Saturday, August 26, 2017

Bilao Fun Trip

Bilao Fun Trip

Story by Jay

Inspired by Bilao

Bilao was excited.  He was going to take the bus to visit his relatives.  He sat in the terminal and waited  for the arrival of the bus.  It was running late.  He looked over and saw a sign saying “Men’s Room”.  He watch guys enter and leave.  He passed the time watching them come and go.

Then he spotted me.  I was dressed in tight jeans and t-shirt, which was snug against my muscles.  I entered the men’s room.

Bilao got excited seeing me.  His cock immediately grew hard.  He needed to see more of me.  Bilao got up and almost ran to the men’s room.  He spotted me by the urinals.  He took one next to me.  He took out his cock which was rock hard and stood there.

I was peeing when I noticed the guy taking the urinal next to mine.  His cock was rock hard.  His veins were protruding along the shaft.  He turned towards me and pointed his cock towards me.  I looked around and the room was empty except for us two.
Bilao wanted me to suck him.  He stood there hoping I would.  He watched what seemed to be a eternity for me to make a move towards his cock.

I got on my knees and licked the tip of Bilao cock.  It shook with delight.  I started to take the cockhead in my mouth and used my tongue to swirl along the ridge of Bilao’s cock head.  Precum emerged from Bilao’s pee hole.  I took his cock all the way into my mouth ending at his bush of pubes.

Bilao quiver with excitement as his cock went deep into my mouth.  He closed his eyes as I started to suck his cock.  He did not see the other guy standing near the urinals.  He had his cock out and was stroking it. 

Bilao face fucked me.  He opened his eyes and notice that we were not alone.  He counted five guys standing there, each with their cock hanging out and being stroked.  This gave Bilao an idea.  He wanted everyone to cum on my face.  The thought of six guys cumming on me, was exciting. 

They started to stroke at lighting speed.  Bilao led the way and was the first to cum.  Bilao shot his load mostly into my mouth but some landed on my face and a few drops on my t-shirt.  Then came the next guy and the next.  They all aimed at my mouth but hit my face instead.  I was covered in cum.  It was in my hair, face, mouth, and t-shirt.  I swallowed what I could. 

Bilao watched as each guy came and left.  A few other guys came in and seeing the action, pulled out their cock and shot the load and left.

I got up and went to the sink and washed the cum out of my hair, off of my face, and t-shirt.    

Bilao stood next to me at the sink.  I asked “Where you going?”  Bilao told me the city.  It was the same as where I was going. 

I said “Maybe we can sit next to each other.”  Bilao shook his head in agreement.  I thought, “This is  going to be a fun trip.”

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