Saturday, August 26, 2017

Bilao Fun Trip

Bilao Fun Trip

Story by Jay

Inspired by Bilao

Bilao was excited.  He was going to take the bus to visit his relatives.  He sat in the terminal and waited  for the arrival of the bus.  It was running late.  He looked over and saw a sign saying “Men’s Room”.  He watch guys enter and leave.  He passed the time watching them come and go.

Then he spotted me.  I was dressed in tight jeans and t-shirt, which was snug against my muscles.  I entered the men’s room.

Bilao got excited seeing me.  His cock immediately grew hard.  He needed to see more of me.  Bilao got up and almost ran to the men’s room.  He spotted me by the urinals.  He took one next to me.  He took out his cock which was rock hard and stood there.

I was peeing when I noticed the guy taking the urinal next to mine.  His cock was rock hard.  His veins were protruding along the shaft.  He turned towards me and pointed his cock towards me.  I looked around and the room was empty except for us two.
Bilao wanted me to suck him.  He stood there hoping I would.  He watched what seemed to be a eternity for me to make a move towards his cock.

I got on my knees and licked the tip of Bilao cock.  It shook with delight.  I started to take the cockhead in my mouth and used my tongue to swirl along the ridge of Bilao’s cock head.  Precum emerged from Bilao’s pee hole.  I took his cock all the way into my mouth ending at his bush of pubes.

Bilao quiver with excitement as his cock went deep into my mouth.  He closed his eyes as I started to suck his cock.  He did not see the other guy standing near the urinals.  He had his cock out and was stroking it. 

Bilao face fucked me.  He opened his eyes and notice that we were not alone.  He counted five guys standing there, each with their cock hanging out and being stroked.  This gave Bilao an idea.  He wanted everyone to cum on my face.  The thought of six guys cumming on me, was exciting. 

They started to stroke at lighting speed.  Bilao led the way and was the first to cum.  Bilao shot his load mostly into my mouth but some landed on my face and a few drops on my t-shirt.  Then came the next guy and the next.  They all aimed at my mouth but hit my face instead.  I was covered in cum.  It was in my hair, face, mouth, and t-shirt.  I swallowed what I could. 

Bilao watched as each guy came and left.  A few other guys came in and seeing the action, pulled out their cock and shot the load and left.

I got up and went to the sink and washed the cum out of my hair, off of my face, and t-shirt.    

Bilao stood next to me at the sink.  I asked “Where you going?”  Bilao told me the city.  It was the same as where I was going. 

I said “Maybe we can sit next to each other.”  Bilao shook his head in agreement.  I thought, “This is  going to be a fun trip.”

Thursday, June 29, 2017

My First Experience - Part 2

My First Experience - Part 2

Story by Jay

Work as an intern meant that we did any job and at whatever time was needed.  There was just us two working as interns.  We found our self having to work evening.  I found it great since it was just us and no interruptions so that we could get a lot of work done.  It also meant we could go to the mens room and jack off.

The other intern had another idea.  After jacking off a couple times he suggested we get naked while we work.  It sounded exciting and fun, so we did it.  I got to see his body for the first time and he saw my body for the first time.  We were young, with muscular bodies from playing sports at school.

Being naked meant we had immediate erections.  There was a sofa in the break room and we found our selves taking turns sucking each other.  Before long we got into a 69 position and continued to suck.  I found cock being a real thrill when I took it in my mouth.  I gagged a few times but continued on sucking. 

I came first and shot my load in his mouth.  I wanted to do as he did, so I sucked on his cock until he shot his load.  It was strange tasting it as it filled my mouth.  But I handled his load without losing a drop.  After that first suck session, we looked for ways to get together and have suck sessions.  We both still lived at home.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

My First Experience - Part 1

My First Experience\- Part 1

Story by Jay

My first experience was with this kid at work.  We were both interns.  I bought my lunch and ate in a park next door to the workplace.  The kid was named James.  He started to bring his lunch and started following me to the park to eat his lunch.  After a few days he ask if I wanted to take a walk in the wooded area.  I agreed.  We walked deep into the wooded area.  He said he had to pee and unzipped his pants.  I did the same.  He peed and I saw that he had a good size cock.  He was uncut and had pulled back his skin in order to pee.  I never saw an uncut cock and stared.  When he was done, he shook off the last drops of pee.  He stood there as I peed.  His cock grew hard and erect.  I was amazed and stood there peeing.  When I was done, I shook off the last drops of my pee and stood there.  We were staring at each other. 

