mouths off.  I figured he was going to hit me up to buy something, but he said he needed to go.

I was ready to buy whatever he was selling.

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  1. Welcome Back! I've missed you and your posts. I look forward to reconnecting with your Horny Fiction.