He started to stroke his cock and I did the same.  It felt good being out there in the woods jacking off.  I was the first to cum.  My load landed on a bush next to me.  He moved closer to me as he stroked his cock.  Soon he was right next to me.  "Take it" he said.  .    I grabbed his cock and stroked it.  It was the first time I held another guy cock, especially an uncut cock.  He grabbed my shoulder and I knew he was close to cumming.  He let out a scream, and shot his load.  It was an awesome lunch.

But there was more to come.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Soccer Coach

Soccer Coach

Story by Jay

Story requested by "Bilão". 

I was just hired to be the soccer coach for our local team.  We had our first practice and I had them doing the usual drills.  I enjoyed watching these young soccer players.  Two were newly acquired into our team.  They were from Brazil.  They were awesome players.  I notice they stayed to themselves, not really mingling with the other guys.

I ended the practice and told the team to hit the showers.  Everyone went to the loccer room but the two from Brazil.  They continued the drills.  I watch as the muscles glistened from sweat.   They both wore shorts that were smaller.  As they sweated, the shorts cling to their body and and I could make out their cock and balls. 

It was a arousing sight to see.  They finally picked up their gear and headed to the locker room.  I finished with a few tasks and headed to the locker room.  It was quiet as I entered.  I heard the shower running but everything were clean except for the locker of the two Brazilian.  I saw their shorts laying there.  I picked them up and inhaled.  The aroma was musky and sweet to my nostrils. 

I saw some pubic hairs in the pouch.  I inhaled and grabbed my cock and balls and squeezed.  My cock grew and I continued to squeeze.  After smelling the shorts one more time, I returned them. 
I went into the coach’s office and undressed.  I needed a shower.  My cock stood straight up.  I headed to the showers.  I notice everything was quiet.  The two Brazilian must had finished up and gone.

I as turned to enter the showers, I saw the two Brazilian on the floor of the shower, sucking each other cocks in a 69 position.  I watched as they both seem to be excellent cocksuckers, taking their cocks deep into their mouths.  I wanted in on the action, so I walked into the shower room and they both stopped and looked at me with a big grin on their faces.

I stood there wondering why they were grinning, and then I looked down and saw my cock was rock hard.  They took turns sucking my cock.  One would watch as the other guy sucked me.  They alternated sucking until I shot my load on the once guy’s face.  The other guy licked it clean.
They stood in front of me waiting for my response.  I got on my knees and started to suck on one cock then the other cock.  I alternated between the two.  Both had above average cocks.  They were large cocks with big mushroom cockheads.  When I sucked one, I stroked the other.

They both grabbed their cock and stroked them finishing the process.  I stayed on my knees watching they jack off.  They aimed their cocks and almost in unison, they shot their load and it splatted onto my face cheeks.

Both shot stream after stream of cum.  My face was covered.  Both Brazilian players started to lick the cum from my face.  They kissed me and exchanged the cum from their mouth to mine.  I swallowed it all. 

We finished taking a shower. 

Practice now had a new routine.  After everyone left the Brazilian players and I would take our shower which included extra activity.    

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Math Teacher

Math Teacher

Story by Jay

Story requested by "Bilão". 

I remember it clearly as if it was yesterday.  It was the first day of college.  I entered the auditorium for my Math Class.  I was anxious to start my first day of college.  As I sat there observing everyone coming in, I spotted a man with a suit coat on.  He was handsome, very handsome.  I watch as he stopped at the podium and arranged his material for his lecture today.  I fell madly in love.  While he taught, I had my eyes on him and never heard a work he was saying.

I would dream of him at night taking me away to some tropical resort and making mad love to me.  In my dream, I would immediately raise my legs to the sky and let him fuck me with his large cock. 

Since I would stare at him during class, I was learning nothing and I failed his first semester test.  The paper had in red to see him at his house at 4 PM.  It stated that I needed tutoring and I needed it fast or I would fail his class.  I was nervous about going to his place. But I arrived right on the stroke of 4 PM.

He answered the door in his bathrobe.  He had been swimming out back in his pool and I saw his blue speedo.  I could not help myself as I stared at what was the outline of his cock.  It was indeed a large cock that he had.  I also could see the vein running the length of his shaft. 

I heard him say to get a drink from the refrigerator and wait for him at the dining room table.  He was going to take a quick shower and be out in a couple minutes.  I mumbled yes and went off to the kitchen.  I grabbed a Coke and set my books on the dining room table.

I heard the shower running and decided to see where the bathroom was.  It got louder as I entered his master bedroom and saw that the door to the bathroom was open.  I got closer and saw the glass doors to the shower.  There he was, not in clear view, but still in view.  He looked muscular.  He had his back to the glass doors and he turned towards the doors.  I saw what appeared to be a long large cock between his legs.

My mouth dropped and I stepped back.  I tripped over the towel rack and ended on the floor with the contents of the towel rack on top of me.  I heard the water being tuned off and the doors opening.  There he was naked for me to see.  It was big, very big.  It was an uncut cock.  I could see the foreskin covering the cockhead.

“Are you alright?” he said.  “I needed to pee.” I explained. He pointed to the toilet and said, “It is right there.”

He continued to dry himself as I got up and walked over to the toilet.  He was drying his hair with the towel so he could not see me.  I stared at his body.  It was very muscular.  Then my eyes looked down at his thick, long cock.  I wanted it.

As he lowered his towel and started to dry the rest of his body, I looked away.  He asked “Is there a problem?”  He pointed at me and I Iooked down. I had pulled out my cock to pee but was standing there with a rock hard cock.  I could not get it back in my briefs. 

He walked over and said “It is ok.  Let me help.”  He grabbed my cock and started to stroke it.  I reached over to grab his cock.  It immediately started to get hard.  I loved holding it but wanted to suck it.  After we stroked our cocks for a while, I got on my knees and started to take his cock as deep in my mouth as I could.

I finally got up and said “Fuck me.”  This was my dream come true.  He grabbed my hand and led me to the bed.  I quickly undressed.  I laid on the bed as I done many times in my dreams. My legs were up in the air, as he climbed into bed and carefully placed the tip of his cock on my asshole.  He entered my ass and I held my breath.  He slowly moved his cock deep into my ass and started to pump his hips and it was finally happening.  He was fucking me.  You might ask “Did it hurt?”  My answer would have been, “Yes, but I wanted it.”

It was great.  Not sure how long it lasted. But it was fantastic.  When we were done, He put on some jeans and t-shirt.  We went to the dining room and he started to explain Math.  This time I listened.
When he was done, he arranged for me to have another tutor session.  He told me to come earlier so that I could use the pool.  I said “Yes sir.” 

It is now the end of the semester.  I got high marks on my final test.  We still continue with tutor sessions, but it mainly takes place in the bedroom. 

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Day at the Park

Day at the Park

Story by Jay

Story requested by "Bilão". 

I went for a run at my local park.  It was a beautiful day.  The park was filled with people.  I ran down near the lake.  It was secluded as usual.  I made a couple laps around the lake and stopped to enjoy the scenery.  I had to pee.  I was going to go behind some bushes but I notice an old urinal building off to the top of the hill.  I decided to check it out.

It was an old building.  I did not know if it was still in operation but I had to pee, so it did not have to be in tip top condition.

I went in and looked around.  It had a stall with a dirty toilet.  Along the wall were urinals.  I stepped up and pulled out my cock.  I closed my eyes as I started to pee.  A nice strong stream of piss hit the back of the urinal and flowed downward. 

I was in mid-stream when someone came into the small building.  I turned my head to see a younger man.  He had on no shirt and running shorts.  He walked over and pulled down his shorts and started to pee.  

I glanced over and saw that he had a nice bush of pubes surrounding a magnificent cock sticking out of the center of his bush.   He was cut.  I was surprised as the sixed of his cockhead.  Piss shot out of his cock like a water cannon.  I finished peeing and flicked my cock a few times to shake the last drops of pee.

I looked over at the guy and he had finished peeing and was standing there with his cock in his hand.  His cock was rock hard.  He was slowly stroking it. He had turned towards me.   I stared at his cock.  It was magnificent.  The sight of this young man’s cock made my cock grow erect.  He reached over and grabbed my cock.  I grabbed his.  We stood there stroked each other cocks.

After a few strokes, he said “Wait a minute.”  He walked over to the door and swung it closed.  He walked back and grabbed my cock and said “This way no one will interrupt us.  He got on his knees and swallowed my cock.  He was quick.  He deep throated me a few times then went into a smooth rhythm of sucking.  When I came into the urinal, it smelled of piss, but all I could smell now was the sweaty musky order of this young man.

His mouth surrounded my cock and felt warm and moist.  I was enjoying the blow job when he stopped.  He walked over to the door and picked up a back pack.  I did not notice that he had this with him.  He pulled out a giant towel.  He said, “I use this to sun bathe.”  He placed it on the floor and motion for me to lay down.  After I laid down he assumed the opposite position and we were in a ‘69’ position.  I took his rock hard cock into my mouth and started to suck.  He was taking mine deeply and I was so close to cumming.  I told him to lick my balls.  I felt I could prolong this but ever his mouth on my balls was making me get closer to cumming. 

I decided to cum and I did.  He had sense my closeness to cumming and resume sucking.  I shot my first stream of cum into his mouth.  He was not ready and he started to gag in the amount now in his mouth.  The next stream of cum hit him in the face,  and the remaining streams of cum landed on his chest.

I returned to his cock and took his cock as deep in my mouth.  After a few minutes of deep sucking, he unloaded his cum into my mouth.  I handled it and swallowed the load, every drop of it.

When we were done, we stood up.  He grabbed the towel and his back pack and said “Follow me.”  We walked over to the lake and cleaned up.  He laid out his towel and motion for me to sit down.  We sat and talked.  We agreed to meet next week.  As I drove home, I thought to myself, “I love parks, especially urinals.” 

Wednesday, May 10, 2017



Story by Jay

I watched the news on TV.  I could not believe he was dead.  I shook my head as tears dripped down my cheeks.  “Alex” I cried out loud.  I closed my eyes and pictured him back when we first met. 

I was living in Minsk.  Back then we went to local dances for entertainment.  I saw him at the dance, alone.  He was moving to the beat of the music.  I was alone also and walked over to him.  He was cute.  My heart was skipping a beat as I came closer to him.  He saw me and smiled.  I said “Looks like we both don’t have a partner.”  He said “We do now.”  He grabbed my arm and off we sent to the dance floor.  It felt so magical. 

After the dance, he walked me to my apartment.  He said he knew the area.  He worked nearby in a radio and TV manufacturing plant.  I said that I did not own one since they were so expensive.  He offered to get me at a discount.  I was thrilled and asked if he wanted a drink.  He said yes and we went up to my tiny apartment.  Everything was one big room.  He saw the toilet in the corner of the room and asked if he could use it. 

I watch him unzip his pants and pull out what looked like a large salami.  My mouth dropped.  He finished peeing and turned as he folded his penis back inside his pants.  He saw that I was staring and said “You never saw a penis before.”   He smiled and had that innocent preppy look about him. 

But he was anything but innocent.  He reached for my pants and unzipped them.  I was totally hard and my cock stood straight up.  He had me undressed and in my tiny bed before I knew what was happening.   He was laying next to me naked.  He turned around and started sucking my cock, as I stared at his large cock.  He stopped and said “Come on suck it.”

Like I said he was far from being the innocent guy.  We sucked each other cocks into the wee hours of the night.  I thought that it was going to be too big but I handled it after a few gagging sessions.  He came that night in big gobs of cum.  We held each other that night and slept like babies.

Alex kept his promise got me a TV.  In fact, it is the one that I am watching today with this terrible news.  Tears formed once more in my eyes.  I closed them and tried to remember that day that he brought over the TV.  I was so excited.  I told him what can I do to repay you.  He smiled that innocent smile.  Before I knew it we were back in my bed.  Alex had something else in mind.  We kissed and he hand moved down to my ass hole.  He fingered me with one finger then two, then three.   I had my legs up in the air.  It felt so good.  Before I knew it, he had his cock probing my ass hole opening.  Then he entered me.  I held my breath as he slowly fucked me.  It hurt so bad but in a good way. 

He was a savage and attacked my ass hole with all the power he could muster. He came inside of me and flooded my ass with cum. 

Afterwards we made plans to move into one apartment. 

Life was good, then he left.  He moved back to the US.  Now I am watching the news again, and he is dead.